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Lambert accepted the rule of law, and the blue family's spirit came to an end. In order to protect himself, lanchen handed over all the evidence. Finally, he decided to take his family to live abroad and leave the gray circle.

With her only son, Mrs. LAN Er feels helpless. Fortunately, LAN Bai has left her a fortune, which is enough for her and her son to live happily for the rest of their lives. LAN Xian is still being treated by a psychiatrist, and the situation has improved, but she can't leave the hospital. Mrs. LAN Er can't let her leave the hospital, in case she knows her father has been caught As soon as she is stimulated, she will get sick again.


Why? "

Mrs. LAN Er still can't believe that her husband will kill people. She just thinks that her husband is shrewd and cunning. This is the character of all businessmen. He is just greedy. How dare he kill people?

But in fact, some people, on the surface, can't see it. Mrs. LAN er's heart to her husband is dead. For the rest of her long life, she decided to cultivate her son well. Her son is still young, and her education is still in time. Let his life be more complete and stable, and don't become an abomination because of money.

Time, in a twinkling of an eye, half a month later, lanyanxi's baby image was completely stabilized, and Ling Mo Feng was relieved. The Lings also knew about this later. They scolded his son directly, and Ling Mo Feng was also scolded. Of course, lanyanxi stood up to be scolded for it. Unfortunately, where would the Lings elders give up After training her, she finally fell on Ling Mo Feng's head.

Someone, wronged, but can only suffer.

The life of Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan is very leisurely. There is no danger of external environment. Tang youyou will come out and hang out with Ji Xiaohan.

"Do you really want to take me to the cinema?"

Tang youYou can't believe it. At night, the man came up with a new idea and wanted to take her out for a romance.

"Didn't you say you wanted to see a movie?

Of course, I want to satisfy you once. We've been together for so long. It seems that we haven't really seen a movie with you seriously. "

Ji Xiaohan said with some remorse.

"It is."

Tang youyou gave him a white look.

"So today, let's relax."

Ji Xiaohan reached over and shook her hand.

"You have a conscience."

As Tang youyou said, she took out her mobile phone and looked through the recently scheduled film. At last, she pointed to a romantic love film: "let's watch this one. It's rated very high. It's said that the performance is very good."

"Why do you look at this?"

Season owl cold side Mou, frowned brow, this kind of tangled love film, he really is not interested in, because, he felt his love, more romantic than this movie.

"No reason, because I want to see it."

Tang youyou's immediate and domineering answer.

Ji Xiaohan: "..." "Well, you are my ancestor now. I will accompany you to the end if you want to see anything."

Ji Xiaohan has to accept her life.

Tang youyou chuckled and was in a good mood.

"I have goods in my stomach now, so you think I'm ancestral. If I give the goods to Yu down, you think I'm a courier. Delivery is only a delivery."

Don youyou's small mouth doesn't say a word to refute him.

Ji Xiaohan is angry and laughs at her words directly, and doesn't know where she comes from so many ideas.

"I didn't say who said you delivered."

Season owl does not carry this pot.

"You didn't say it, but that's what you think. Don't think I don't know. I'm not a naive child."

Tang youyou looks at him angrily.

"Yo, if you want to think like that, I have nothing to say."

Ji Xiaohan looks innocent.

Tang youyou just talked and played with him, but she was not really angry. When she turned her face out of the window, suddenly, she felt a heat at the root of her ear. She didn't need to look back and knew that the thin lips of the man were coming.


Tang youyou is a little itchy. He immediately reaches out and pushes him.

"Coax you, aren't you angry?"

The man chuckled.

Tang youyou smiled again: "then I'll coax you. Please sit down and stop messing."

Arriving at the gate of the cinema, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are following the crowd hand in hand. His bodyguards are also wearing casual clothes and following the side of the body today, which doesn't attract much attention. However, Ji Xiaohan's appearance is very excellent. In addition, Tang youyou is a pregnant woman. The relationship between the two is suddenly clear. Everyone looks at the two talented women enviously What a beautiful couple, imagining their children.

