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C1309. He regrets it

Ji Lin only gave Ji Xiaohan half a day. He thought that Ji Xiaohan was so cold that he would delay time. But what he didn't expect was that Ji Xiaohan actually called him within half a day to set up a trading place. He hung up the phone and was stunned for a long time. Then he gave him a cold smile. The superficial skill of Ji Xiaohan was beyond his reach. It was almost watertight. It was necessary to let the old man know I know. I'm afraid I'll have a better impression on him.

Ji Lin has been preparing for the deal for a long time. He is afraid that someone will put an eye on him. So this time, all he looks for are new faces. They are a group of foreigners he has worked with abroad before. Ji

hearing Ji Xiaohan's request to see the old man, Ji Lin immediately asked someone to pass on the video.

In the video, the old man's hands and feet have not been tied. He is free, but he can't go anywhere now. He can only sit in his wheelchair, but his face is very calm.

Ji Lin immediately said to the old man through the video: "Dad, is there nothing to say to your good grandson?"

The old man only raised his eyes, but still didn't speak. "

maybe you don't see the wrong person. Ji Xiaohan really attaches great importance to your life. Now he has promised to make a deal with me. As long as I get 30% of the equity, I will have the chance to enter the board of directors of the company. At that time, I will have the highest voice. It's no use hating me. I will kick your grandson out directly. I just want you to see what I'm doing in Ji Lin West, not everyone can take it. " Ji Lin doesn't know where Tao Tian is coming from. He roars at the video.

"You can't hold wealth in your hands. Don't be complacent." At last, the old man opened his mouth and listened to his voice, but he was very weak and his face was white. Obviously, because he didn't take the medicine, his palpitation became worse. "

yes? Then you'd better live for a hundred years, because I want you to see how I climb up step by step. I'm more able to stand in line than season owl cold. I'm sure to succeed. " Ji Lin's face turned blue when he heard that his father was so contemptuous of his ability. "

OK, I'll wait and see!" The old man showed a smile. Ji

Lin suddenly felt flustered and uneasy. Instead of chatting with the old man, he directly transferred the video to Ji Xiaohan's mobile phone. Ji

looking at Grandpa's pale face, Xiao Han is going mad. He yells at his mobile phone: "Ji Lin, grandpa has medicine in his pocket, you hurry to let him take it, do you hear?" Ji

sneered: "Ji Xiaohan, don't pretend. In front of me, you pretend to be meaningless. You flatter my father so much, don't you just want to get his equity?" "

you bastard!" Ji Xiao was so cold that he felt cold all over. He didn't expect that there were people with cold blood in the world. Even his own father could use them as chips.

"Scold me. I don't care. I've chosen the trading place. There's a lake 50 kilometers away in the north suburb. There's a vacation village by the lake. I'll wait for you there. I'll allow you to bring a person here. By the way, don't forget to bring important documents. Since you know your grandfather's health is not good and needs to take medicine, you shouldn't waste each other's time. So It's not good for you. " Ji Lin is afraid that Ji Xiaohan is playing tricks. He reminds him to take the contract.

Ji Xiaohan just hung up his cell phone and gave Ling Mo Feng a call. Then he said to his assistant Lu Qing, "would you like to come with me to save my grandfather?" "

young master, I would like to!" "

can be very dangerous, and may die!" Season owl cold reminds him again. "

young master, you don't have a greedy follower!" Lu Qing raised a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Season owl cold gratefully reached out to clap his shoulder.

Ling Mo Feng's phone call came quickly, and his voice was calm and he said: "Xiao Han, you are lucky. Twenty miles away from the holiday village, there is a backup army. I can transfer it to help you!"

"Really? Thank you so much! " Season owl cold smell words, tight look relaxed.

"I'll arrange them to ambush first. You must be careful. Ji Lin is not afraid to die this time. I don't know how crazy he can be." Ling Mo Feng is very worried about his friend's safety and reminds him again. "

I will be careful, thank you!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he reached out from a dark cabinet under his seat, took out two pistols, and handed one of them to Lu Qing: "act according to the opportunity!"

Lu Qing played with the pistol and chuckled, "I haven't played with this thing for a while. I'm afraid it's Handmade!"

"If the world is peaceful and people are good, who is willing to take this thing?" Season owl cold helpless ridicule.

Ji Xiaohan asks the driver and his bodyguard to drive towards the destination determined by Ji Lin.

Ji Xiaohan has eight bodyguards and four cars with him, but Ji Lin asks him to take only one, so his bodyguards can't follow him, but he still reminds them to be ready to take care of them at any time. In an hour, Ji Xiaohan's motorcade arrived at the holiday village. At this moment, there are almost no guests here at two o'clock in the afternoon. There are only three or three or two couples coming in and out. They are surprised to see so many luxury cars appear suddenly. Ji

Xiao Han gets out of the car quickly. Lu Qing follows him, carrying a briefcase with all the important documents in it. Ji

no sooner had Xiao Han got off the bus than his cell phone rang. It was Ji Lin who called.

"It's very fast. Go straight to the left and go to the end. Go up to the second floor. I'll wait for you here!" Ji Lin arranges his route on the phone. His voice is full of pride and excitement. As soon as he thought that he was going to become the largest shareholder of Ji's, how could Ji Lin not be excited? He even thought that on the first day when he entered the board of directors, he would dismiss Ji Xiaohan, and clean up the company once, and kick off all loyal subordinates of Ji Xiaohan. He seems to dream of his brilliant moment under the company's tens of thousands of people, which is definitely the peak of his life. Season

Xiao Han and Lu Qing exchanged a look. Then, he felt that the mobile phone in his pocket rang three times, which was the signal that he and Ling Mo Feng were against. At this moment, the mobile phone rang, which proved that the person sent by Ling Mo Feng had come, and was lurking around.

Season owl cold slightly relieved some, fast step to the direction where season Lin is. Ji

Lin is sitting in a reception room on the second floor, tapping his fingers on the table, waiting for the fate to turn with his last patience.

As soon as Ji Xiaohan stepped into the hall on the first floor, he saw several foreigners stand up nervously from the sofa and look at him and Lu Qing with hostile expressions. Ji

Xiao Han sneers at the bottom of his heart. It seems that Ji Lin has made enough preparations for today. In this way, he is not forced to kidnap Grandpa, but he has always regarded this as his plan. His heart is more angry. He really regrets that he didn't turn him into prison at the beginning and let him sit on the bottom of the prison until the day he died.

Now it's too late to say regret. Ji Xiaohan feels guilty for his mistakes.

If he was not afraid to let his grandparents know the real cause of his father's death, Ji Lin would have been put on file for investigation, but who could have thought of all this? Ji Lin has gone crazy to this point.

Before Ji Xiaohan's step up the stairs, he heard a clap of applause, as if he could not wait to celebrate his success. Season

owl cold eyes cold stare at the smiling season Lin: "I want to see my grandfather, otherwise, you still can't get anything."

"Don't worry, the old man is in spirit, as long as you sign..."

"I said, I'm going to see Grandpa appear in front of me safely now, otherwise, even if I die, you can't expect to get a fraction of Ji's family." Ji Xiaohan won't easily agree to his terms.

"It's hard for you!" Ji Lin's face suddenly sank. Then he made a gesture and saw the room next to him opened. A foreign man pushed the old man out. The old man was wearing thick cotton clothes. The whole man looked very warm. "

grandpa..." When Ji Xiaohan sees his close relatives, his eyes turn red.