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On the desk of Ji Xiaohan, there is a piece of information. He just went out to attend a financial meeting and came back. Seeing that information bag, he asked Lu Qing who followed him with his eyes.

Lu Qing hurriedly walked over, opened the information bag, and whispered, "this is a survey result just sent here. It's about the relationship between Lan Wei and Ji Shangqing. I don't know if it's true. This girl is a junior at present. On the day of our company's celebration, she seemed to be an intern in that hotel. The next day, she quit her job suddenly. Someone said look at it In the evening, she ran down in tears. Everyone suspected that she might have been bullied by male guests. They didn't know what the situation was. But they heard that the next day, Ji Shangqing drove to her school to find her. "

After hearing Lu Qing's story, Ji Xiao coldly frowned and said, "what do you think Ji Shangqing did to her?" "

that night, Ji Shangqing was confused about what happened to her, young master. You can talk to the party concerned about this matter. If Ji Shangqing did an act of aggression against her, you can borrow this thing to let Ji Shangqing lose his reputation. It's also a revenge for Ji Lin!" Lu Qing hurriedly put forward suggestions.

"Well, you can find out that if Ji Shang really has excessive behavior towards her, it's really a good opportunity to revenge Ji's father and son." Ji Xiaohan orders Lu Qing to investigate. "

OK, I'll meet the blue one." Lu Qing led out.

Season owl cold finger taps on the table top, the eyes change deep rise. Is tianjishangqing drunk because of youyou? "

damn it!" Ji Xiao is so cold. Ji Shangqing is so ungrateful that he has been thinking about his woman. If this time he is guilty, he must let him reflect on his bad behavior. Blue

carrying the shopping bag slightly, Ji Shangqing will send her the shopping list every day from the supermarket on her mobile phone, which is worthy of being a rich young master. Every day, she will be impressed by the money for eating fruit, let alone the miscellaneous things. The cost of the day's consumption can offset her half a month's salary.

Blue Weiwei reached for a taxi. Because the time was too fast, she had to take a taxi. It was too late to squeeze the bus, and she had to change several times. Ji has said that she can find him to reimburse the fare, so she doesn't have to pay too much attention to it. In the taxi, blue looks out of the window. She really has no luxury in her life. She used to go to the supermarket, but she only bought some daily necessities and some expired bread or instant noodles. She didn't dare to take a bottle of expensive water. Now, all the things she bought must be picked out from the expensive ones. When she came out, she could take a taxi directly. This kind of life It's called life. Before, she was like living in a narrow shell, dark and day after day.

Ji Shangqing is not as bad as she thinks. He has a good temper. He doesn't suffocate people when he gets along with her. He doesn't ask for much. Moreover, he treats her very well. Every time he buys back fruit, he washes it for her to eat. He doesn't eat much. But every time she wants to refuse, the man will either let her finish it on the grounds that the fruit has a short shelf life and doesn't eat waste , or let her take it. "

Ji Shangqing!" Blue Weiwei recites the name in her heart. Although he bullied her like that in the hotel, he is also the man, bringing her a new life, opening a door for her world, and letting her know that there are people who live like this.

Carrying a big bag and a small bag, he laboriously stood at the gate of Ji's house, and LAN Weiwei hurriedly took out the key to open the door.

Unexpectedly, the door was opened from inside. Ji Shangqing was dressed in a suit and looked at her with one hand in his pocket.

He raised his wrist slightly and tapped on the watch with his fingers: "ten minutes late." "

sorry for the traffic jam, I'll make dinner for you now!" Blue said in a little hurry. "

forget it, I'm not too hungry now anyway!" Ji Shangqing reached over and helped her carry a pack of heavier fruit in. Blue

glanced at him stealthily, and he felt relieved.

She really wondered what kind of person Ji Shangqing was. Since she became his nanny, she found that he seemed to have no family. At least, she didn't see one of his relatives come to him.

"What are you peeping at me for?" Ji Shangqing seems to have eyes behind her. He asks her strangely. "

no No! " Blue slightly frightens of hurriedly will look down, concentrate all mind to cook. Shanqing didn't blame her either. She just took off her suit and coat, pulled off her tie, and went into his bedroom to take a bath. No

after a while, he changed a set of clean and fresh sportswear and came out: "I'm in the gym and call me when I've finished the meal!"

"Good!" The blue tiny head also dare not raise, only whispered to answer a sentence.

When she had finished her dinner, she went to the gym and saw the man lifting the dumbbell. "

Mr. Ji, the meal is ready!" Blue said slightly. "

eat first, and I'll be right here!" Ji Shangqing looks out of the window, but his movements are endless. He stretches the muscles on his arm one time. Blue

slightly looked at the blue tendons on his arm, the lines were strong, she was confused, and quickly turned around. Stretch

and pat your chest. What's the heartbeat just now? Why is she so flustered?

Blue slightly sits in front of the table, looks at the meal which oneself meticulously makes, actually does not have what flavor mouth.

Ji Shangqing took a towel, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and came over: "how can I not eat it? Don't forget to put salt again

"I want to eat with you!" Blue slightly cheek a heat, think of before own embarrassment is taken out by him to say, still some embarrassed.

"Wait for me?" Ji Shangqing put the towel on the back of the chair: "isn't this my coming? Eat! " Blue

nodded slightly and was about to pick up the vegetables when she heard the ring of the mobile phone. She quickly put it down and ran to the living room to find the mobile phone. See

the call display, and the blue face turns white.

She went out to the balcony to answer.

It was her father who called. He said that she needed money urgently. He asked her to withdraw 5000 yuan at night. He would go to school to get it.

"Are you gambling again? Where do I have five grand? You promised me last time. Why can't you always do it? " Blue slightly tone is also very angry, very disappointed.

"If they don't give me money, they will chop my fingers. If it's tiny, Dad can count on you. Help me!" Blue

slightly and directly hung up the mobile phone. I really want to jump from here and finish it.