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Wang Xinyi's words attracted LAN Yanxi's laughter. She couldn't help but explain: "Uncle Yu is such a good man. Don't look at him as a tough guy. He really takes care of people. He doesn't take your money. That's because he's rich. He's willing to pay for you. Sister Xinyi, you can live with it safely. The more men pay, the more he cares about you, the more he will care about you I dare not break up with you, because he is reluctant to give up his investment... "

"Er, Yan Xi..." Wang Xinyi glances at the door and listens to LAN Yanxi. She shivers twice, trying to interrupt her.

But LAN Yanxi, who is in high spirits at the moment, thinks Wang Xinyi's nervousness is her shame. She continues to say: "a man can't get used to him too much. He has to be stressed in time so that he can take good care of you. The weaker you are, the more he hurts you, because they are born with a desire to protect..."

"Lan Yanxi." When LAN Yanxi was teaching her boss how to fall in love with men, she heard a deep male voice.

"Ah!" She suddenly stood up from the chair, turned her head, covered her mouth, and stared at Ling Mo Feng who didn't know when to come.

Wang Xinyi was startled and said with a dry smile: "Yan Xi, Mr. vice president has come to pick you up and come home. Hurry to go back with him, and I have to work."

"Ah, sister Xinyi......" Looking at Wang Xinyi's figure, LAN Yanxi suddenly doesn't dare to look into the man's eyes. She hangs her head down like a thief, secretly regretting. How much does this man listen to?

She just moved them completely according to a book. She didn't really approve it. She just hoped that sister Xinyi could love and live happily.

"Go home!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes are as calm as ever, which makes people unable to guess his mind at the moment.

The outsider looks, Ling Mo Feng is still modest and gentle, polite, but LAN Yanxi can hear something wrong.

It's over. He seems angry.

She didn't hear me wrong. Was he really angry?

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi, who had just talked freely, suddenly wilted into a frozen eggplant, grabbed his handbag, and quietly followed the man to the office door.

Ling Mo Feng was so angry that he wanted to laugh. If it wasn't for the right time that he had just come, I'm afraid that he couldn't hear the little woman's boasting.

LAN Yanxi's heart beat faster. He couldn't help looking up at the man's tall back. What should he do? If he is really angry, how can he be coaxed?

I'm afraid that he won't forgive himself if he doesn't commit himself.

LAN Yanxi is thinking about it. The man walking fast in front of her suddenly stops, and her forehead bumps into her. She makes a low voice. Next second, she quickly reaches out to cover the painful forehead. As soon as she raises her eyes, she looks at the man's eyes that are not sure whether they are laughing or angry or angry.

"Come home and settle with you." Ling Mo Feng just can't help trying to argue with her, but he can't help but watch her cover her forehead, look at her panic expression, and forget what he wants to say.

LAN Yanxi's face is stiff. She's right. This man is going to settle accounts with her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to target you." When LAN yanshidun thought of admitting his mistake, he might get a lighter punishment.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was rarely gnashing his teeth, but it was only for a moment that he turned around and went on.

LAN Yanxi regretfully wants to bite his tongue and let you talk disorderly, which will be good. If he is offended, how good will she be.

Along the way, many staff greeted Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi was afraid and had to respond politely with a forced smile.

She can't be as casual as Ling Mo Feng, she can't nod to others with a light expression, so she can only go on laughing all the way.

Outside the main hall, Ling Mo Feng's special car has been waiting there.

LAN Yanxi had only one idea before. Don't separate from this man for a minute.

But today, her idea is totally different. She wants to take the car in the back and let Ling Mo Feng calm down first, so that when he gets in the car, he will settle accounts with her. Isn't she unable to run away?

Lanyanxi was thinking that she was really going to open the door of the car behind her.

"Lan Yanxi." The tone of the man was oppressive.

LAN Yanxi's back was shaking, and he smiled at him quickly, and sat next to him.

As soon as he sat in, the atmosphere froze. LAN Yanxi secretly looked at the man's expression from the corner of his eyes.

He used to be very gentle with her, but now his face is tense, as if she owed him millions.

In the car sat chulie and the driver's eldest brother, so ling did not hold her responsible. Back home, LAN Yanxi did not wait for Chu lie to open the door for her, but pushed the door down.

"Adjutant Chu, do you want to stay for dinner?" Lanyanxi immediately invited her with a smile.

Chu lie a Leng, haven't had time to speak, Ling Mo Feng immediately answered for him: "he wants to go back to accompany his girlfriend, no time."

Chu lie was smart enough to have a meeting. He quickly smiled and said, "yes, I promised to invite her to dinner tonight. I won't disturb your romance with your husband. I'll go first."

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi finds a rescuer, but they don't want to help her at all.

Ling Mo Feng saw through her mind, and the expression of gnashing teeth appeared on his handsome face again.

What's the woman's idea? Doesn't he know?

Tonight, if she doesn't explain her words clearly, no one can save her.

The motorcade left in an orderly manner. At the gate of Nuo Da, there were only two people left, with big eyes and small eyes.

"Go in." Men have a strong voice.

LAN Yanxi bit his lower lip and said nervously, "what do you want? Say it directly. "

"Then where did you learn your theory?" Ling Mo Feng reached over and grasped her wrist directly. She was bullied and dragged into the living room.

"What I read in a book is not my own fabrication. I swear to God." Lanyanxi's desire for life-saving was strong. She immediately raised her small hand and looked solemn.

Ling Mo Feng smiled angrily: "you think it makes sense."

"No, no, no, I don't think so." LAN Yanxi's head is shaking fast.

"Bullshit, what you said is true. It's true that men are born to sympathize with weak women, but I think you're not weak. You're very articulate." Ling Mo Feng approached her step by step. Soon, he was almost attached to her petite body. He attached himself, and his thin lips laughed in her ear: "you say, how can I sympathize with you?"

"Who says I'm not weak? I'm less than 100 Jin. A gust of wind can blow me away." Blue Yan hopes to carry the fine body and protest loudly immediately.

"Is it? You are weak in body, but you have a strong and unyielding heart. Only a strong heart can have no fear of wind and rain. I think you are not weak and strong in heart. " Ling Mo Feng wants to suppress her on purpose. She dare not speak in disorder.

Blue words and beautiful eyes suddenly open up, this man is to talk with her right and wrong?

"I'm wrong!" She bowed her head and confessed sincerely: "I shouldn't have said that."

In fact, Ling Mo Feng wanted to frighten her and frustrate her spirit, so that she would not take him seriously.

"What's wrong?" The man's hands encircled his chest and stared down at her.

"The mistake is not to let you pay for me endlessly, I still don't know how to be grateful, and I think I am right." LAN Yanxi closed his eyes tightly, but the volume was getting lower and lower.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing. He couldn't stop laughing. The little woman knew what she was doing

"I treat you with my heart. I don't ask you to repay me. Who made me fall in love with you?" Ling Mo Feng saw that she was frightened, and immediately reached out to touch her long hair, sighed: "forget it, don't pursue it. You are right. Love can't be fair in the first place. Whoever pays more can only say who is deeply moved and doesn't win or lose. In the process of love, two people feel different. Therefore, some things can only be realized by themselves, and they can't force others to do the same."

Blue words and beautiful eyes suddenly surprised, looking at the man's dark eyes, she swallowed her saliva fiercely: "what you said seems quite reasonable."