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C585 reasons for breaking up

Bai Yiyan is embarrassed to go to the old lady. The old lady picks up a antique wooden box on the table, opens it from the inside, takes out a pair of gold bracelets, and hands them to Bai Yiyan: "Xiaoyan, this is a little thought of grandparents. Take it!" Bai Yiyan was inexplicably moved. Before she came, she was worried that the elders of Ji's family would have the traditional rich temperament. Unexpectedly, Ji Yueze's grandparents were so easygoing and gave her a gift to meet her. The gold bracelet was nothing valuable to Ji's family. However, this idea was already very touched.

"Grandma, I can't have this bracelet!" Bai Yiyan doesn't have the face to ask. She was originally deceived by her partner, Yue Ze. She's already very guilty. How dare she accept such a valuable gift?

"The old lady immediately discontented:" do you dislike grandma enough

"No, I just feel..."

"Don't tell me. Yueze has come back to play for us. Xiaoyan, I think you are a real girl. Tell me honestly, are you in a relationship with Yueze or not?" The old lady's shrewd eyes had seen that she was tired of some cats.

Bai Yiyan was in a cold sweat.

Ji Yueze's eyes were also stiff. He knew that although his grandmother was old, her eyes were still very smart.

Then, he quickly walked over and held Bai Yiyan in his arms. Her thin lips kissed her on the face: "grandma, how can you doubt our feelings? If she is not my girlfriend, how dare I bring her to see you? "

Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to hug herself and kiss her. She was stunned.

The next second, she felt a pain in her arm. It was the man who was twisting her.

She woke up, and then she quickly smiled, "yes, grandma, I'm really his girlfriend."

"Well, I'll make a joke with you. Don't take it seriously!" In fact, the old lady also believes that Ji Yueze can't take a woman home casually. It must be true.

Bai Yiyan was so scared that she was relieved.

Ji Yueze's anxiety at the bottom of her eyes gradually dissipated. He reached out and took Bai Yiyan's gold bracelet. Then he picked up Bai Yiyan's hand and said, "come on, put it on. It's grandma's heart!"

Bai Yiyan felt that her hands were heavy and her gold bracelets were dazzling when she looked down.

After breakfast, Ji Yueze left Ji's house in a hurry with Bai Yiyan. In the car, Bai Yiyan took down her bracelet and gave it back to Ji Yueze: "take it, I can't!"

"Oh, don't you like money best? These two bracelets are worth a lot of money! " Ji Yueze taunts her lightly.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes were slightly sluggish, and then she laughed at herself: "you are right, I love money very much, but I won't ask for your grandma's money! I haven't been greedy to the point. "

"You'd better take it first. It's not too late when our agreement is over." Season more light way.

"Our agreement is for three months. After three months, how are you going to explain our relationship to your family?" Bai Yiyan asked in a low voice.

Ji Yueze's face was bland: "don't worry, I will say that the character is not right, and I have broken up."

Bai Yiyan thought that he would find a better reason, but she didn't expect that he should find such a popular excuse. She mocked herself in her heart. Yes, she took herself too seriously. In Ji Yueze's eyes, she was just an actor who paid for acting.

"Well, that's a good reason." She nodded with a smile.

"Bai Yiyan, when we break up, don't stay in our company, lest others suspect that I can't let my ex girlfriend continue to work in our company." Ji Yueze said coldly.

"Good!" Bai Yiyan nodded and said simply, "I will leave on my own initiative and will not cause pressure to you."

She's also on the edge of the entertainment industry, so she knows that Ji Yueze, a big star, really doesn't like to be haunted by gossip. Ji Yueze looks over her shoulder and lightly sweeps her: "break up with me, will you feel a little reluctant?"

"No!" Bai Yiyan replied in a hurry: "on the contrary, I feel a lot of pressure when I am with you. I believe that I have become a public enemy of women now. If someone black me or throw eggs at me, you must not die without help. I am all for you."

"Don't worry, if it's because of me, I won't die." It's not a bad idea to have a better season.

"That's good. With you, I'm not so afraid." Bai Yiyan lowers her head and smiles gently.

Season owl cold sits in the car, the expression also some heavy congeals.

When he passed the guest room where Bai Yiyan and his younger brother slept, he saw a servant cleaning up inside.

I don't know if it's a coincidence. He saw and heard the servant aunt talking, saying that there was a quilt by the bed last night.

Ji Xiaohan himself is a suspicious person. Moreover, with his understanding of the relationship between men and women, he always feels that his younger brother and Bai Yiyan are not like a couple.

If two people fall in love with each other, the look in the eye can tell everything.

Ji Xiaohan is wringing his eyebrows. Did his younger brother find Bai Yiyan to go home and act?


Why does he play such a play? For whom?

Ji Xiaohan decides to investigate Bai Yiyan.

Because he is the eldest brother, out of the love for his brother, he will never let an unknown woman approach him at will.

The elder brother is like father. Since his father died and his mother remarried, Ji Xiaohan has been taking care of the younger brother. As long as the younger brother opens his mouth, he hasn't let him down in several branches.

Tang youyou also went to the company on time. She still has several lists to finish. So, she works harder. I don't know if her feelings have been hit, which makes her have more inspiration when she creates.

At noon, Tang youyou just finished a piece of work. Suddenly, a beautiful girl in the front desk came up with a bunch of lilies.

When Tang youyou watched her hand over the fragrant and charming flowers to herself, she was a little surprised.

"Assistant Tang, you are not mistaken. This flower is for you." He said with a smile.

Tang youyou curiously answered, "do you know who sent it?"

"I don't know. Someone sent it by express. It should have a business card on it."

Tang youyou looks through it carefully, but there is no business card. It's strange. Who sent her flowers and didn't leave her name?

It's not kyushawa, is it? Thinking of this, Tang youyouhun knew that he was shocked for a while. He must not be the one.