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Tang You You was shocked for a moment, but after that, she could only mutter: "I will change it in the future!"

"That's more like it. You little couple shouldn't be so formal with each other. You should be more intimate with each other by calling me by name. If you even bring me a surname, then it would seem quite different." The old lady was very active in maintaining their relationship.

Tang You You could only nod his head while blushing: "I'll remember it, Grandma!"

Immediately after, she seemed to have thought of something and quickly pulled Tang You You's arm, lowering her voice and asking: "Oh yeah, I've always wanted to ask you something, have you and Xiao Han really been together before? I mean, other than that time five years ago!"

Tang You You did not expect the old lady to meddle in his affairs.

"Yes, or no? Don't be shy, I'm your grandmother! " The old lady thought that Tang You You was embarrassed by his silence and quickly asked in all seriousness.

Seeing the elder's sincere and concerned gaze, Tang You You could only tell him the truth, "Actually, we have never been together before."

"Why? Is it your problem, or Xiao Han's problem? " The old lady was really looking forward to their second child, but she didn't expect that their relationship hadn't even happened yet. Just how long would it take for her second child to go?

Tang You You immediately admitted it: "It's my problem!"

"What's wrong with you? Could it be that you still dislike my grandson? " The old lady really couldn't understand what kind of problem Tang You You would have.

As far as she knew, young people these days were much more open-minded than they were back then. A single pair of eyes could lead to an accident.

But now, they had been together for such a long time. Furthermore, they were living under the same roof for such a long time, yet they hadn't even been able to see each other. This was truly a problem.

Tang You You did not want to mention that she had a slight problem with herself, so she was afraid that the old lady would be worried again. Thus, she could only say: "Grandmother, don't be angry, I'm actually trying to communicate with him about this problem."

"Alright, you guys should hurry up. When we get back this time, I'll pick a good day for all of you. First, get engaged, then get married. At that time, you guys can seriously consider the matter of your second child, okay?" The old lady's tone towards her was also very gentle.

Tang You You felt a warm feeling in her heart. She felt that since the Old Granny approved of their marriage, it was more joyful than any blessing.

"Alright, Grandma, don't worry!" When Tang You You thought about his second child, he felt a headache.

In fact, she really felt that two children was enough. Moreover, she had a daughter and a son.

However, the elder didn't think this way. The old lady had lost a son earlier on, so she felt that it would be better to have more children.

The Listen to her would chat about some gossip and she would occasionally interrupt the conversation. However, in front of a group of old ladies, her words were insignificant, but she realised that Ji Xiao Han's grandmother held a very high position amongst them, and almost everyone was surrounding her and talking.

Tang You You was even less worried about who to socialize with.

On the other hand, Ji Yun Ning was with her sisters groups, she hated Tang You You's existence to death and seized her previous position.

Now that the old lady had Tang You You to accompany her, she basically would not think of anymore.

Luo Family!

Luo He Ning didn't have anything to do today, so he rested at home by himself.

After lunch, he lazily laid on the balcony, staring at the sky in a daze.

Ever since she fell in love with Mu Lin, she had become an infatuated BOY. She would always feel sad whenever she wasn't careful, and there was no passion in life when she felt it.

Because, even the person he loved didn't dare to go out and confess. What was the use of him?

Luo He Ning was wearing a white T-shirt, his temperament was clean and noble, completely different from those rich kids.

Since his family was the second oldest, the burden of his family was always carried by his older brother. Ever since he was young, his ambition had never been as big as his older brother's.

Just as he was about to dream about meeting his goddess in a dream, his cell phone rang.

Seeing the call, Luo He Ning lazily answered: "Hello, it's night time!"

"My sister is drunk. She called me to come pick her up. I can't leave here right now, so I'll give you a chance. Hurry up!" Mu Shi Ye's voice revealed a trace of anxiety.

"Where is she? "Why are you drunk?" Luo He Ning immediately acted like he had just awoken from a dream, his voice filled with anxiety.

"I don't know. I suspect that she might have fallen in love again!" Mu Shi Ye's words shocked Luo He Ning, and his handsome face immediately turned pale white.

Mu Shi Ye saw that he had stopped breathing immediately, and laughed uncontrollably: "I was just joking with you, look how nervous you got, my sister doesn't even have a boyfriend, where did you get the heartbreak from? She just drank too much at a party. "

Luo He Ning was so angry that she wanted to beat him up.

"Hurry up and send me the address!" Luo He Ning found it hard to suppress the anger in his tone.

Mu Shi Ye was still laughing, and sent him a message.

Luo He Ning could not sit still any longer and quickly rushed back into his room. He changed into a more formal suit, grabbed his car key and quickly left the room.

When he drove his black Maybach over to the high class dining hall where Mu Lin stayed, he saw Mu Lin sitting alone on the sofa, with one hand on her forehead, as though she had drank a lot. She looked intoxicated, but there were a myriad of styles that attracted the men that passed by to look at her.

Seeing her like that, Luo He Ning felt pity for her. He slowed down his steps and took a deep breath, until he stood in front of Mu Lin, and said: "Mubai, your brother asked me to come and fetch you!"

Mu Lin lifted her head. Seeing that it was Luo He Ning, a trace of awkwardness flashed across her beautiful face. "Why is it you? Where's Mu Shi Ye? "

"He's busy right now, so he asked me to come over!" Luo He Ning also felt that it was a bit embarrassing, he felt that Mu Lin was trying to despise him.

"Then, thank you. I signed a big contract today and was overjoyed just a moment ago. It's not like I brought a driver along for a drink!" Mu Lin was actually happy inside, maybe because he was too used to seeing the greasy smell from men, he suddenly felt that Luo He Ning was very fresh.

"Mubai, don't be so polite with me!" After Luo He Ning finished speaking in a low voice, he reached out to help her up.

However, he did not expect Mu Lin to directly reach out and grab his arm. Luo He Ning was stunned for a moment.

In the next second, Mu Lin leaned on his shoulder, her beautiful face was covered in a bright red color, and her pair of deep beautiful eyes were also misty and blurry, captivating.