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C1052 self incrimination

Yang ChuChu sat in the car, with both hands on the glass window and looked out. Her assistant saw that she had parked the car here for nearly half an hour, and she also stared out of the window for half an hour. There was no reason for her strange behavior, so she asked, "ChuChu, what are you looking at?"

"Look at people!" Yang ChuChu's voice was tinged with resentment.

"Look who? There's no one here, either? " The assistant can't help looking out of the window. This is a rich villa area. When I came in just now, the guard elder brother carried out various inspections. Now, their car is still parked on the side of the road suspiciously. I'm afraid that the guard elder brother will come to inspect again in a moment. That's a shame. "

wait, I believe it will come out soon!" Yang ChuChu's voice was gnashing his teeth. In a short time, a villa opened, Yang ChuChu's whole body was stiff and his eyes narrowed. The man coming out is a middle-aged man with elegant temperament. He is wearing a suit. He is accompanied by a beautiful girl with long black straight hair, beautiful face and elegant manner. He looks like he is kissing his family. Two

people stand at the door and talk. The girl reaches for the middle-aged man's arm and withdraws to say something. The man gently pats her on the shoulder, as if to promise her something. The girl immediately smiles like a flower, and then reaches for the man sitting in the car to wave goodbye.

Yang ChuChu's brain is buzzing, just like being hit and stimulated by an inexplicable and huge force, his two little hands on the glass window are clenched into fists, grinding their teeth with hate and swearing: "scum!" Li is even more surprised. Yang ChuChu seems to be full of resentment towards those who look like father and daughter in the distance.

"Well, you have a feud with them?" Asked the assistant in a low voice.

"No, drive. Let's go!" Yang ChuChu sat back in his chair and looked out of the window with resentment in his eyes.

"Do you want to follow the black car in front?" The assistant asked immediately. "

don't follow, let him roll first!" Yang ChuChu doesn't want to follow him. He is now the vice mayor and is sensitive to travel. If she doesn't know how to follow him, if she exposes her identity, wouldn't that make the scum proud? He has known her since childhood, so now that she has grown up, he knows her.

Yang ChuChu shrinks to the back of the chair in the back seat. Her eyes turn red again and again. But every time, she just forces her tears back. She can't cry. Although she is very sad and envious of the girl just now, she doesn't realize the significance of crying. "

clearly, do you want to go to the birthday party in the evening? The man called just now and said you'd be there on time. " The assistant reported on her schedule for today.

"Go ahead. I'm bored recently. I have a chance to relax. Of course I want to go!" Yang ChuChu closed her eyes and felt that her recent life had been rewritten. From comedy to tragedy, her love had been blocked. Now, she knew the real news about her father. She had run to get a thrill from her own life and did not die. "

OK, I'll reply for you. There must be a lot of celebrities coming tonight. At that time, you may know a lot of people and seek more opportunities for development!" The assistant couldn't help but cheer her up. "

now even if there is a good chance for me, I can't catch it. I'm getting lazier and lazier!" Yang ChuChu said that he abandoned himself. "

it's clear that there is always something wrong with you and Luo? You used to encounter clumsiness and frustration. You were more frustrated and braver. You were never willing to admit defeat. But this time you seem to have fallen to the bottom of the valley. You can't climb up. I think it must be love that caused disaster. " Assistant Wen Cai's good analysis. "

I don't blame others. I can't adjust myself well. Maybe I care too much. I can't find myself anymore." Yang ChuChu murmured to himself, reached out his hand and covered his face. He felt that he had no face to see others again. Li no longer talks. It seems that she is right.

The blow of love can make a normal person crazy. I hope the stimulation Yang ChuChu receives is not so big.

At noon, Yang ChuChu returned to the production team and was scolded by the director. She said that she was not dedicated to her work. In the morning, she arranged her play clearly, but she didn't show up, which delayed many supporting roles.

In fact, Yang ChuChu did not come in time, but her assistant read the wrong time and date, which led to her not coming in the morning. Yang carefully lowered his head, apologized to the other party regardless, and promised that there would be no such Wulong incident again. In the middle of the afternoon, Yang ChuChu got into a good state, and finally regained his impression in the director's mind. Lu xuanchen has always been in a good state when she plays with her opponent's drama. She entered the drama quickly, which is also a guide for Yang ChuChu. However, it's always easy for her to laugh when she plays with Lu xuanchen, because before, some female stars said that it takes courage to fully accept the affection in Lu xuanchen's eyes. Many female stars feel that they will drown if they are not careful Go, I can't get out. Yang

Chu had the same problem just now, which made her very embarrassed. Now Lu xuanchen came to talk to her, and her face turned red.

"What's the matter?" Lu xuanchen saw her back to himself, and couldn't help laughing.

"It's nothing, but I think you're so powerful. The eyes just played are so sincere and affectionate that I haven't slowed down. If you look at me like this, which woman can escape your eyes." Yang ChuChu turned around and said with a smile. Lu

xuanchen was stunned, and then he couldn't help laughing: "you hold me up too high. I don't have any experience in acting in emotional drama. I just feel what the director asked me to show. I will try my best to show it. Do you think my performance is good?" "

Yes, apart from our boss, you are the first actor who makes me feel stressed in the opponent's play." Yang ChuChu nodded in affirmation. "

that's good. I hope we can have a good cooperation in the future!" Lu xuanchen smiles and turns away. Yang

takes a sigh of relief, draws back her mind from the character, looks at the time, it's more than six o'clock, and she's going to a friend's birthday party, so she's in a hurry now. She should be here as soon as possible.

Just after changing clothes, Yang ChuChu's mobile phone rang. She took a look at it. It was Luo Jinyu. She was happy to answer.

"Have dinner together at night!" Luo Jinyu's low voice line is an invitation!