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Tang youyou immediately put out his hand to cover the position of his collar, a pair of beautiful eyes Piao to the man: "that's because you are too high, other people are not as high as you, and certainly can't see."

Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that she would dare to reason with him, and immediately narrowed her eyes: "what I said, didn't listen?" Don

youyou saw the dangerous light from the bottom of his eyes. He smiled twice: "of course, you should listen, or you can help me choose one. You must have a good vision!" Ji

after listening to her words, Xiao Han really turned around and helped her to pick out a chiffon dress with sky blue shoulder, which has a distinctive sense of hierarchy. The only advantage is that it is not exposed. Don

frowned: "only those with white skin can wear feeling. I don't think I can wear temperament!" "

great for you!" The man looked at her and said it word by word. Don

smiled helplessly. Well, since this man chose it, she went to try it on. Because

she has always preferred plain and single colors. Those with fairy like color will make a detour. She feels that she once lived like a man, so she can't get involved with fairy like color. All the time, she doesn't want to try on this kind of color.

Tang youyou changed the dress and turned it twice in the mirror. It fit unexpectedly. She lowered her head and came out. The man continued to stare at his research. Her face was a little red. "How about

Don youyou asked him confidently.

"Good looking!" Season owl cold spared words like gold answer.

"I didn't expect you had a good eye! After that, I'll show you the designed manuscript, OK? You can certainly help me to pick out the shortcomings. " Tang youyou immediately looked at the man as if he had found a new continent. Season

Xiao Han reached out to touch her forehead, but his face was full of indulgence. He touched her long hair: "if you don't think my mouth is poisonous, show me!" "

really?" Tang youyou is more happy because Ji Xiaohan agrees. Season

owl cold nodded, a serious look: "it's true!"

At this moment, Tang youjue's charm is even greater. He can't help jumping over and hugging him. Before, Tang youyou didn't dare to hold him, but now that she is married, she is her husband. When it's time to start, she should never move her feet. She should not let go of every chance to start. Male

people were slightly surprised at her coming to hold herself.

"Ji Xiaohan, did anyone say that when you wear a suit, you are very ascetic?" While appreciating his new dress, Tang youyou laughs and teases him. "

what is abstinence temperament?" A man doesn't pay attention to Internet language at all, so he has hardly heard these four words. Don

was stunned for a long time, and then he added with a smile: "it's just that it looks like there's no desire and no demand." "

me?" "Who said that? I have desire and desire for you! " Don

vanity and contentment are a big pot in a long time.

"We're in a hurry, or let's go first!" Tang youyou dare not flirt with his husband in other people's territory. After choosing the dress, he asked the makeup artist to help him with his hair and make-up, which led him to leave in a hurry.

When he arrived at the scene, Tang youyou found that it was actually a charity dinner party. All the people invited were top-ranking and successful people who came to donate for charity activities. Most of them were accompanied by their female partners. When Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan came, they happened to meet Luo Jinyu, who was sitting next to Luo Henning. Don

youyou immediately inquired about Yang ChuChu and Mu Lin. they did not come together. At the dinner party, there were many reporters and every guest would donate their belongings. Tang youyou asked Ji Xiaohan in a low voice, "do you also donate?"

"Well, I want to donate in your name!" Ji Xiao brought her here for this purpose.

"Me? Is that too bad? " Tang youyou was shocked and stunned. Unexpectedly, this man did a good job and even left his reputation to her. Is that doting on her?

It's over. She's afraid that she'll be spoiled by him. Then she'll be a nuisance.

"No, I want to build a good reputation for you. No matter where you go in the future, you will not be despised." Between Ji Xiaohan's words, he reached out and held her cool little hand: "is it cold? Put on your coat! "

Just now, Tang youyou sat down and found that the air conditioner, though moderate, was still a little cold. "

MM!" The man took the coat from the chair on her back and put it on her shoulder gently.

At this time, the banquet has already begun. Because it is a charity dinner, today's atmosphere is a little dull. Some people take turns to give speeches on the stage, and Ji Xiaohan will also take the stage. His theme is also about the development of charity. Don

sits in his position, looks up slightly, and looks at the handsome figure on the stage seriously and attentively. Season

Xiao Han has a mature and steady temperament. It seems that no matter what the occasion, the tone of his speech is very strong. His speech is low and fluent. Every word he utters can go deep into his ears, which is hard to forget. Tang

youyou is the first time to see Ji Xiao stand on the high platform and make a speech. He is full of self-confidence and calm, which really intoxicates her. Like

, there are many women at the scene who are intoxicated by him. At this time, some women can stare at Ji Xiaohan in a positive way. Don

youYou're in a complicated mood. Maybe, after falling in love with someone, you have to worry about gain and loss. Just when she was trying on the dress, Ji Xiaohan didn't allow her to wear the clothes that were too exposed. At the moment, he was exposed to the focus of the public, allowing all women under the stage to appreciate his unique charm. The mood is the same as that of Ji Xiaohan in the fitting room at that time. He is not comfortable, but he can't protest.

After more than ten minutes, Ji Xiaohan came down. He came all the way. Many people greeted him. He replied politely, with a sign and a smile on his face.

Sitting next to Tang Youyou, Ji Xiaohan saw her look dull, but he attached it to her ear and asked, "I am deeply impressed by the charm of my speech?"

Tang youyou's inner discomfort seems to have been blown away by a gust of wind from him. She can't help but chuckle. "

Yes, it's not just me. All the women here are overwhelmed by you. I want to be fascinated by you."

"Is it jealous?" Season owl is a little happy in his cold heart. "

How dare you!" Tang youyou's complaining.

Ji Xiaohan sees through her grievance, reaches out and holds her small hand tightly under the table, as if to tell her that he belongs to her alone. Don

youyou's heart and eyes are not so narrow. When he holds it like this, he can't remember what mood he was in just now.