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C1092 women's struggle history

The fun between husband and wife can only be satisfied by two people. At last, Ji Xiaohan put the picture that Tang youyou painted in the cabinet. At half past six in the evening, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou arrived at the banquet by car.

The parking lot of seven-star hotel is full of all kinds of luxury cars, which is definitely a luxury car feast. After marrying Ji Xiaohan, Tang appeared in this public place as his wife for the first time, so she was very nervous. "

give me your hand!" After getting out of the car, Tang youyou stood beside the car in a daze. His hands nervously grasped the small bag in his hands. When Ji Xiaohan saw her look like this, he immediately extended a big palm to her.

Tang youyou put his hand gently in his palm, and the man gently grasped it, giving her a full sense of security.

Ji Xiaohan is holding her hand. From the entrance of the hall to the front of the banquet hall, someone is greeting him. Tang youYou can only raise a standard smile and follow Ji Xiaohan to greet each other. Don

youyou has also received a lot of praise and respect. She knows that all this comes from her present identity. It's the honor that this man gives her. She deeply appreciates him and feels happy for him.

Ji Xiaohan led her into the main hall of the banquet. There are already many guests here. Everyone came to congratulate Ji Xiaohan. As the princess president, Ji Xiaohan was helped by many company executives on the spot, but his appearance set off a wave. Almost everyone wanted to come over and say hello to him. They were familiar with him.

Ji Xiaohan is surrounded by the invited guests in the center. Tang youyou was standing beside him and holding hands with him. I don't know when he let go of his hand. His big palm instinctively hugged her to his arms, intimacy and protection. Tang

the buzzing in her ear is all the voice of greeting Ji Xiaohan. She is really dazzled. However, Ji Xiaohan has a very good memory. Almost all the people who come to greet her can't calmly and calmly call out their names and give them the most basic respect. Don

youyou doesn't have his ability and basically doesn't remember this group of people, but she was introduced again and again by him, and her heart was extremely satisfied and happy.

This time, there were many beautiful ladies, most of them were ladies and ladies, and all of them looked at Tang youyou more than once, with envy and jealousy. A quiet and nameless woman has become the most dazzling light. Her life can be predicted. "

I think Tang youYou can write a novel about the struggle of the heroine step by step. I believe that the story is wonderful." There is a woman with a goblet, said lightly.

"What is the history of struggle? Is it because she gave birth to two children to master Ji that she has the status today? If I change other women, I'll be able to sit in this position. I'm sure I can, but I'm not as lucky as her! " There was a woman nearby who was not willing to show weakness. "

there are many women who can have children in the street, but why can people give birth to Ji's children? Do you really think it's her life, OK? It can't be said that just going through this process, people have spent a lot of thought and played a lot of means. " Someone hit her right away.

"That's right. Ordinary women, how can they meet young master Ji? Don't talk about having children with him. Even if you talk to him, you don't have a chance. " Another woman nearby sneered.

The woman who was mocked was not convinced at once, but she could not say any retort, so she turned a white eye angrily and walked away.

Maybe in the eyes of these women, Tang youyou depends on either luck or means. But who knows that people who have cursed Tang youyou for five years in foreign countries will fall in love with him in just one year?

Life is really full of unpredictable numbers. If Tang youyou knew that she was going to marry Ji Xiaohan now, she would have saved the power to curse him and paid attention to the children.

Luo Jinyu's two brothers come. After greeting Ji Xiaohan, they find someone to chat with.

Mu Shi night also arrived. He went to lohnin's face and said, "brother in law, you came so early!" This is a brother-in-law. He yelled at lohnin's chicken skin directly. He shook his hands unadaptedly: "don't call me that, you'd better call me my name."

"Why, scared? I call you brother-in-law, not to ask you for money! " Mu Shi immediately laughs and teases him.

"Even if you don't ask me for money, don't call me that. We are the same age!" Laughs and insists. "

do you take a turn to say that my sister is old?" Mu shiye deliberately looks for something. "

Shh, keep your voice down. In case this sentence is heard by your sister, I'm afraid I haven't slept for several nights!" Lohnen immediately dragged the night of mooch to a place with few people, and his face flashed with anxiety.

"Look at you. Are you under strict control?" When the night of mooch, he laughed directly and unkindly. "It's as if you're not the same!" he said

Mu shiye's smile suddenly froze on his face and sighed bitterly: "well, I really shouldn't laugh at you, I'm not as good as you!"

"How are you and Ann doing recently? There's no more quarreling!" Lohnin's daily concern for him.

"Of course, I didn't quarrel with her. I gave up quarreling with her!" Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders and looks helpless. "

I told you to treat her better at the beginning, but you didn't listen. Now you suffer." Lohnin said triumphantly. "

you seem happy to see me suffer?" Mu when the night blinked eyes. "Of course not. I'm your brother-in-law. Of course I'm looking forward to you!"

"You have a conscience!" Mu Shi stares at him at night, then glances at Luo Jinyu sitting beside him: "what's wrong with your brother? Lovelorn? " Luo

Henning listened to him and immediately looked at him with great admiration: "how do you see that?"

"Still need to see? Only women can hurt men like this! " Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders, with a very understanding expression. "

my brother has had some problems with his feelings recently, but I believe that he will be refreshed soon!" Lohnen said firmly. "

well, take care of your brother's mood. I used to say hello to my friend." When he had finished speaking, he took a glass of wine from the waiter and went to the people he knew.