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After reading the real estate information in the afternoon, it was soon dark. Sitting in the front passenger's bondage, the first male self-esteem was under pressure, and he could not breathe. In the past, his fantasy love, holding the steering wheel on his own, and his wife was sitting on the front passenger's seat. When the traffic light stopped, he could reach out to hold her small hand, but now, everything is reversed.

At a traffic light in front of her, Ji Tingyan stops the car. Next second, she reaches out and grabs the big palm of the man's knee.

The man was shocked, and his handsome face flashed a helpless smile. In a low voice, he advised: "xiaonai, look at the road."

Ji Tingyan laughed and finally let go of her hand. Seeing that the man's face was a little shy, she was inexplicably amused.

"Why are you blushing? Is it scarred? Because I'm a female driver? " Ji Tingyan asked him deliberately.

The man subconsciously reached out and pinched the sexy chin: "my face is not red."

"Yes!" Ji Tingyan said definitely.

"Xiaonai, can you understand my feeling of a big man sitting on your copilot?" Tie Ting looks aggrieved.

"Why can't a man take the copilot?" Ji Tingyan asked gloomily.

"Don't you see a lot of people staring at me on the road? They must think I'm your little white face. " Tie Ting is even more depressed. His tall body and physique can't be classified as a little white face.

Ji Tingyan can't help but laugh a few times. Then, squinting her eyes and looking at him sharply, she becomes more and more satisfied: "don't say that you are so attractive in appearance, and you may be paid to support by women."

Tie Ting: "..."

"Well, don't be upset, or I'll give you the car and I'll take the copilot, so you don't have to be depressed." Ji Tingyan is more embarrassed when she sees his handsome face, so she quickly appeases him gently.

"I am a big man driving a wine red car?" Tie Ting is speechless again.

Ji Tingyan doesn't think it's very good, but now that's the case, we can only understand each other.

Arriving at the hotel where feting is, Ji Tingyan stops her car and takes the elevator to go up.

In the dining room on the third floor, I decided to solve the dinner first, so I chose a window seat.

Outside the window, the traffic is busy and the lights are continuous. The bustling street view makes the people's eyes blurred.

Ji Tingyan is about to reach for a glass of water from tieting. Suddenly, she hears a voice saying, "Tingyan, how can you eat here? What a coincidence. "

Ji Tingyan has one side of her eyes, and finds that it's Tong Xiaohui who wanted to break up the relationship before. She came with several young girls.

"Yes, it's a coincidence." Ji Tingyan said, narrowing her eyes and laughing.

"Is this your boyfriend? How handsome. " Tong Xiaohui finds out for the first time that Ji Tingyan is sitting with a man. Besides, the man is not bad and elegant. She asks with exaggerated expression.

"Yes, my boyfriend." Ji Tingyan finally doesn't need to cover up any more. She nods her head in an upright manner.

Tie Ting's quiet eyes look at Ji Tingyan deeply. Hearing that she must be related to each other, he unconsciously hooks his thin lips.

"What does your boyfriend do? Whose son is it? " Tong Xiaohui immediately gossip. She really wants to know what kind of man Ji Tingyan can marry. She is on the top of her own. Unless she meets an excellent man, otherwise, she will marry down. This is not something to be proud of.

"He His job is to coach people. " Ji Tingyan suddenly doesn't want to introduce the real identity of her to her. After all, it's her love affair with her, unrelated people, etc. or don't know too much.

"Coach? A fitness coach? " Tong Xiaohui looked at him and found that he was tall, with long hands and feet, and strong physique. At first sight, he was the result of years of training.

"You can say that, too." Ji Tingyan is too lazy to explain so much. Anyway, she will not communicate with Tong Xiaohui in the future.

"Oh, you have a good eye. Your boyfriend has a great figure." Tong Xiaohui said, then turned around and left with a group of her little sisters.

Ji Tingyan's eyes flashed with displeasure, and she took two sips of tea cup.

"That's how you introduced me? Fitness coach? " Tie Ting gas laugh, tooth root clench.

"Er I'm sorry. I just want to kill her. Are you angry? " Ji Tingyan found out that someone's expression was ugly. She quickly explained in a low voice.

"Not angry." Tie Ting thin lips pulled up, clearly still angry.

"Her mouth is broken. I'm afraid she will spread it around. I don't want anyone to hurt you." Ji Tingyan is domineering. Her man can only be appreciated by her alone. "Um." Tie Ting was coaxed by her last words.

But Ji Tingyan didn't know. Shortly after Tong Xiaohui left, she asked one of her sisters to sneak out and take several pictures of her eating with Bonnie.

Tong Xiaohui looks at the photos and laughs proudly: "Ji Tingyan has a day, too. Is her brain full of water? A good hand of cards, she even beat thin bad, she even found a fitness coach as a boyfriend, I think she thinks men want to crazy, just look at people's figure

"That's right. Didn't she say she was very cold? At school, other boys didn't have the courage to talk to her. Now, if those men know that their goddess finally chose a fitness coach as their boyfriend, do you think they will be angry and spit blood? "

"Do you want to know? Otherwise, let's make this photo public in our circle of friends to see if those men who secretly loved Ji Tingyan would have their own eyes in it? " Tong Xiaohui said with a bored face. "Who's coming? Anyway, it can't be me. I have made friends with Ji Tingyan for several years. " Tong Xiaohui immediately suggested.

A woman immediately raised her hand: "send me the photos. I have friends who specialize in social networking and let them send them. In this way, they can make a lot of traffic."

"Well, hurry to send it out, let everyone know that Miss Ji is the best choice. At last, she only chose one fitness coach as her boyfriend. It's going to be a joke." Tong Xiaohui couldn't help laughing.

"To tell you the truth, this fitness coach is quite good. He has more temperament than those male stars." The woman who received the picture said with a face of fanaticism.

"Nonsense, people's temperament is out of their hands, or is it so beautiful that they can get Ji Tingyan's eyes? It's a pity that it's useless for a man to look good. His inability is not a waste. He must take a lot of benefits from Ji Tingyan. " Tong Xiaohui looks disgusted.