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A lot of people came from Saxon's side, but as soon as their motorcade entered the company's gate, it triggered a bomb on the ground. Suddenly half of the cars caught fire, and the people in the car screamed and ran out. At one time, the company yard was in a sea of fire.

Stevens hit the door with an angry fist, but he didn't expect that tieting would bury a bomb. It was so insidious that he lost more than half of his victims. He had confidence at first, but now his confidence was halved.

At this time, a siren suddenly sounded in the distance, and the people who had fled originally ran faster.

"Come back to me. Don't run. I'll kill whoever runs." Stevens yelled and shouted, but everyone just ran for his life, because almost everyone has a criminal record and has a great fear of the police.

"Damn it, these punks." Stevens angrily scolded, and the people and horses at the scene had long been separated like a plate of sand.

At last, Saxon took only five or six people forward.

"If anyone can take the life of tie Ting, I will award him one hundred million yuan." Saxon can only increase the chips and let them work for themselves.

All of us are inspired. One billion yuan, we will never have to fight again.

Tang Weixin quietly crouches on the high place. When she sees Stevens coming into sight, she clenches her teeth, this bastard.

Jack also aimed at him. They exchanged eyes and shot at the same time. Stevens was naturally sensitive. When he walked forward, he immediately pulled a man in front of him.

Tang Weixin's bullet hit the man he pulled in the heart, Jack's gun, and scratched the arm of Saxon. He covered the wound in pain and looked for a place to hide.

Tieting's people have occupied a favorable position around them. They sweep the people brought by Saxon, and several of them can't afford to fall to the ground.

There was a cold sweat on his forehead, and he never felt fear. Now he felt his life would be lost here.

"Dad, help me." Just as Saxon was hiding and refused to come out, he heard his son's voice.

He quickly glanced sideways, and felt bullets coming from afar, and ashes flying from the wall.

"Tie Ting, don't you just want my life? I can give it to you. Please let my son go. " There's no hope for him any more. These years of life at the cutting edge made him understand that death is only a moment.

"You come out, I can let him go." The cold voice of the binding thunder reverberated in the corridor.

Stevens came out of the shadows with his hands up.

Tie Ting raised the gun in his hand. Without hesitation, he mended two guns on his leg.

Stevens knelt on the ground in agony, tearing and shouting: "tie Ting, you are so mean."

"Tie Ting sneers, sneers:" with you this kind of cold-blooded devil, still need to speak fair

He was about to lose consciousness because of his pain. He said angrily, "give me a good time if you want."

"As you wish." The bullet went straight through his heart. The expression on his face froze. He fell to the ground.

The rest of the hidden people are not in the mood to fight when they see the death of the eldest brother. If they want to escape quickly, they will not be let go of by Jieting. If one of them dies, there will be less harm. We must not let the tiger go back to the mountain.

The elites under Mr. skerson's hands are all pretty good. One of them, in order to get money, has risked his life. He goes through the stairs and goes around the computer room where Wang Cheng is. When he sees someone inside, he immediately wants to take a gun, but is kicked away by a shadow nearby.

The opponent turned over in the air, the gun in his hand flew out, and the opponent quickly took out a lengsen knife from his boots: "you are tieting, kill you, and the money of Saxon is mine."

Tie Ting stared at him coldly: "if you want to kill me, it depends on whether you have the ability."

"Boss, are you ok?" Wang Cheng hears the sound and runs out quickly to check, but unexpectedly, the people next to him have decided to take him as a hostage.

The action of tie Ting is faster than him. He pushes Wang orange away. The other side's knife cuts his arm, and the blood rushes out.

"Boss..." Wang Cheng is very remorseful, and he's dragging his feet again.

At this time, the man saw that he had the upper hand. He thought that he was not his opponent at all, so he waved his knife to him.

"Touch!" Out of the window, a bullet came through and killed the other side's forehead.

The gunshots rang all around. Ten minutes later, everything was peaceful. The wound at the arm of tieting was not deep, but Wang Cheng was still in a hurry. He didn't stop tears until tiexun came to the hospital and asked the doctor to put medicine and stop the blood.

Tang Weixin and jack also came over: "Exxon is dead. We are going to catch his son and leave. His stronghold has also informed the local police to catch people. Tie ting. Fortunately, with your help, otherwise, I can't finish this task successfully."

"I'll leave the rest to you. My enemy is dead, and I've settled my mind." Tie Ting believes that Tang Weixin will handle the follow-up affairs well.

"Mr. tie, I suggest you leave here immediately. If this happens in your company, I'm afraid it will affect you. If you leave, don't leave any evidence, nothing will happen." Tang Weixin looked at the mess and suggested it.

"Well, we'll leave right away." Tie Ting hurriedly ordered that all his men and horses be gathered together and drove away overnight.

Shortly after the car left, a burst of rain came down and washed all traces on the ground.

Tang Weixin looks at Exxon's body, takes out his cell phone, and reports to it.

It was meant to catch him alive, but it's not a waste of time to catch his son now.

"Brother, is your injury OK?" Tie Xun looks at brother anxiously.

"It's all my fault. I'm the one who got in the way." Wang Cheng blames himself very much.

"Well, this injury is nothing. We can achieve our goal." Tie Ting doesn't blame Wang Cheng at all. He has done too much for himself, and he needs to be grateful.

"Boss, where are we going now?" Asked Wang orange in a low voice.

"Fly back to the city 200 kilometers away." "Tie Ting said in a deep voice.

"Back home?" Wang Jian has some expectations.

But he sighed, "I don't know when I will see her again."

"Don't worry, you won't see her in a short time. There are so many affairs here." Tie Ting deliberately teases his brother.

"Brother, are you still against me and her?" Tie Xun asked some grievances.

"You can see what kind of person Tang idealism is and what kind of work she is engaged in today's scene. You and she are totally from two worlds." Tie Ting really doesn't want to see his brother again.

Tie Xun Mou color dim a few points: "in the boundless sea of people, can meet a like person, can not be easy."

Tie Ting comfortingly patted him on the shoulder: "let it be as it is, if your fate is endless, there is always a way."