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C1503 one's rage

Blue fibril was scared. She didn't know where she was, or what terrible situation she was going to face. Until she heard the start of the car, she found that she seemed to be in the rear compartment of a car. She immediately struggled hard for several times, but found that she couldn't help herself. Now she even lost the chance to cry.

The car drove a few kilometers ahead. Lanyanxi suddenly said that she was not feeling well. Chengyuan immediately stopped the car and accompanied lanyanxi to get off the car. There was a public toilet nearby. Shortly after lanyanxi and Chengyuan got off the car, the car that stopped there suddenly drove away.

"Ah What's the matter? " Cheng Yuan's face was suddenly shocked, and she ran after her several steps, only to find that her arm was caught by LAN Yanxi.

"Cheng Yuan, stop chasing me. I asked Uncle Yu to drive away deliberately. Now I don't have a car to go back to the city. Let's go back to find Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi immediately smiles at Cheng Yuan.

"Yan Xi, you..." Cheng Yuan's face is hard to believe, then sighs helplessly: "you have made up your mind, haven't you? Why are you still hiding it from me? "

"If I don't tell you the truth, how can I design to stay?" LAN Yanxi blinked at her with a mischievous expression.

"Yan Xi, if you do this, sir will be angry. I can't explain it to him. Aren't you kidding me?" Cheng Yuan can't laugh or cry. Although she is blamed, she is not angry.

"I don't believe you don't want to stay with Deputy Chu." Blue Yan Xi gave her a white look.

"I I'd like to, but I promised you to leave first! " Cheng Yuan choked and blushed.

"It's OK. I don't want to leave alone because it's only a few hours away. I want to be with him. Now that I've sent the blue fiber man away, I'll just go with him in a car!" LAN Yanxi said angrily, last night, Ling Mo Feng let her go first, she was actually very angry, but she didn't show it on the spot. At the moment, she played this trick, Ling Mo Feng couldn't get rid of her.

"We have to walk more than an hour from here to the rescue area. Yan Xi, you are begging for help. I want to sympathize with you. There is no reason!" Cheng Yuan teases her with a smile.

"It's OK. Walking is also a kind of exercise. I'm a patient. You can definitely do it!" When LAN Yan shidun felt relaxed, he strode forward.

Cheng Yuan looks at her stubborn back and can't help shaking her head and chuckling. It seems that Mr. Chen can't help taking this strange girlfriend.

Ling is also preparing to leave. The people he brings are all elites. Therefore, he is very confident about the return trip. When he leaves, he must thoroughly investigate the attack. Once there is any clue, he will follow it along the line. He is afraid that some people will sleep at night.

Chu lie, together with another aide, has checked all preparations for the return journey. Ling Mo Feng is going to say goodbye to the victims.

At about eleven o'clock, Ling Mo Feng's business was handled properly. He was ready to leave by car.

Suddenly, Chu lie pointed to the road ahead with a surprised face and said: "Sir, those two people are..."

Ling Mo Feng was smiling at the victims who had come to see them off. When he heard Chu lie's words, his eyes immediately turned to take a look. The smile on his handsome face solidified little by little.

"Yan Xi?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes were still very fierce. At such a distance, he recognized the girl who was trying to run towards him.

"Why is Cheng Yuan back?" Chu lie's expression was also stiff. I didn't know what it was.

Ling Mo Feng can't laugh any more, because the woman he cares about most is not far away from 100 kilometers at the moment, but near at present, which makes him want to run to catch her and beat her ass hard.

How can she break her word? How can you act like a child?

Last night, she promised that she would take a step first. Now it's better. She's taken a step first, but she's taken countless steps back.

"Sir!" At the moment, Chu lie is also a little guilty, because his girlfriend seems to have failed in his duty.

Seeing the long line of motorcades from afar, Cheng Yuan was still upset. She hurriedly pulled the corners of lanyanxi's clothes and said nervously, "Yanxi, sir, must be angry."

"Don't be afraid. I'm the one who cheated you. It's not your fault. If he wants to be angry, he will come to me." LAN Yanxi's face is full of righteousness. She will not let Cheng Yuan carry the blame. She will bear all the consequences herself.

Ling Mo Feng was originally bent down to get on the bus, but now he has a dark expression. The cold is intended to spread around, making everyone feel the vice president's anger.

LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan ran a few steps and finally stood in front of Ling Mo Feng.

"I'm sorry, sir!" Cheng Yuan hurried forward to plead guilty.

LAN Yanxi looks at Ling Mo Feng's dark face, and her heart shakes. Is it over? Does she really annoy him?

"Blame me if you want. I cheated Cheng Yuan. She didn't know anything. It was my attention!" Blue words and immediately dropped his head to apologize.

Ling Mo Feng stared at her with complicated eyes. Everyone could feel that the vice president's eyes seemed to swallow the woman in front of her.

Ling Mo Feng said nothing, turned around and sat in the car.

LAN Yanxi felt embarrassed. She gave chulie a dry smile, and chulie's face was stiff.

LAN Yanxi still cheekily sat in Ling Mo Feng's car.

Chu lie immediately lost an inquiring look at Cheng Yuan. Cheng Yuan went to him and explained in a low voice. Chu lie couldn't help smiling. He thought he had nothing left out. He was afraid that when he met Miss LAN, he would miss many things.

As soon as the door is closed, LAN Yanxi is huddled beside the door in a spacious position in the back row. She can't breathe for a while, but just now she has walked on the mountain road for more than two hours and trotted for a while. She can't even stop breathing. She still breathes. Besides, she also takes the girl's unique charming breath.

"Ling Mo Feng, you don't want to talk to me?" LAN Yanxi's face is thick, and she has been ready to be disliked by him for a long time, so when she saw that the man's face was livid and ugly, and her eyes were fixed on the road ahead, she would not give her a straight eye, and she immediately moved to him like a good dog, little by little, and stretched out a small hand to pull the sleeve of the man.

But the man moved the arm directly, she couldn't even tear it.

"Why not obey?" The man taut handsome face, voice dye anger, interrogate her.

LAN Yanxi's mouth was flat for a while, and he was full of grievances and answered, "why should I listen? I'm not a puppy, you're not my master. My grandfather didn't teach me to listen from childhood."

Ling thought that she would have a good attitude of admitting mistakes. Unexpectedly, when he asked a question, she replied to him several times, and he was stunned.

"Do you know how dangerous it is to follow me? Are you going to die? " Ling Mo Feng still stared at her angrily, which was a kind of care and chaos, and love was extremely responsible.

"Even if it's very dangerous, I'm not afraid. When I fell in love with you, I just won't die. Ling Mo Feng, you have always protected me well, but I I'm not so greedy for life and death. I just want to be with you. No matter what happens, I'll spend it with you. Am I wrong? " LAN Yanxi was in a good state of mind. Suddenly, she collapsed. As she said this, her tears couldn't help falling down. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and looked up to him.

Ling Mo Feng wanted to scold her a few more words to let her know that she was wrong, but she asked him back. Ling Mo Feng was out of his mind and couldn't answer for a while.

LAN Yanxi held one of his arms directly, her pretty face pressed tightly, and her tears continued to flow down. She took a deep breath: "you can't command me or arrange me."

Ling Mo Feng looks at the little face that sticks to his arm tightly. She comes here all the way. Her pretty face is cold and red, which makes people feel sad.

"Yan Xi, you really don't worry me!" The man finally sighed, speech moment gentle dote on.