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C548 no one can blow this out

Ji Yueze is really boring. I don't know what to play to eliminate the romantic atmosphere.

He knows it's wrong to do so. At this moment, the peace is like the one he stole. His name is not right and his words are not right.

Tang youyou is also a little depressed. She feels that she really shouldn't agree to drive with Ji Yueze to such a remote place for tea and food.

Although they haven't done anything now, they haven't even held hands. They sit and drink tea like normal friends, but she is still very guilty and has a feeling of betraying Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Yueze suddenly realized that the game was not fun. What's the point of even if he ran out to express his love to others?

"Ji Yueze, I will not come out with you alone in the future. I hope you can understand what I mean." Tang youyou suddenly opens her mouth, her expression is full of a trace of guilt. She knows that Ji Yueze came to her with a good intention. However, this feeling really can't continue.

Ji Yueze's expression was a little frozen, then he lowered his eyes and didn't know what to say for a while.

"Well, I won't ask you to come out alone next time. I know it's not good!" Ji Yueze was silent for a long time, and answered her in a low voice.

"Let's go back. I've booked a ticket for tonight. How about you?" Tang youyou suddenly felt the atmosphere was a little stiff, so he said.

"You go back first. I want to play for a few more days." Ji Yueze shakes his head. He is like grass without roots. He doesn't know where to go. His heart can't go back to the calm of the past. There are always waves.

"Well, I'll take a car myself, and I won't bother you to deliver it!" Tang youyou thought about it and decided to leave first.

"I'll see you off. It's not safe for a woman to drive back to the city!" Ji Yueze is really worried about her safety.

Tang youyou thought about it and didn't refuse it.

Two people around the original road, back to the door of the hotel, Ji Yueze stopped the car, Tang youyou pushed the door to get off, looked back at the driving man, Ji Yueze's eyes fixed on the front, did not look at her.

"Drive your own car carefully. I'm on it!" Tang youyou whispered two words and closed the door.

As soon as Ji Yueze stepped on the accelerator, the car galloped forward.

Tang youyou looks at the fast-moving sports car, and feels puzzled. I'm really worried about whether there will be any problem with Ji Yueze.

He doesn't seem to be very focused on driving.

Just after Ji Yueze's sports car drove out, a white car, following his sports car, tried to catch up.

Suddenly, the white car thought it would not even see the tail lights of jiyueze's car. Unexpectedly, just after turning a corner, jiyueze saw the sports car pull over and stop. Jiyueze pushed the door open and walked down. A man stood on the road with a stiff look.

Inside the white car, a camera is projected out, and a fierce shot is made at jiyueze, who stands alone on the road and is dazed.

Ji Yueze is still sensitive to the sound of the camera. He turns his head and stares at the white car indifferently.

The other party was scared and quickly retracted the camera.

"Damn it!" Ji Yueze suddenly angry curse, then, he jumped on the sports car.

The owner of the white car was obviously flustered. When she saw Ji Yueze glaring, she ran away at first.

Unfortunately, she is just a very ordinary car, where is the rival of the invincible sports car.

In this car is not much of the road, the white car left rushed right suddenly want to get rid of the sports car behind, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

That sports car has caught up with Ji Yueze's sports car. He drives with the other side's white car. He sees that the driver is a woman. It must be a reporter from China. Damn it, what did she get?

Did this woman take a picture of him and don youyou when she was in the hotel?

Think of here, Ji Yueze suddenly fierce a dozen steering wheel, the front of the sports car directly hit the white car a big hole.

The headlights in front of me have been smashed and rolled down.

The girl in the white car is scarless. What is Yueze doing this season? Didn't he just take some pictures of him? Is it necessary to beat her up? She also crashed the car she rented. It's over. How can she compensate.

"Stop!" Ji Yueze opened the window and shouted at the owner of the white car.

The white car owner obviously didn't expect Ji Yueze to pursue her so crazily. She was scared and upset.

The only thing I want is to get rid of this man and run for his life.

However, the other side drives tens of millions of sports cars, her driving skills are not as good as the other side, where to escape?

Another crash, the white car, was squeezed directly to the side of the fence.

"Ah..." The girl in the car, with a scream of fear, felt her life was about to be explained here.

Is he going to die this season?

His life is more precious than hers. Why did she force her to die just because she took a few photos of him?

It's terrible. I knew he would be so terrible. She really would rather not take these photos.

Ji Yueze uses his overbearing driving skills to force the other side to stop directly. Then, he directly pushes the door open, looks fiercely and stands beside the other side's door, and knocks hard on the door.

The girl with long hair in the car buried her head on the steering wheel in fright, with big black and cunning eyes, but she was trying to think about the way to save herself.

"Touch!" When the girl decided to use silence to protest, Ji Yueze didn't know where to pick up a big stone. Without a word, she directly hit her window, which cracked and broke a hole.

"Ji Yueze, what are you doing? I rented this car. Do you know how much I lost by making it look like this? " The girl was also angry directly, and roared loudly.

"Get out of here! Otherwise, I will leave your life here. " Ji Yueze has no image to speak of. His short hair is a bit messy because of anger, but it gives people a cold and fierce feeling.

"What are you going to do?" The girl was frightened to cry directly, and looked at him with tears: "where did I offend you?"

Ji Yueze's eyes are cold, pointing to the camera beside her: "take that!"

"Don't That's the guy I eat! " The girl immediately shook her head at the thought that all the cameras she had bought would be affected. "If you don't give it to me, you won't find a job again, do you believe it?" Ji Yueze ridiculed the threat.