"Wait a minute, I'll buy something."

Ji Xiaohan doesn't pretend to be someone else. Instead, he stands in the line and plans to buy some food to go to the cinema.

Tang youyou stood beside him like a quiet little daughter-in-law.

The standard match for watching movies is popcorn and drinks. Ji Xiaohan asked for a cup of coffee to refresh his mind. He was afraid that he would fall asleep accidentally when watching this kind of love movie of literature and art.

He didn't dare to fall asleep. Otherwise, Tang youyou would have to remember this all his life and turn over the old accounts every day. That's really not a fun thing.

"So late, you still have coffee?"

Tang youyou is now sensitive to the smell. When he brings a cup, she can smell the strong aroma of coffee and immediately toot her mouth, complaining that he doesn't cherish his body.

But Ji Xiaohan shrugs his shoulders: "it's OK, I'll take a few drinks, not all of them."

After buying delicious food, they went to the check-in gate. Several bodyguards were lucky enough to take the tickets. They watched the love film together. Each expression was a little bitter.

Into the cinema, row by row, are full of people.

Tang youyou hasn't come to such a busy place to watch movies for a long time, but he's still a little excited. Ji Xiaohan's eyes can't leave her for a moment. Seeing that she's faster, he immediately tells her to slow down, watch the road carefully, just say it's not good, and stretch out his hand to protect her side. In case she really falls, he will hold her for the first time.

Of course, Tang youyou is careful step by step. Sitting in the position, she peeks at the man with her side eyes.

The handsome appearance of man's face, in the dark light, the three-dimensional beauty of Youling, the heart of Tang youYou can't say.

She took the initiative to reach out and hold the man's finger, and Ji Xiaohan immediately looked at her from the side, his eyes touching each other, extremely warm.


The man leans over, this words, asked the coquettish taste.

Tang youyou's bones are crispy and numb. He finds that if a man is charming, he really has a different flavor.

"Feed me."

Tang youyou deliberately made a mistake.

Ji Xiaohan is speechless, but soon reaches for a popcorn to feed her.

Tang youyou's mouth was open, but he didn't wait for the entrance of the food for a long time. When he turned around, he saw that the man was even worse, and he even threw it into his mouth to eat. He also deliberately picked a shirt like eyebrow at her.

"Bad guy!"

Tang youYou can't help shouting. Next second, a popcorn is stuffed in her mouth. She is stunned and has no strength to scold. She bites it quickly. It's crispy and fragrant.

How dare Ji Xiaohan provoke her? She is the queen of her family now.

Tang youyou is so angry that he reaches out to eat it. In fact, Ji Xiaohan seldom eats this kind of food. Now, after a while, he feels that it tastes good. No wonder this woman and her daughter love it.

The opening of the film, the tune of literature and art, the lingering songs, let people suddenly into the feeling of love.

Before Tang youyou watched this kind of film, she would have a feeling that has nothing to do with herself, because she has no one she loves and can't resonate with, but now, she finds that she feels deeply.

Season owl cold eyes stare at big screen, blink not blink.

"Is the hostess beautiful?"

Tang youyou suddenly leaned over his head and asked in his ear.

The man's whole body a stiff, felt this sentence implied murderous gas, he immediately survival desire very strong said: "in general, not you beautiful."

Tang youyou still wants to catch his pigtail and go back to have a family meeting with the two kids to criticize him. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan's answer is that there is a water leak. She can't catch any handle. She feels bored.

"Does the man look good?"

Just when Tang youyou decided to watch the film, the voice of the man came to her.

Tang youyou almost choked by saliva. OK, he knows how to throw the problem back.

"Well, it's nice. It's sunny and handsome. It's mainly a good figure."

Tang youyou immediately and truthfully answers him.

Someone's face darkened for several times, and he was angry.