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C529 forget it all for the time being

At nine o'clock, Tang youyou took a bath. The children all went to the villa on the hillside to play. The seaside villa of Nuo Da was very quiet.

Tang youyou bought a plane at 11 p.m. from here to the airport. It only takes more than 40 minutes by car. So, Tang youyou has enough time. Suddenly, she doesn't know what to do.

In the past, with children around her, she felt that time passed quickly, and it was eleven or twelve in a flash. But now, why does time seem to be still and go very slowly.

Tang youyou asked Uncle yuan to bring him a glass of red wine, a person, with a glass of wine, leaning against the balustrade of the balcony, looking at the waves in the distance, Tang youyou had a sense of loneliness that he could not say.

Curious strange, don't grow old, people really feel lonely?

Or because the children have grown up, will play their own, do not need her company all day long, she felt not adapted to it?

In any case, Tang youyou doesn't like the quiet night when he can hear his heart beating.

She looked up and drank all the wine in one breath. Then she put the cup on the stone table beside her, turned around and went to her room.

After a while, she brought out a travel box.

She would rather wait at the airport at this time than stay in this empty home.

Uncle yuan promised to take her to the airport, so Tang youyou didn't have to worry about his lack of transportation.

However, when Tang youyou went downstairs and walked to Uncle yuan's car, he saw that the car started and the light was shining in the garden, illuminating the whole world.

Tang youyou walked over and knocked on the window.

The trunk opened, and she put the suitcase in with some difficulty. Then she opened the door and sat in.

She's in the back seat.

"Uncle yuan, you can drive now, please!" Tang youyou said softly, in a more polite tone.

There was no response from the driver's seat, but he calmly and skillfully turned the car around a corner and drove out.

The light in the car is weak, and the lights outside the window are farther and farther away. Tang youYou can't help turning to look at it. Looking at it, her eyes are wet.

Although she had said goodbye to the children just now, why is her heart still blocked?

Because, she didn't seem to say goodbye to that person, always feel It's like a kind of shaking.

"Isn't your plane at eleven twenty? What are you doing to the airport so early? " When the car drove out of Jijia's manor villa, the voice of Jixiao was cold and deep in the driver's seat.

Tang youyou's lost heart. When he heard the familiar male voice, the whole person was stunned.

Then, she felt that the man pulled the steering wheel to the side of the road and stopped the car like this.

"Sit in front!" The man seemed to know that Tang youyou was surprised, and he didn't wait for her to reflect, just gently reminded her.

Tang youyou leaned over to the copilot and saw that it wasn't uncle yuan, but Ji Xiaohan.

How could it be him?

When I got on the bus just now, Tang youyou always thought it was Uncle yuan driving.

"Not yet?" The man saw her for a long time and didn't respond. He was a little impatient to urge her.

Tang youyou just opened the door, sat on the vice he, and stared at the man in the driver's seat who was dressed in Western clothes and had extraordinary temperament. He had a smile on his thin lips and a black belly.

"Are you so surprised to see me?" Ji Xiaohan reaches over, pinches her small and delicate chin, leans forward, and the thin lips easily get her lips. After a forgetful sucking on her lips, he releases his hand and smiles more.

After being kissed by him once, Tang youyou just came back to his senses and thought of asking the reason.

"Why are you in the car? Isn't this uncle yuan's car? " Tang youyou frowned.

"Yes, I let uncle yuan off!" Season owl cold slightly complacent answer.

"Why?" Tang youyou asked like a fool.

"What do you say?" Ji Xiaohan looks at her deeply: "because I don't want other men to send you, even uncle yuan, don't want to!"

Tang youyou was shocked by his words, and then she sneered, "don't you think it's funny to say that? We have nothing to do with each other. "

"Who says it doesn't matter? Didn't I just kiss you? I kissed you, it means that our relationship is not simple! " Season owl cold once again started the car, the car into the night traffic.

Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan is talking about these imaginative words again. She purses her lips in silence and doesn't answer.

Ji Xiaohan looks over her shoulder and says, "why don't you talk? You are going abroad. Isn't there anything you want to tell me? "

"No, what should be said, what should not be said, we all said clearly, didn't we?" Tang youyou suddenly gets angry. She finally calms down. She is afraid that she will be disturbed by Ji Xiaohan again.

This man is really too much, or hateful. He said that he was the one who broke up. Now he is the one who keeps pestering, or he. Tang youjue, he is too rogue.

"We've done what we should and shouldn't do. What do you want to say?" Ji Xiao's cold thin lips aroused a smile, as if deliberately to disturb her mind.

Tang youyou glares at him angrily: "season owl cold, can you stop some."

"I also want to stop, but I can't do it. Since I met you, my self-control has gone. Reason told me that I shouldn't come to see you. But when I woke up, I found that I was waiting for you in the car." Season owl cold laughs at oneself, seem to be very helpless.

Hearing this, Tang youyou was in a very complicated mood.

"What's the point of us doing this now?" Tang youyou is still willing to hear him say these words, at least to prove that their feelings have not faded, and he will want to see her.

"Long time, can we forget our identity for a while? Just like before! " Ji Xiaohan suddenly asked her in a low voice.

Tang youyou's expression is stupefied for a while, then she chuckles: "if you can really go back to the past, I wish it was a dream, wake up quickly, when you wake up, you are still lying beside me, outside the door, and the laughter of the children."

Season owl cold mood slightly shakes, suddenly, he once again the direction of the car a turn, stopped in front of a passing hotel.

"Another hour, let's go up!" Ji Xiaohan points to the door of the hotel.

Tang youyou trembled all over, and his white face turned red inexplicably: "I won't go, please take me to the airport!"

"Don't you really want to?" Season owl cold inexplicable disappointment, you know, he is thinking every minute and every second.

Tang youyou's heart seems to be tickled by something. How could she not want to?