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Ji Yueze can be said to have rushed to the quiet town where Bai Yiyan is. There was no delay for a moment, and the driver was urged to drive faster several times on the road. The feeling of burning and burning made his handsome face tense all the time. At last, at dusk of the next day, Ji Yueze finally arrived at the gate of the restaurant in the video from four or five hours' drive on a ten hour flight. The cold eyes stared at him with hatred, as if the restaurant had offended him.

"Boss!" At the sight of the black business car, two staff members ran over happily. Ji Yueze sat in the car and didn't get down immediately. With a deep eye, he stared at the front door of the unimportant school. This is just a primary school in a small town, with a small campus and few houses. It integrates the characteristics of local residents. It doesn't look like a promising and developing place.

"Are you sure she's in here? Did you find out anything? " At this moment, Ji Yueze was not so worried. He just sat in the car quietly, his eyes stained with pain. "

I've inquired about it. Miss Bai is now an external assistant teacher here. I didn't expect that Miss Bai is so young and beautiful that she came here to be a teacher. She can stand the loneliness!" The staff immediately told him what they had heard.

"Teacher?" Ji Yueze was also surprised for a moment. His fingers could not help tapping on the chair to help him. His expression was unclear. "

Yes, the teacher, the boss, do you want to see her now? I'll show you the way! " Those two men are very dogleg to Ji Yueze said. "

no need, I've made it all the way, I'm tired, so I'll park here. I'll squint for a while, and you will keep staring at me to see when she will come out!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to rush in immediately to find out the woman, and then severely question or punish her. I don't know if it's the lazy feeling of dusk and the quiet feeling of the town, which makes Ji Yueze's mood more and more calm.

"Miss White is out!" The staff suddenly called out in a low hurry. Ji Yueze's strong body, who just wanted to lean down, suddenly sat up straight. With deep cold eyes, he stared at the woman coming out of the school gate without blinking. Behind her are some lovely pupils, and she is greeting them.

"If Miss Bai lives in the small building next to her, will it be the dormitory building for teaching staff?" The staff guessed.

Ji Yueze's eyes through the glass window, quietly watching that woman's words and deeds, a smile, her face is not sad color, very quiet.

Bai Yiyan walked towards her dormitory with her books in her arms. She didn't find anything wrong with the two parked cars nearby. She just walked upstairs quickly and planned to have a good rest.

Just as she went up to the door of a room, Ji Yueze, who was sitting in the car, made a move.

He stepped out of the car quickly and walked towards her without saying a word. Bai

after Yiyan opened the door and went in, she instinctively closed the door and fell the lock. She was kidnapped twice before, which made her more and more aware of security. Although her skill was good, the heart of the people was the most terrible and defenseless.

Bai Yiyan takes the kettle and prepares to make a cup of tea. Suddenly, she is standing in the water and hears a knock outside the door. Who is going to knock on her door?

Is it Wang Xin?

Bai Yiyan frowned. In fact, she was also sensitive to Wang Xin's excessive enthusiasm for her. Although he can't be narcissistic enough to think that the other side likes him, his words and deeds still have some meaning in that respect.

She is in no mood to talk about feelings with others now.

Bai Yiyan went to the door and looked out of the cat's eyes. Suddenly, a familiar handsome face broke into her eyes, and she was totally stunned, as if frozen in place.

Is it a daze? Or dreaming? The person standing outside her door is Ji Yueze. "

Bai Yiyan, I'll give you five seconds. If you don't open the door again, you know the consequences!" Outside the door came a man's voice, full of danger.

Bai Yiyan's brain is blank, her heart and breath are disordered at the same time.

What's the matter? He found it so soon? Can't she escape his control all her life?

Everyone said that Ji family had great power, and it was true.

The one who gave up his life opened the door, and the two men looked at each other through the door.

Even the air around us seems to have solidified, and there are complex emotions in each other's eyes. "

me..." Bai Yiyan is trying to explain all this, but unexpectedly, the man doesn't give her the chance at all.

She just opened her lips and was kissed hard by the man.

Bai Yiyan's brain is exploding again, as if she can't bear his sudden kiss. Her head is forced to swing, and the whole person is pushed backward by him.

Fortunately, the man's big palm reached out and hugged her slender waist, so as not to let her really fall back. The door was slammed and closed by a man. Wen's lips are hot and her breath is overbearing. Bai Yiyan has no time to think about what happened. She only feels that she is going to die in his arms.

Although it's not a long time, this man has not changed at all. It's hard to refuse his passion because of his strong hegemony. This scene seems to be the plot in her dream. Bai Yiyan subconsciously reaches out to hug the man's healthy waist.

But when her fingers just touched his clothes, she was pushed away by the man viciously. She didn't even hold her arms firmly, so she staggered back for several steps, which made her stand still. A pretty face, red and white, and beautiful eyes also flickered, like the wrong child who was caught. Her heart was very empty.

Ji Yueze pushed her away when she wanted to reach for him. Yes, he did. Ming wants to hold him again, but he turns around and leaves. He doesn't leave a word. Is it really harmful when he is in the season of Yueze?

Bai Yiyan was stared by his sharp eyes. She bit her lips subconsciously and opened them slightly, but she couldn't speak. Silence is better than a thousand words.

"Is there nothing to say?" The man's breath was also short. The kiss just now also disturbed his heart. It took a lot of courage to push her away.

Bai Yiyan swallows her saliva fiercely. Of course, she has something to say to him. But what should she say?

Can't you afford it?