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Ji Xiao Han, who had cultivated well, was defeated in front of this woman. He took a few fierce steps forward, but when he heard her words, he stopped and turned back, staring at her with slight grievance.

Very good, he had finally met his match.

Tang You You frowned, she turned her head to look, and heard the sound of the door being flung by the man.

When he stood on the open balcony on the second floor with a pack of cigarettes, leaning against the railing and puffing.

Suddenly …

"Daddy, are you smoking?" Two small heads peeked out from the gap in the balcony.

The finger Ji Xiao Han used to hold onto the cigarette stiffened for a bit, and then he hurriedly extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray at the side.

"Are you going to sleep?" Ji Xiao Han very well concealed his sulking emotions, and asked the two little fellows with a low and gentle voice.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately opened the door and walked out. The little him blinked his bright eyes and asked: "Did you not have a good conversation with Mummy?

Tang Xiao Nai also squeezed over and stood by her brother's side. In his arms was a cute little rabbit doll, looking like she was even more adorable than the little rabbit in her arms.

"Daddy, did Mummy bully you?" Tang Xiao Nai also asked curiously. Her little face was already showing signs of heartache.

Ji Xiao Han's healthy body trembled, should the two little fellows come over and sprinkle salt on his wounds?

Sigh, in the future, it would be impossible to find a place to quietly heal his injuries.

With these two lively brats, Ji Xiao Han felt that he would no longer have private space.

He walked up to the two kids and squatted down. He stretched out his hand to rub his daughter's head and said softly with a smile, "How is this possible? No one in this world can bully your father. Don't worry."

"But I've seen it on TV. When adults smoke, it's because they're in a bad mood. Daddy, are you in a bad mood? Speak it out, and let Xiao Nai take care of your worries. My brother's mouth is the best at persuading people. " Tang Xiao Nai would be a little girl, but she would occasionally become very considerate and sensible. Of course, most of the time, she was just a little demon girl who made trouble for her.

Looking at his daughter's clean and bright eyes, then looking at his son's sympathetic gaze, Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt his heart ache.

and so on...

What was this feeling called?

Was he sad?

How laughable, how could he have such a feeling? Just because that woman ignored him, did he feel pity for her too?

"You two brats think too much. Daddy's mood is very good. With you two, Daddy's mood will be very good in the future." Ji Xiao Han was indeed worthy of being called a film emperor-level person. He had put on an watertight act in front of his children, making it impossible for his to feel even the slightest bit of sadness.

Tang Xiao Nai stared at her father's face suspiciously for a long time, but when she realised that her father was really not sad, she beamed with joy and reached out to hug her father's neck, half hanging in his embrace. She raised her head and laughed till she was a little fool, "Your father is in a good mood, Xiao Nai is also in a good mood."

Ji Xiao Han hugged his daughter tightly. With them, it was as if he had the entire world.

Hmph, that untactful woman, whoever takes her away must not ruin his good mood again.

Did he really like her?

His original plan had been for these two children. She was just a side item …

Forget it, there was no point in thinking about it. Who knows, in the eyes of that woman, he might not even be considered as a side product.

"Tomorrow, after class, dad will accompany you to shop, okay?" Ji Xiao Han was already looking forward to tomorrow's parental event.

When he thought about leading two cute little guys to the mall to play, his mood immediately improved.

"Does Daddy want to buy things for Xiao Nai and brother? Can I buy a lot of toys? " Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting immediately jumped up in happiness.

Tang Xiao Rui's eyes were also sparkling. However, he didn't have his sister's naive and straightforward personality, and it was impossible for him to express what he liked. He only asked lightly: "Daddy, did you ask Mummy just now if she would accompany us?"

When Ji Xiao Han thought about the anger he had just suffered from, his complexion immediately turned ugly. "She's not free, let Father accompany you there. Tell Father everything you like, and buy everything over for him."

"Yea, Daddy is awesome, Xiao Nai loves daddy so much!" The little girl was so happy that she was about to flip the sky over. She madly kissed Ji Xiao Han's handsome face, then turned around and smiled at her brother: "Big brother, I really hope that it's tomorrow now. I can go shopping now."

"Little fool!" Tang Xiao Rui was actually very happy as well. After hearing his sister's naive words, a smile also flashed across his beautiful face.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his cute darling and felt satisfied.

"Xiao Nai, you should go sleep with Mummy. I'll take my brother to sleep!" Looking at the time, it was already late. Ji Xiao Han thought that the two little fellows still needed to go to school tomorrow and urged them to rest.

Tang Xiao Nai laid in her father's embrace lazily, her small mouth pouting as she said, "Daddy, carry me in!"

"I really can't do anything to you!" Ji Xiao Han looked at her daughter who was so angry that he couldn't resist kissing her cheeks and holding her as he walked towards the room where Tang You You was staying.

Pushing the door open, the woman on the sofa changed her posture, one leg hanging high over the back of the chair, as if she was practicing yoga.

Ji Xiao Han looked at this woman who did not seem to have any image and frowned.

When Tang You You saw him carrying his daughter in, he quickly withdrew his leg.