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C1501 know the cold and know the heat

Lanyanxi didn't expect that lanxianxian would suspect that she pretended to be ill. However, she could take the opportunity to play. Anyway, she just wanted lanxianxian not to misunderstand other things.

"I'll just pretend. Do you have a problem?" LAN Yanxi's mouth is turned and his face is not flat.

Blue fiber see, only feel the fingers itch, really want an impulse, shake her a slap, this woman trampled on the man she loves, it's just like a needle in her heart, don't mention how uncomfortable.

Uncle Yu happened to see LAN Yanxi coming out. He walked towards here. When LAN Xianxian saw Uncle Yu, he suddenly trembled and stopped trying to hit her. After all, she is a weak person now, and is definitely not LAN Yanxi's opponent.

"Young lady, are you ok?" Uncle Yu asked.

"I'm fine!" LAN Yanxi replied, shaking his head.

Uncle Yu glanced at LAN Xianxian, and then said to LAN Yanxi, "please take a step to talk."

LAN Yanxi nodded and followed him to a place with few people nearby.

The resentment in blue microfiber's eyes will overflow. Uncle Yu doesn't treat her as the owner of blue family at all now. He is really a man and a dog. He doesn't know the height of the earth. Sooner or later, he will ask his father to clean him up and take out this evil spirit for himself.

LAN Yanxi stops with Uncle Yu. Uncle Yu immediately says to her: "you must be careful, eldest lady. When you were resting inside, she was watching you outside the door."

"Uncle Yu? Did you find anything? " LAN Yanxi was shocked. Grandpa didn't tell Uncle Yu about her and Ling Mo Feng. After all, more people know about it, more danger. Grandpa didn't say anything for her safety.

Uncle Yu shook his head: "I didn't find anything, but I still know the purpose of your two uncles. Maybe blue fibril is doing things for her father, staring at your every move, so as to seize your equity!"

LAN Yanxi heard that uncle Yu thought so. Her mind was a little calm. She couldn't help laughing: "Grandpa is still there. They dare not do anything to me."

"Don't be too happy, young lady. After all, the old man is too old. Many things in the company are out of his power. He has delegated power to your two uncles. If it wasn't for your safety, I wouldn't come with you now!" Uncle Yu sees LAN Yanxi and laughs instead of being angry. He immediately reminds her anxiously.

LAN Yanxi's smile froze and sighed: "are they so discontented? The stock rights in my hands are inherited by my father. They should have belonged to me. Why should they rob them? "

"Don't the eldest lady understand? Your two uncles and three uncles both hold shares in the company. Now they are even and want to be the first ones. No matter who seizes the shares in your hand, they have a chance to turn over. Now the shares are hot for you, but for them, the only way to take charge of the company! " Uncle Yu was worried and analyzed for her.

Lanyanxi doesn't know how dangerous it is to hold this stock right. However, she won't let it out easily. It belongs to her father. In any case, she should keep it.

"Uncle Yu, thank you for reminding me. I will pay attention!" LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

Uncle Yu said nothing more and turned away.

LAN Yanxi suddenly felt cold in his body, which seemed to come out of his bones and was the heart of his heart.

Cheng Yuan cares about LAN Yanxi and runs to find her, because Ling Mo Feng wakes up and wants to see her.

Seeing her standing alone in the vast white snow, Cheng Yuan suddenly felt that she didn't seem to be happy as she imagined. Her mind must also be under heavy pressure.

"Yanxi, sir, wake up and tell you to go to dinner!" Cheng Yuan approached her and said softly.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi turns around, smiles and nods.

Cheng Yuan and LAN Yanxi walk towards Ling Mo Feng's office. In the office, Ling Mo Feng just woke up. The whole person's spirit improved a lot. Seeing LAN Yan Xi, he raised his smile and waved to her: "come here, I'll have someone cook some noodles for you!"

Cheng Yuan stepped back with great insight. LAN Yanxi walked over and saw the hot beef noodles on his desk, still steaming.

LAN Yanxi is ill now. She doesn't have much taste. However, she still eats symbolically. She doesn't want to eat: "did you eat it?"

