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Ji Tingyan was very surprised. Unexpectedly, he was also born as a twin. It seems to be a coincidence.

Wait a minute. What is she thinking? What does this have to do with her?

She did it just to stop the big brother's mouth and ask him to advise her less later. She didn't really want to associate with this Mr. tie.

"Grandma Zhang, the two brothers are really like each other. Looking at them like this, they can't tell who is who." Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"My brother has a birthmark. Behind his left neck is the tie Ting who was introduced to you yesterday. My brother's name is tie Xun." As grandma Zhang said, she secretly looked at Ji Tingyan with expectation. To be honest, the more satisfied she was, the more blind her grandson was, the better the girl was.

"Oh, grandma is so lucky. Both grandsons should be filial." Ji Tingyan gave a dry smile, because she found that the old lady looked at her strange eyes, and she had to withdraw. Otherwise, would the old lady think that she had an active suspicion when she came here today?

"It's true that both children are filial and come to see me when they are free. Now I live alone. My wife just left the year before last, and my son died in his post. My daughter-in-law and my little grandson are doing business in China." When the old lady said that, her eyes were filled with tears and she was very sad.

Ji Tingyan quickly took the tissue from the table and handed it to her: "I'm sorry, Granny Zhang, did I remind you of your sadness?"

"Nothing, these words, I also very from mention, in front of the children, I do not mention a word." The old lady quickly calmed herself down.

Ji Tingyan took a sip of tea and said politely, "grandma Zhang, it's late. I'll go back first and talk when I have time."

"Miss Ji, wait a minute." The old lady suddenly called her anxiously. Then she turned to a cupboard and took something and forced it into her hand: "this is my grandson's contact information. You can talk to him when you have time. You have the right to make a friend."

"Ah Grandma Zhang, I'm not That's not what it means. " Ji Tingyan's brain is buzzing. She is extremely embarrassed and her pretty face is red.

"I know, young people, Jin Chi is a good thing. My grandson is really excellent. You can see if there's a chance. Miss Ji, I know it's a tough thing. Please understand me. I want to see my children become a family when I'm old." Grandma Zhang's tears fell again.

"Grandma Zhang, don't cry, I I will definitely contact him. I I'm single now. I want to find a boyfriend I like. I I'll go first. I'll see you later. " Looking at the old lady with grey hair crying into tears, Ji Tingyan is ashamed and blames herself. She can only say incoherently and then turns around and runs away.

As soon as she left, the old lady put out her hand and wiped away her tears: "it seems that ginger is still old and hot. Stinky boy, grandma can only help you here."

At the moment, in the airport, the man was carrying a handbag and was about to step into the cabin when he suddenly felt a tight back, an unspeakable feeling, disturbing his mood.

"Boss, are you ok?" Next to him, a young man asked him with concern.

"Tie Ting shook his head:" I'm ok, now you call out the monitoring of my grandma's villa for me to see

"OK!" As the young man said, he took out his notebook and operated it. Then he transferred the monitoring pictures to him.

"This woman..." Tie Ting's eyebrows twisted, showing some displeasure.

"Is this woman a bad person?" Asked the young man next to me.

"No, it's a neighbor of my grandmother's." "Tie Ting low light said.

"She's not going to take a fancy to the eldest brother. She's going to find an old lady to lead her." The assistant beside laughed all the time.

A stern look made him shut up for a moment, tie Ting narrowed his cold eyes, stared at the figure of the woman who ran away, and thin lips pulled a sneer.

Don't think that you can get into the old lady's heart if you move her. She is not the first and will not be the last.

"Take off!" Tie Ting throws the notebook away and keeps his eyes closed.

The caravan, escorted by several black cars, drove on at night.

The night scenery around is very quiet. The mountains stand tall and the stars are shining in the sky.

This country, with a high coefficient of family integrity, is a very suitable place for retirement and vacation. There are many beautiful sceneries and dreams in the hearts of countless people.

Jimucheng is looking at the documents in the computer. Xia Xinnian, who is next to him, stands on his chin and looks at the window seriously.

"If you are tired, you can go to bed." Jimucheng saw her change many postures, then gently advised her.

"I'm not tired. It's rare to have a chance to enjoy the night scene at close range. I don't want to miss it." Xia Xinnian is actually a very emotional woman, easily driven by the surrounding scenery. Maybe, this is her love for the cause, and she knows how to appreciate all the good things.

"Do you want to be here Leave a happier memory? " When jimucheng saw her long hair blown by the wind and outlined her beautiful face, his heart was no longer stable and pounding.

Xia Xinnian looked at him with a surprised face: "it's already very happy? How can I be happy? "

Jimucheng put down the computer, the tall body stood up, let the room become narrow up.

Xia Xinnian sees his eyes looking at him with heat waves, and she instantly understands what he means to be happier.

She instinctively shook her hands. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"What are you afraid of? A quick battle. " As a man, jimucheng feels that there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, they are legal husband and wife relationships.

"No, I can't." There are drivers and bodyguards sitting in front of it. Although there are partitions to block it, it will still make people feel embarrassed. Xia Xinnian's face is not so thick.

Seeing her resolute expression, jimucheng had to give up.

"Mind, you don't understand the style." The man is helpless sit back on the position, aggrieved express dissatisfaction.

Xia Xinnian doesn't think so: "what you just asked for refreshes my three views. That's not the style."

Jimucheng's thin lips were pursed lightly, and he laughed out: "well, prove that you are a good woman."

"I am." Xia Xinnian is not convinced.

"I'm a good man, too." Jimucheng boasts of narcissism.

Xia Xinnian was defeated by his audacity. He couldn't help laughing: "you have become a father. You have to set up a good example. Your son is rooted in the red seedling, but you can't bring him bad."

"I'm already setting an example for him?" Jimucheng shrugged his shoulders and said with great conceit.

"Well, I can't tell you. I'll go to my room and watch my cell phone. I won't disturb your work." Xia Xinnian admits defeat and goes back to his room.

Jimucheng reached out his hand and touched his chin. He had to press the fire down.