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"Ji Xiao Han..." Tang You You was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole to hide in. What nonsense did this man talk to her son about? How could he be so shameless? He actually said that he wanted to show her.

Ji Xiao Han felt that he had been scammed miserably by his son this time. He hurriedly reached out and covered his son's mouth with his hands: "Alright, stop talking, if you continue talking, your father's life will be in danger. Let's go, father will take you to shower."

Tang You You felt like kicking the bastard to death, causing him to speak nonsense with his son. Now, even his daughter was starting to get curious, and she had the urge to smash her forehead into a wall and die.

The father and son duo showered and came out.

Tang You You pointed at her son's face with an icy cold face: "You, go to bed!"

Then, she pointed at Ji Xiao Han: "Come out with me, I have something to tell you."

Ji Xiao Han already knew what the woman was going to say, so he immediately said to his son, "Hurry up and sleep.

Tang You You turned and walked out.

"Let's talk in my study!"

Seeing that she was about to walk towards the direction of the balcony, Ji Xiao Han immediately said.

Tang You You was still feeling dizzy when she heard Yue Yang talking about the study room. She immediately turned and headed towards his study room.

The study was a long way from the bedroom, so the conversation between the two of them probably wouldn't be heard by the children.

The moment Tang You You stepped into the study room, she fiercely turned around, and her pair of eyes instantly froze.

"You … "Why aren't you wearing any clothes?" Only then did Tang You You realise that the man was wearing a towel all over his body.

Her snow-white face inexplicably flushed red. She immediately turned her face back to him, not daring to look at him again.

However, when she had seen the man's firm and firm chest, she could see that the water droplets on his body had not been wiped clean. It had fallen from his healthy and shiny, sturdy waist to the bottom of the bath towel.

The wild Ji Xiao Han made Tang You You's face turn red and his heart beat erratically.

"Go and change your clothes. We'll talk later." Facing his almost naked appearance, Tang You You's mind was blank, she had even forgotten what she wanted to tell him.

"There's no need for that. Weren't you not interested in my figure?" Ji Xiao Han used her words from the past to gag her.

Seeing her defeated look, Ji Xiao Han's mood inexplicably became good.

Under the light, the woman's skin was as white as jade and dyed red. It was as if she had just matured into a peach, making people itch in their hearts. They wanted to leap over to take a bite or two.

Tang You You's swollen face reddened, and she stuttered: "I'm indeed not interested, but what you're doing … "It's too disgraceful, I can't quite accept it. You'd better hurry and change your clothes."

Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows, and said with a low voice: "What exactly do you want to say to me, say it now."

Seeing him standing there unmoved, Tang You You's huge body, was full of pressure.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. She said in a serious tone, "Don't teach your child any bad education in the future. They are really too young."

After Ji Xiao Han heard this, he let out a low laugh. "Why do you seem to be very interested in what your son has to say?"

Tang You You's breathing stagnated, her beautiful eyes flashed wildly a few times as she was full of embarrassment and anger: "Don't force your words, I'm telling you to be serious, be more serious."

"I'm very serious right now, but you …" Why are your face so red? Did you secretly go drinking again? " Ji Xiao Han suddenly took a step forward, and closed in on her.

At such a close distance, she felt as if she could smell the scent of his body bathing. It actually made her no longer feel disgust, the cold scent of the mint was obviously enough to wake her up, but why did she feel her head become so dizzy now?

"I didn't drink, I just... Just now when I was bathing my daughter, I was attracted by the hot water, so don't make wild guesses. " Tang You You came to a realization in a hurry, she didn't want him to know that she was feeling frustrated at the moment.

"Oh, really? Then why don't you dare look up into my eyes? " Ji Xiao Han took another step forward, and his body seemed to be close to her back. His hot and mature male body, was emitting an extreme amount of enticement.

Tang You You had never come into such close contact with a man before, so she was extremely confused.

I shouldn't have called him over to lecture so hurriedly. Sigh, I asked for it.

"Why should I look into your eyes? I don't know." Tang You You curled her lips, and said with a cold and mocking tone.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips also curled upwards, full of evil intent: "Who knows? "Perhaps you are afraid of falling in love with me …"

The man's words, landed beside the woman's ears, the burning heat made Tang You You's body tremble.

"Are you joking? I've already said this before, you're not my type. To be honest, the two friends of yours that I met today are all better looking than you, and they are also better natured. They are polite and polite, even if I'm really interested …"

"No!" The man's domineering words fell as his palm landed on her waist.

Tang You You was scared silly, being caught off guard, the man suddenly pushed herself towards the side of the table, and her well-built body indisputably leaned over.

Tang You You gasped. When she finally reacted, he had actually lightly lifted her and sat on his desk. He …

At this moment, he was squeezed between her opened legs, forcefully pushing her away, not giving her any chance to close her eyes.

"You are not allowed to be tempted by any of them, do you hear?" Ji Xiao Han's expression was as cold as water, full of ruthlessness and anger that terrified him.