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C1867 trying to save

"Isn't Mommy going with you?"

Little guy Wei Qu Baba looks at her and looks forward to it.

Xia Xinnian was motionless, and only raised his hand to touch his little face: "Mommy will pick you up later. I'll talk to your daddy today."

In fact, the little guy is very smart. Seeing that he pretends to be aggrieved, he can't let mommy go, so he has to give up.

"Well, Mommy must miss me!"

The little guy nodded obediently.

"Well, I've been thinking about you all day!"

Xia Xinnian's mouth rises gently.

Standing not far away in jimucheng, it's hard to see Xia Xinnian's gentle and watery appearance, because she looks at her son's eyes, full of the light of maternal love, just like the sunshine in early spring, which is warm.

Jimucheng can't help thinking about it in the bottom of her heart. If this woman looks at herself with this kind of gentle eyes and doesn't know what it's like, it's not bad.

Xia Xinnian comforts his son and drives away without saying goodbye to jimucheng.

The man who has been neglected has a gloomy face for a moment. What is the quality of this woman?

Xia Xinnian drove to the company. In the early morning, the company was already busy.

Xia Xinnian is creating a new design in the office. Suddenly, she hears someone call her at the front desk.

"Miss Xia, someone is looking for you!"

Xia Xinnian thought that only when the customer came, she put down her work, took her mobile phone and went to the front desk.

"In the reception room over there, it's a very handsome man!"

The front desk winked at her.

Xia Xinnian chuckles. No matter how handsome the man is, she has seen him, but also so.

Pushing open the door of the reception room, Xia Xinnian's smile suddenly stopped and solidified on his face.

"I haven't seen you for a long time!"

The man on the sofa got up and threw a complex smile at her.

Xia Xinnian almost didn't think about it. He turned around and left.

"Mind, don't go!"

He Jiaxuan stepped forward fiercely, extended his long arm and tried to hold her wrist.

Xia Xinnian was disgusted. He threw him away and said with a sneer, "what do you want to do with me?"

He Jiaxuan's handsome face flashed a flash of self reproach and his voice sank: "I'm here to apologize to you?

Xinnian, I'm sorry. I've done a very bad thing to you before. I've been very guilty. I want to mend this mistake! "

Xia Xinnian listens to his hypocritical words, only to his satire. Does he think he is wrong?

Want to mend the mystery?

What is she?

Excuse me, can you erase everything?

"I've seen your happiness and love. Please don't hit me again. He Jiaxuan, you're not wrong. Who makes you love?"

Xia Xinnian said sarcastically, with a cold face.

He Jiaxuan looked at the woman in front of her for a moment and found that Xia Xinnian did have some unusual aura. Before, she didn't even have the courage to look up and talk to him. She always looked shy and timid. But now, she can not only look him in the eye, but also say the sarcastic words calmly. What she has changed is not only that she has the courage to look up and talk to him Her appearance, and the pride in her bones.

He Jiaxuan inevitably wants to make a comparison between her and his wife Xia shuran. At last, he finds that he even has a feeling for Xia Xinnian.

This kind of feeling is very direct, also very strong. When he Jiaxuan reaches for her bright and moving eyes, he Jiaxuan wants to reach out and hug her, which helps him to understand his love for her when he dreams back at midnight for many years.

However, Xia Xinnian is no longer the gentle flower in his memory. Now she has thorns all over her body, hot and gorgeous, which makes people itch.

"Xinnian, how are you doing abroad?"

He Jiaxuan continues his gentle attack.

"It's none of your business!"

Xia Xinnian listens, only feels nausea.

"I've been very concerned about you. You're back home now. If you need any help, you can come to me at any time!"

He Jiaxuan's face is thicker, he said with a gentle smile.

Xia Xinnian really didn't want to see his false face again, but coldly said: "you come to me, that's what you want to say?

Is not afraid to let Xia shuran know? "

Hearing Xia shuran's name, he Jiaxuan's face changed a little.

"I'm actually here to remind you of something!"

He Jiaxuan said the point.


Are you so kind?

If I had been reminded that year, I would not have today's results. "

Xia Xinnian's resentful eyes are fixed on him. This man, she once loved, obsessed with, hated and cursed. Now, he appears again, but Xia Xinnian finds that those emotions are gone.

She just wanted to think that she had never seen this person in her life.

"Jimucheng is playing with you. Don't get trapped!"

He Jiaxuan said directly.

Xia Xinnian's face changed a little. He stared at him with cold hatred: "what do you say about him?"

"On his birthday, please dance a dance, I can see that he intends to pursue you, you must be calm, his kind of man, will not be serious about feelings, he will only play you, tired of playing, kick you!"

He Jiaxuan's boastful persuasion.

Xia Xinnian really wants to look up and sneer three times. Where does this man come from to say these words?

Isn't he talking about himself?

"My relationship with him doesn't bother you. Even if I want him to play, it's my business!"

In order to infuriate the man and trample on his kindness, Xia Xinnian said it deliberately.

"Xinnian, I know you are not a casual woman. You are worth a better man. Don't practice yourself. It's not good for you!"

As soon as he Jiaxuan thought that she might be defiled by jimucheng, he was too anxious to do so, because once she was wanted by jimucheng, he Jiaxuan would never touch her again.

This selfish man, even now, is selfish.

Xia Xinnian laughed sarcastically: "better man?

Are you talking about yourself?

He Jiaxuan, where do you come from to dare to say that you are a good man? "

"Xinnian, I have already regretted. I know you are the woman who loves me the most. I am blind, and I have no choice to be with you."

He Jiaxuan thought that she was the innocent girl in those days, so she would say this kind of affectionate words.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

"You're not blind. You're very smart. When your family needed capital turnover, but I couldn't help you, you married Xia shuran. The next thing, you don't need me to say it. You know it!"

Xia Xinnian said that his hatred and anger were more serious in his eyes.

He Jiaxuan is frozen in place, handsome and mature, pale.

Xia Xinnian slams the door and goes.

He Jiaxuan's expression has changed for a long time, which is not willing to leave.

Xia Xinnian sits in the office with his hands clenched into fists. She doesn't expect he Jiaxuan to have the face to look for her. It's a fake face.

The mood of the day was affected by the scum man.