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Ji Xiaohan's warning, the other side did not return a word, which made him extremely angry.

Is he ignoring his warning?

"I have told you that if you choose not to listen, you will be responsible for the consequences. For the sake of your being her friend, I can ignore this time, but if you dare to challenge my patience again in the future, you'd better try." Ji Xiaohan is ignored by the other side, and he is furious to the extreme.

As soon as he thought of other men comforting and caring for Tang Youyou, he just felt a rage filled his chest and didn't spit out.

"Pa Da!" Instead of answering, the other side hung up the phone directly.

Season owl cold a pair of handsome eyes, Teng of burning anger, this Lu xuanchen is how to return a responsibility? Is it so proud that he didn't even reply to his words?

Ji Xiaohan suddenly wants to cure his bad mood. However, when he thinks that he only cares for Tang youyou from his friends, he feels that he has no serious intention to clear his opponent.

Now, he and Tang youYou are not easy to recover. They don't want to disturb their trust because of this man's intervention.

Season owl cold angrily holds the mobile phone in the palm of his hand and walks to the elevator.

In the suite, Tang youyou just took a bath, wiping his long hair with a white towel, holding a mobile phone in one hand, and dialing up the phone for the children.

When Ji Xiaohan opened the door, he saw a woman blowing her long hair. After a while, she sat on the sofa in her long, semi wet hair, hands-free and talking to two little guys in video.

She looks gentle and quiet, which makes Ji Xiaohan slightly moved.

Tang Youyou, who has just taken a bath, has a natural beauty all over his body. It is simple and pure without Yang or affectation.

Tang youyou is sitting on the sofa in the bedroom to make a phone call, so she doesn't know that Ji Xiaohan has come in, so she leans her hands around her chest by the bedroom door behind her.

"Mommy, are you alone in a foreign country? Do you miss me? " Tang xiaonai's pathetic voice came, because she missed mommy's relationship too much, and there was a trace of crying in her tender voice.

Tang youYou can see the tears in his daughter's watery eyes across the screen of her mobile phone, and she is extremely distressed.

"Xiaonai, don't cry, Mommy is thinking about you!" Said Tang Youyou, soothing his daughter.

"Mommy, when will you come back? I miss you so much!" Tang xiaonai approaches his little face, his mouth is flat, and his big eyes are trying to squeeze out a little tears. He looks cute and pitiful, which really makes Tang youyou sad.

"Xiaonai, Mommy will be back soon. Would you like to play with great grandmother for a few days first?" Tang youYou can only comfort her gently. In fact, she really wants to kiss her daughter's face. Unfortunately, this wish can't be satisfied thousands of miles away.

"Great grandmother said, daddy has gone on a business trip, and I miss him so much, Mommy. Do you miss him?" I don't know how to talk, but I miss my mom and dad very much.

Tang youyou is stupefied for a while. Then, she looks out the door and sees Ji Xiaohan who doesn't know when to lean against the door.

Her face was slightly dazed, and then her lips were raised: "I don't want him now! Mommy's relaxing now

When Ji Xiaohan heard the woman's intentional answer, his handsome face sank instantly. This woman doesn't want to sleep well tonight.

"Mommy, you are so hard hearted. I called daddy. Daddy said he missed you. You didn't want him. He would be very sad." Tang xiaonai is not very happy immediately. She has a small mouth. She has a milk like voice, which makes people want to knead her delicate face.

Tang youyou laughs directly.

She dare not tell her daughter the truth. Her father is standing behind her. She doesn't need to think about him.

Once the video is turned, Tang Xiaorui's handsome face is printed. Tang Xiaorui stares at the screen and enlarges his handsome face: "Mommy, you can have fun for a few days. Don't miss us too much. When you feel better, come back."

Tang youyou knew that her son was the one who knew her best. She nodded with great emotion: "OK, Mommy also wants to take this opportunity to have a good time. You need to help Mommy with her sister. Don't make her angry, do you know?"

"Mommy, it's time for Nina to learn how to grow up. Don't get used to her every day!" Said Tang Xiaorui in a small adult voice.

"Bad brother!" Nearby came Tang xiaonai very unhappy cry.

"Mommy, if you meet a handsome uncle outside, you can date them. Don't think about daddy's feelings. He doesn't want us anyway." Tang Xiaorui ignored his sister's big, angry eyes and said all he wanted to say.

Tang youyou laughed directly. Her son was so nice to him that he allowed her to go out with a handsome uncle.

"Well, I will. I'll find a handsome man to play with!" Tang youyou smiles and looks at Ji Xiaohan.

She's looking for a handsome man now, but his face looks like he wants to eat people.

"Really? Mommy, have a good time. Don't disturb your date with Uncle Shuai. I'll hang up. " When Tang Xiaorui finished, he hung up the video directly.

Tang youyou puts down the mobile phone to the side with satisfaction, and then hears someone's sour tone: "do you want to find a handsome guy to date?"

Tang youyou came to him slowly with a smile on his lips: "you are the handsome guy. We are dating now, aren't you?"

"The pain of my tattoo today is in vain. You are still in the mood to find another man!" Season owl cold moment proud of angry, turn around, go to the living room sofa.

Tang Youmei's eyes were stunned, and immediately followed him to the sofa and sat down, reaching for his arm: "are you really angry?"

"Go back, I'll throw my son away, this son will not!" Said the season owl with a cold face.

Tang youyou was directly amused by his words, and urged Wen Sheng: "well, my son is actually joking with me. Can't you hear that?"

"Is this kind of joke funny? Do you know that I will be jealous and angry? Do you want to be angry with me, Tang youyou? Do you really mean it to me? " Season owl cold a hug her in the bosom, thin lip some angry bite her lip piece, deliberately gave a fierce kiss.

Tang youyou was stunned for a moment. Then she blinked and replied seriously: "do I really love you? Can't you feel it?" "Then tell me, whose number does your power on password have to do with?" Ji Xiaohan asked directly because he really cared about it.