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C1541. He seems to be wronged

At first glance, it seems that he is not outstanding in appearance. However, looking carefully, he is still full of masculinity, mature and stable. Moreover, he is tall and muscular, which can definitely form the word "handsome man".

The short hair style, though not manicured deliberately, also shows his unassuming character. Looking down, the black suit, white shirt, no mountains or dew, but inadvertently highlights his strong arm muscles and solid back.

Wang Xinyi doesn't know that she's been staring at each other for five seconds. Maybe she hasn't been with men for a long time. She finds that she hasn't studied men thoroughly. Although she was married before, she spent very little time with her husband. She remains faithful to this day. I have to say it's very painful. In the right time, it's nothing FA Chang enjoys life, which has to be said to be one of life's most shocking things.

"Cough..." Wang Xinyi was choked by her own saliva when she was thinking nonsense. She immediately covered her mouth and coughed.

Uncle Yu's back began to sweat. If you look carefully, his forehead and neck would also sweat.

It's heat, it's tension.

Uncle Yu didn't expect the woman sitting next to him to stare at him with such a red bone. Besides, he still wanted to eat people. Uncle Yu thought he didn't offend her.

He forgives her even if she accidentally bumped into herself just now. What else does she want?

"Yan Xi calls you uncle Yu. Do you have another name?" Wang Xinyi couldn't help being curious and asked him.

"No, uncle Yu is my name now."

"The name is too Niang. The words" rain "and" Uncle "can't be combined." Wang Xinyi couldn't help but want to laugh, and she did.

Uncle Yu's eyebrows and heart suddenly jumped twice. It seems that he doesn't need to explain the origin of the name to this woman.

"You don't want to tell me your real name, do you? I'm afraid I can't rely on you. " Wang Xinyi is a little discontented.

Uncle Yu's straight face showed unprecedented embarrassment. To be honest, he was not good at dealing with women. He had been isolated from women for a long time. Over the years, he came alone. He felt that his mission was just to protect the blue family's old man and young lady. If they didn't need him to be on duty one day, he would go to a place and continue his flow Wave career.

Wang Xinyi has never seen such a dull man. She can't stand it.

"Are you married?" Wang Xinyi asked him if he had any words.

"No." Uncle Yu replied immediately. If he didn't answer, she would continue to ask. "Really?" Wang Xinyi didn't know where she came from. She couldn't help laughing at herself: "you won't be like me. Divorce."

"No, I haven't been married." Uncle Yu replied very simply.

Wang Xinyi opened her eyes in surprise: "you have been single till now? How old are you? "

"Almost forty years old."

"I'm in my thirties, but your men are different from our women. Your men have forty-one flowers, but our women have become tofu dregs. It's unfair." Wang Xinyi's face was sad.

Uncle Yu didn't know how to answer, so he had to be silent.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Wang Xinyi glanced at him and found that he was sweating. She immediately asked, "are you hot? Otherwise, turn on the air conditioner. "

Uncle Yu chuckled two times: "Ms. Wang, I'm just your driver. Can you ask me a few questions less?"

"It interferes with your driving?" Wang Xinyi can't help but feel embarrassed. She's really like a chatter, more like a case handler who checks the ID card information. She shakes herself.

Uncle Yu nodded, and Wang Xinyi quickly shut up.

Alas, it's so hard to meet a man who's attracted, but she can't find a topic to chat with others. It's a failure. It seems that she has to ask lanyanxi to return the man capture manual to her. If she studies it well, it won't be so easy to be cold.

LAN Yanxi asks uncle Yu to send Wang Xinyi away. She is still very relieved. Now the guests are almost gone. She and Ling Mo Feng are going back to have a rest, because Ling Mo Feng is drunk.

Chu lie helps Ling Mo Feng to get on the bus. LAN Yanxi also gets in. Ling Mo Feng stretches out his hand and pinches his eyebrow. Although he is drunk, he is not the one who cannot wake up. He is drunk, but he is still awake.

Lanyanxi reached out to loosen the tie knot for him, because it seemed that he kept breathing deeply, which was very painful. However, as soon as her small hand reached the man's tie, the small hand was caught by the big palm.

"Yan Xi, don't be so anxious." The deep and charming voice of a man is almost like a seductive crime.

LAN Yanxi's little hand suddenly made her face blush. She couldn't help laughing: "you misunderstood me. I just want to loosen your tie for you. I don't know why your man should take this. It must be uncomfortable."