"Just a little?" Ling Mo Feng imagined that when she ate the noodles he cooked before, she was very effective. But now, just like a bird, she put down her chopsticks after a few bites.

"I can't eat it!" LAN Yanxi laughed.

"Then I'll eat it!" Ling immediately took her chopsticks and took a bite.

"Ah!" LAN Yanxi wants to stop it. It's too late. Seeing that the man's taste is very similar, she's very happy to take one bite after another. She frowned and said, "I have a cold. How can you still eat my chopsticks? Are you not afraid of being infected by me? "

"What are you afraid of? We don't care about that! " Ling Mo Feng has an indifferent expression.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "if it's contagious, don't blame me!"

"I don't blame you. It's not easy to get food. Don't waste it!" Ling Mo Feng's face is full of smiles, and his words are gentle like water.

LAN Yanxi said solemnly that his sudden charm is not only from his excellent appearance, but also from his strong personal charm.

"This bowl of noodles is not for you to eat, is it?" Blue words and beautiful eyes blinked and asked curiously.

"Yes, I purposely asked them to cook more. We can eat together!" Ling Mo Feng is still eating and talking. When he eats in such a tough environment, the grace in his bones is still very clear.

LAN Yanxi's eyes are slightly hot. Suddenly, she feels that she has such a boyfriend who knows both cold and hot. It's really heaven's special care for her.

Seeing that the girl lowered her head and didn't know what she was thinking, Ling Mo Feng suddenly said, "Yan Xi, I changed your clothes for you, don't you get angry?"

LAN Yanxi was stunned, so he pulled out the bottomed clothes and said, "this is your clothes?"

"Yes, but don't worry, I haven't worn it. It's brand new!" Ling Mo Feng was afraid that she would dislike him, so he explained with a smile.

"You've given me your clothes, don't you need them yourself?" LAN Yanxi was more moved to cry.

"It's cold here. It's ok if I don't change it for a few days. Besides, I have to leave the day after tomorrow. I don't care if I wear it for another day or two!" Ling Mo Feng replied softly.

LAN Yanxi chuckled, then blushed with shame: "I actually vaguely remember that you changed my clothes for me!"

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were fixed on her pretty face. Seeing that her pale cheek was a little more blushed, he was not at ease: "I didn't mean to see it!"

"It's not the first time, I don't mind!" When blue words Heaton felt the air was thinner and his face was more embarrassed.

"You don't mind." The man's voice sank a few times, pretending to focus on the pasta at hand.

"Do you mind? My size? "

"Cough!" Ling didn't expect that the girl would suddenly ask such a sensitive question. The noodles he just ate choked him. He coughed for a while, and Jun's face turned red with coughing.

LAN Yanxi was also shocked, and quickly reached for a glass of water to him: "you eat slowly!"

Ling Mo Feng finally went along with Qi, and you Mou helplessly smiled and looked at her: "Yan Xi, how do you ask this?"

"We are getting married soon. I want to know what you think in your mind? I know my figure is not so good, but yours is very good! " LAN Yanxi bowed his head nervously, twisted his clothes and said the topic he was worried about.

"What's the call? In my opinion, yours is very good. Besides, there is no standard for it. You are born like this. Who can change anything? " Ling didn't expect that she would not be confident enough about her figure. No one can guarantee how perfect her figure is if we want to talk about the hardware conditions.

"Really?" Blue words Ximei Mou smiled and looked at him: "I used to be quite confident, but when I met you, I found that I was blind and confident."

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is directly blushed by her. He is a big man, talking about this kind of thing with a small woman, and it's still a serious chat mode.

"I'm not confident either." Ling Mo Feng lost his voice.

Blue words and beautiful eyes slightly startled, then she covered her mouth and laughed.

Ling Mo Feng was so hot with laughter that he pushed half of his face to her: "take a few more mouthfuls, and you will take some medicine later!"

LAN Yanxi stopped laughing hard. He bowed his head and continued to eat noodles. He was in a good mood. As expected, his taste would increase greatly.