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C1257 to be a gentleman

Ling Mo Feng went back to Ling's mansion at 9:00 p.m. and his family immediately surrounded him in the living room, including his grandfather, his parents and a 15-year-old sister.

Ling Mo Feng looked at this formation and cried bitterly. He knew he shouldn't have come back. Now is the time for interrogation.

"Elder brother, the little sister of the blue family moved to live with you. Where have you developed?" His most lovely, naughty and childlike sister Ling Nuan took the lead in opening her mouth, because she was really curious about how to get along with girls like a big brother like a piece of wood. Ling

as soon as he narrowed his majestic eyes, he immediately gave a serious warning: "Mo Feng, Miss LAN moved to live with you because she trusted our family's friendship. You can't do anything about her, otherwise, how can I explain to the old man of the blue family?" "

Grandpa, grandson dare not!" Ling Mo Feng was stiff all over, and immediately bowed his head to promise. Ling's father and Ling's mother looked at each other and didn't know what to say for a while.

"You are grandpa's proudest grandson. You are going to make a big career in the future. Don't turn over the boat on such trifles as children's love. Facing women and being able to control your own waistband, you are a real man!" The old man seemed to think that his grandson's answer was too short, and immediately reminded him of it. Ling Mo Feng has a handsome face, which makes him crimson.

Next to Ling warm puff, laugh of joy. Ling

the lady was very fond of her son and immediately turned to her father-in-law and said, "Dad, Mo Feng is not that kind of person. I want to say that this blue lady is also bold. She is a girl. She moves in within a few days after she realizes it. If she is really afraid of what my son does to her, she should take the initiative to stay away from her!" "

why does Miss LAN want to marry Mo Feng? Is it her own wish? This was originally a hidden business exchange, so we have to be nice to their granddaughter. The little girl has been wronged. " The old man said with a serious face. Ling's heart ached even more. She couldn't help sighing: "I knew that I couldn't make my own decision on marriage affairs. I shouldn't have pushed my son to choose a vice president!"

Mrs. Ling's eyes immediately glared at her husband, the candidate for president. Ling

the father shivered and the wife's eyes were terrible. After that, she went back to the bedroom and got a good scolding from her.

Ling's father was the candidate of the last president. After two terms of re-election, he was dragged down by the current president's intrigue. When both sides were defeated, the other side promised Ling's family that the younger generation of Ling's family would take the post of vice president. So ling was forced to take the upper position and participate in various political battles. At the beginning, he was only unfair for his father, but gradually, he realized that It is precisely because of his lofty ideals and revenge that he pursues his mission and responsibilities in his position. Every time he pushes new ideas, he gets the approval and support of the people, which also makes him have a very high voice of support in just a few years.

"It's over. It's family war again. Every time big brother comes back, you have to bring him back to the old story. No wonder big brother doesn't want to go back to this family. Can you say less? I hope big brother can come back for more meals." Ling warm see the atmosphere of the living room suddenly become dull, quickly jump out of the round. As the little princess of Ling's family, the right to speak is a bar. Even the serious old man Ling and the caring wife Ling are stunned when they hear the little girl's complaint. They wake up immediately the next second. "

Mo Feng, it's not early, take a rest earlier!" Linglaozi is concerned and then goes upstairs to have a rest. Ling

the father came and patted his son on the shoulder: "it's hard work, take care of yourself."

Mrs. Ling took a look at her husband and grabbed her son's hand: "go, mom will cook you a bowl of soup to drink. I think you've lost weight recently!"

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing: "Mom, we haven't seen each other in a few days. Where did you see that I was thin?"

"Did miss LAN family torture you?" Mrs Ling couldn't help asking. "

No, she is easy to get along with." Ling Mo Feng replied truthfully. Ling

Madame stopped and looked at her son's face with a pair of smart eyes. She found that her son had not lied to her. She was slightly shocked: "really? Isn't she the blue lady? There's always a temper in the eldest lady. You haven't made a girlfriend before, and you don't know how to get along with women. I'm afraid you'll be wronged. Your grandfather is really. Why do you have such a marriage? " "

mother, Yan Xi has a good character and a simple and lovely person. I get along with her very happily, and really don't have those things you are worried about." Ling didn't want his mother to question lanyanxi, so he quickly said good things for her. "

well, I know you can bear it very much. I'll judge whether this blue lady is good or not. Don't speak well for her." Ling Fu laughed. "

mom, are you going to see her?" Ling Mo Feng's face was taut. He asked nervously. "

Yes, it's OK for my mother-in-law to see her future daughter-in-law." Mrs Ling stared at her son discontentedly.

"I should meet you. Just, mom, I hope you don't mind what she said or did to make you unhappy because she was too nervous." Ling is already worried about the woman's reaction. "

see if you're nervous and want to forget your mother when you have a wife." Mrs. Ling was shocked, and her son's act of protecting the short and being partial was too obvious, as if she was going to embarrass her daughter-in-law.

Alas, I'm so sad. Ling

Mo Feng is stared at by his mother's angry eyes, and his handsome face turns red instantly.

"Well, wait here. Mom will heat you a bowl of chicken soup!" Mrs. Ling is too lazy to compete with her daughter-in-law. No matter how much her son likes her, he can't change the fact that he is his own son.

Ling Mo Feng is the senior vice president outside. At home, he is the role of a grandchild and a son. He never misses his identity. When he comes back home, he is a child.

Ling wennuan, with a ponytail tied, jumped to the elder brother's side, with two small hands on his chin, blinking a pair of big black and white eyes, staring at his elder brother without blinking.

Ling Mo Feng glanced at his sister and asked with a smile, "what are you looking at?" "

brother, have you kissed her?" Ling warms his eyes and lowers his voice.

Ling Mo Feng shuddered all over, and Jun's face immediately showed a serious expression: "children are not allowed to ask adult questions." "

I'm not young. I'm 15 years old. I care about you. Who makes you my eldest brother?" Ling wennuan immediately blustered. Ling

Mo Feng is helpless with his teenage sister. He remembers coming back from school and seeing his father come to him with a little thing in his arms. Then he said gently to him, "Mo Feng, you have a sister. Look, how lovely she is!"

The first time Ling saw his younger sister was a small meat ball. At that time, in addition to crying and eating, he also worked as a part-time nurse and nanny for a long time to raise his younger sister to be more than three years old. Then all the adults told him not to bully her, to protect her and let her. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, his younger sister would ask him this kind of inappropriate question for children. The time passed quickly And my sister has become a little girl of ancient spirit. "

the most important thing for you now is to study hard and make progress every day!" Ling Mo Feng reaches for his sister's face and pinches it lightly.

"Brother, is Miss LAN beautiful? Have I been beautiful? " Ling wennuan pushes brother's hand away and continues to ask her questions. "

a little prettier than you!" Ling Mo Feng said a word of hate.

"What? Didn't you say that I was the most beautiful girl in the world since I was a child? You lie! " Ling wennuan stared at him in a huff.

Ling Mo Feng thought carefully. It seems that he did say such irresponsible words. However, at that time, she was only five or six years old. It was easy to cheat. "

OK, you are a little more beautiful than her!"

"Brother, you're hypocritical. I'll tell my future sister-in-law later, let her treat you!" Ling warms up his mouth again. "

warm, do you really want to sell your brother?" Ling Mo Feng can't laugh or cry.

"Well, if I want to please my future sister-in-law, I can only sell you!" Ling warm finish saying, immediately turned to run away.