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C1723 is really jealous

LAN Yanxi seldom eats recently. Sometimes she drinks more water, which she dislikes. In Ling Mo Feng's eyes, she is distressed and anxious. There is a little life in her stomach. She is afraid that she will starve herself.

But lanyanxi didn't feel hungry at all. She didn't feel comfortable in her stomach for a moment. However, she liked eating sour things, plums, plums, and some sour dried fruits. She could hold and bite them all day long.

"Can you put more vinegar in your cooking at night?

I like to be jealous recently. "

LAN Yanxi immediately turned around and asked, smiling at him.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome eyes were stunned. He could not help but attach himself to her, and his thin lips kissed her on the face: "whose vinegar do you eat?

I've been very honest lately. I haven't come near any women. "

Lanyanxi seriously discussed the evening menu with him, but he talked with her about other things. She squinted her eyes, pretending to be dangerous and asked him, "are you so honest?

I don't believe you. The number of women who have confessed to you on the Internet is increasing every day. "

Ling Mo Feng is only joking with her. Obviously, the joke is too much.

"How can you still focus on the Internet?"

A man has a sense of emptiness. Although some people like him because he can't stop it, he believes that lanyanxi has seen it. He must be upset. Just as he would be very upset if he knew which man still has an idea about lanyanxi.

"I love to look around the Internet when I'm free."

Blue words and beautiful eyes blinked.

"What are you looking at?

See all the news about me? "

The man asked her with interest, with a narcissistic expression on his face.

"I haven't seen you since you think so much. You go home every night. I don't think you can see enough."

In fact, the first thing she did when she picked up her mobile phone and turned on her computer was to pay attention to his daily trend. Even if it was a very small thing, she would repeatedly look at it for several times, sometimes giggling incessantly and having a crazy time.

The man Mou color has some dim, he hoped that she is also joking, if is sincere, he must be more sad.

"Well, I'll put more vinegar in."

The man gently touched her long hair, turned around and went to the kitchen. His coat was directly put on lanyanxi's arm: "take it upstairs for me."

LAN Yanxi holds his suit coat, and can't help burying his face in it. Well, there is a cold smell, mixed with light coffee and fragrance.

Lanyanxi turned and walked upstairs. When she got upstairs, her beautiful eyes suddenly turned around.

Later, she put her hand into the man's pocket.

Suddenly, it seemed that she really took out something. She took it in her hand and looked at it. It was a very beautiful small box.

"Who gave it to him?"

Lanyanxi has an impulse to cry at the moment. Sure enough, she's afraid of anything. She just wants to test whether there's something in his pocket. Unexpectedly, she found a small box.

LAN Yanxi's mood is like falling from the sky. She has a pretty face and colorful face. She directly throws his suit and coat on the bed, turns around and goes downstairs.

"Good you Ling Mo Feng, dare to cheat me!"

LAN Yanxi is angry at the moment. She doesn't know why she should be so angry, but she just can't control herself. Can pregnancy really make people angry?

LAN Yanxi went downstairs and walked directly to the kitchen. The man was opening the refrigerator, touching his nice chin and studying what to eat for dinner. Suddenly, he saw her with a small face on his face. He immediately smiled and pointed at her.

LAN Yanxi snorted and turned his face away from him.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was angry, and his face was shocked. After closing the refrigerator, he walked towards her.

"Yan Xi, what's the matter?"


LAN Yanxi's mouth is hard, but she doesn't say anything about it. Maybe this is the bottom line for her as a wife. She caught her husband's tiredness, but she didn't want to take the initiative to tear it, and wanted to wait for him to say it.

Seeing one of her little hands scribbling on the table top, she looked worried, but asked her what she didn't say, Ling Mo Feng was a little worried at once.

He stretched out his big hand, grabbed her small hand, and locked her expression firmly in his eyes: "Yan Xi, what's the matter, you have to tell me, we'll find a way to solve it."

"What can I do for you? There is a small box in your suit. Where did you come from?"

LAN Yanxi was still waiting for him to say, but when she was weak in her mind, she broke her mind in an instant.

Ling Mo Feng was obviously stunned. Unexpectedly, she would find the little box that was too late to give to her.

"Yan Xi, you may have misunderstood that the small box was sent by someone, but it wasn't for me."

Ling Mo Feng at the moment saw that she was about to cry, which was funny and distressed. He quickly explained.

"I didn't get it wrong. It was from a woman. Ling Mo Feng, it must not be the gift you want to give me. Tell me the truth, I can accept it."

LAN Yanxi has a natural instinct. He is damn accurate.

She can't be curious because curiosity kills people.

"Yan Xi, that's what Wang Xinyi asked me to bring back to you. To be exact, she wanted to give it to our children. I didn't see what was in it. Don't you believe me?"

Ling Mo Feng explains anxiously, but sees her a pair of watery big eyes are still looking at oneself, his handsome face is startled.

"From sister Xinyi?"

LAN Yanxi stopped crying immediately, and her eyes opened wide.

"Well, she did send it to our baby, because she knows about your pregnancy. You told her, right?"

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand to wipe the tears around her eyes. It's really fragile, because a box can cry like this.

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier, you know how scared I was..." LAN Yanxi said that, suddenly he didn't want to go on, because, go on, Ling Mo Feng should make fun of himself again.

"I forgot."

Ling Mo Feng is a little apologetic.

"You can forget this kind of thing. You're going to scare me to death."

LAN Yanxi slammed him in the face.

Ling Mo Feng was a little aggrieved: "I was given a face by you as soon as I came back. I don't remember that. If it wasn't for the gift I chose for you, I really didn't remember it with all my heart."

"I'll see what it is."

Blue Yan Xi's mood, suddenly very good.

"Wait a minute, don't go. You haven't said what you want to eat in the evening."

The man extended his long arm, circled her back in his arms, and asked her in a low voice.

"Anything will do. I can't eat much anyway."

LAN Yanxi is not enthusiastic about what he eats now.

"You can't do that."

Ling Mo Feng is distressed and worried.

"You decide."

Lanyanxi walked up the stairs cheerfully.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her back and couldn't help shaking his head. It was even harder to wait on her than her daughter.

LAN Yanxi went up the stairs and sneaked out the small box. This time, she finally stopped hesitating and opened it directly. Inside was a very full and round little golden pig.


LAN Yanxi was so cute that she couldn't help but reach out and take it out. This little pig is really cute and dada. It's hung with a red rope. It's really attractive.

LAN Yanxi went downstairs with the little golden pig. Ling Mo Feng had decided what to cook tonight. Seeing her coming, he couldn't help looking at her: "what's in the box?"

"This is it!"

LAN Yanxi immediately spread out his palm: "isn't it cute?"

"Well, it's lovely, like you."

Ling replied with a smile.

"What do you mean, you want to call me a pig?"

Blue words hope to doodle the corner of the mouth, some dissatisfaction.

"What's wrong with piglets? They can live a comfortable and leisurely life."

Ling explained with a chuckle.

"I'm not. That's not my day."

LAN Yanxi retorted, and firmly refused to admit that he was lazy and became a pig.

Ling Mo Feng knew that her mouth was hard, and he was obviously tacit in his heart, but he still didn't admit it.

"Sister Xinyi really has a heart. If she wants to have a baby, I have to back it up and give it to her."

Lanyanxi really likes this little pig at the moment. It's fun to think that his baby will be round and white like this little pig in the future.

"That's nature."

Ling Mo Feng also felt that the ceremony had to be returned.