When the man heard her, he couldn't help laughing, his long fingers pulled the bow tie gracefully, and the white collar button also loosened two, revealing the sexy neck of the man.

LAN Yanxi's mouth is dry and his tongue is dry. It's fatal. This man is just a small action. She feels that her breath is hard. How could this happen?

"If it's inconvenient for us men to wear ties, what about your women? Do you get in the way of wearing one thing every day? " The man attached to her ear, thin lips spit hot breath, saying words, let LAN Yanxi not reflect for a while, until the man's fingers gently tap on her chest, she just reflected that what he said is actually a mask, her whole person is shaking again, this man is really carrying essence, not willing to show weakness at all.

"We are different from you. We wear them inside and you wear them outside." LAN Yan's angry retort.

Men smile more and more. However, it seems that there is no need to argue about this issue, because there will be no result.

The car escorted all the way to Lingjia gate.

Chu lie immediately arranged a bodyguard to guard the safety, then walked to the bedroom on the second floor with Ling Mo Feng. Cheng Yuan followed LAN Yanxi into the living room and asked with a smile: "Yanxi, can I gossip about a problem? Have you and Sir That one? "

Cheng Yuan is also a young girl. In addition, she is also in love. It is inevitable that she would like to talk with LAN Yanxi about this.

LAN Yanxi had a hot face, bit his lips and shook his head: "haven't you, haven't you..."

"No, of course we don't." Cheng Yuan didn't wait for her to finish the question, but immediately blushed to answer.

LAN Yanxi knows that Cheng Yuan is a very serious girl, but she can't help but laugh at her reflection.

"Yan Xi, hurry up and take care of your husband. Today is a great day for you. Don't miss it. Go quickly." Cheng Yuan pushes her. She doesn't want to continue this topic. She is very shy.

LAN Yanxi frowned bitterly and shook his head: "it seems that we picked the wrong day, I'm afraid I can't today."

"What's the matter?" Cheng Yuan asked immediately.

"Here we are." LAN Yanxi shrugged: "but today's engagement dinner is still a victory, and my heart is down."

"Well, it's just a matter of time. Don't worry. I'm afraid the vice president will be depressed." Cheng Yuan said, already laughing.

"I went upstairs to see him," said LAN Yanxi

Lanyanxi walked up the stairs quickly and saw that Chu lie was just going down. She thanked her and walked towards the bedroom quickly.

Ling Mo Feng lies on his big bed, reaches out his hand and presses it on his eyebrow. His body is straight and slender. Lying on the bed also gives people an invisible sense of oppression.

LAN Yanxi took a tight breath, walked over lightly, bent over and asked him in a low voice, "Ling Mo Feng, would you like to bring you a glass of water?"

"Good!" The man's deep voice should be on, the quiet eyes slightly open, watching the girl's beautiful back disappear in the door.

His body, like being ignited a fire, burning him a little flustered.

When LAN Yanxi brought a glass of water up, she had taken off her coat, which was just a red self-cultivation dress, warm and charming, and the man's eyes narrowed.

"Drink it!" LAN Yanxi didn't notice that the man's eyes were not right. She just bent down, smiled softly, and took the initiative to extend the cup to his thin lips.

The man's thin lips opened gently, biting the edge of the glass, and he didn't pay attention to drinking water. His eyes peeped through the glass and stared at the clear position of the girl when she leaned over.

"Yanxi, you tormented me on purpose, didn't you?" Someone is suddenly dissatisfied, and his voice is full of grievances? I'm not the one who drinks for you. I always advise you to drink less. Have you listened? "

The man chuckled, reached out to open the cup in her hand and put it on the bedside table beside her. The next second, he pulled her wrist and her whole body into his arms.

Then, a turn over, heaven and earth dominate the situation, will be her pressure tight, airtight. LAN Yanxi's breath is sluggish, and her beautiful eyes are confused. She used to feel scared and panicked. But now, she is greedy. She stretches out her arm, actively circles the man's neck, and rubs her little face against his neck.

"Ling Mo Feng." She murmured his name, soft as water.

The alcohol in the man's body is disordering, and her voice is even more confusing to him.

His thin lips, looking for her lips.

LAN Yanxi, like a kitten, rubbed and raised his face, and took the initiative to meet his thin lips.

Ling Mo Feng only felt a fire, and quickly started to run around in his body.