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Feeling the temperature in the palm of the man's hand, blue Yanxi's dull eyes had a slight response. She turned her head and ran into the bottom of the man's deep concern eyes.

"Yan Xi, you should be sad." Thousands of words, the only words that come together are these simple words. Even though Ling Mo Feng has thousands of words of concern and heartache, she can't say it at the moment, or even recall her sad memories.

"Do you believe my grandfather left unexpectedly?" Blue Yan Xi lightly murmured to ask him, that pair of tears blur of eyes, almost can't see the handsome face of the man.

"Of course not." Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice.

"Can you help me find out? I can't let my grandfather go in the dark. " LAN Yanxi suddenly grabbed his arm with his back hand, and with a little effort, the pale and pretty face filled Jiang's plea. Now that grandpa has gone, the only person she can rely on is Ling Mo Feng.

When people are weak, they will feel the whole world is gray. If someone is willing to help her at this time, she will feel the warmth of the world and sunshine.

Ling Mo Feng reached for her forehead and felt a trace of scalding. He pulled it from her heart and comforted her gently: "don't worry, I've sent someone to investigate this matter. I won't believe a word of what your cousin said."

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi's heart finally got a trace of consolation. She grabbed the man's hand and pasted it on her face. With her eyes closed slightly, the hot tears slipped through her cheek, not into the man's fingers.

Ling Mo Feng's heart at the moment is like a fire suffering, one side is heartache and the other is anger.

"Yan Xi, you may have a cold. Your forehead is a little hot. I'll ask the doctor to come and have a look." Ling Mo Feng reached out and pasted her forehead again. It was really hot. It must be that she was wearing wet clothes in the afternoon, which made her cold.

LAN Yanxi nodded and finally obeyed some of them: "OK!"

The doctor rushed over and took the temperature. Lanyanxi had reached 38.5 degrees. He quickly prepared the medicine for her to reduce the fever and prescribed the medicine for treating the cold.

LAN Yanxi glanced at the time, it was already more than 6 p.m., and she immediately looked at Ling Mo Feng in surprise: "don't you say there is an important dinner party in the evening?"

Ling Mo Feng raised his hand and looked at the wristwatch. Jun's face flashed a helpless color: "yes, I'm going to tell you that I have to go now. I'll ask Cheng Yuan to take care of you. You should obey me and stop running around. If you need my help to arrange your grandfather's affairs, just let me know."

"I'm ok. Hurry up. Don't miss the time for such an important job." Lanyanxi has calmed down and urged him.

Ling Mo Feng leaned over and kissed her on the forehead: "I'll come when I'm finished."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded obediently and watched the tall figure of the man leave.

After a while, Cheng Yuan walked in quickly. She saw that Lan Yanxi was in better shape, and she was relieved.

"Yan Xi, are you ok? Stop crying. Look at your eyes. They are swollen." Cheng Yuan came over and gently advised her.

Lanyanxi knew that the people around her were concerned about herself from the heart. She nodded: "I'm ok, but I can't accept the fact."

"If the old man died in a strange way, Mr. President will definitely be able to find out and never let go of a bad man." Cheng Yuan comforted her.

"I am sure he will give me a result." LAN Yanxi also wholeheartedly believes in Ling Mo Feng's ability and efficiency.

Cheng Yuan asked people to bring some food. LAN Yanxi took only a few mouthfuls and lost his appetite. He leaned on the bed and murmured, "the doctor said that my grandfather can't live this year. At that time, I was scared. I was always ready to lose him at any time."

Life and death are the saddest things in the world, but no one can be spared. As long as there are people who care and loved ones, sooner or later there will be a different day. Maybe life in the world, really want to see some, always cling to sadness, and live up to more good times.

LAN Chen came back home and looked at LAN Lin who followed him. He turned around and asked her angrily, "to be honest, what did you do to your grandfather? Did he really die by accident? "

Lanlin was shaking with fear. Mrs. LAN San quickly reached out her hand and hugged her daughter. She looked at lanchen with a reproachful look. "Look at you, you are scared of the children. Can you say a few words less? What kind of child is Xiaolin? You can't be more clear. How can she harm your father when she was young and brave?"

Lanchen stares at her daughter's eyes. He wants to know what she thinks. He has an illusion that his daughter is far more difficult than he thinks.

"Dad, mom, do you even have to doubt me? Then I'll just die. " Lanlin immediately cried bitterly.

"How unlucky it is to die. One of them has already died. It's not enough." Mrs. LAN San immediately grabbed her daughter's arm and wouldn't let her out.

LAN Chen sighed heavily: "Xiao Lin, if you hide something from me, I will be very angry, and I will never recognize your daughter again."

"I didn't tell you the truth. What I said is true." Lanlin immediately cried more sad.

"Ignore your father, go upstairs and take a bath. Mom makes you a bowl of noodles. Have a rest earlier. You are shocked today." Mrs. LAN San still loves her daughter very much, so she said to her quickly.

Lanlin immediately bowed her head and walked towards the stairs, step by step, extremely heavy.

The time went back to about seven in the morning. She pushed grandpa to grandma's grave. Grandpa was pale with fear. She asked her to push him away quickly, but she pulled the wheelchair to death. She asked him angrily if she could get the company back, if she could get all the money back, not to the outsiders. It belongs to the blue family, and it can't be cheaper for the strangers be born.

The old man suddenly gave up the struggle, holding the handrail tightly in both hands, and gave her the answer firmly: "the company donated it, and it has nothing to do with the blue family in the future, so the money can't be taken back."

Lanlin heard this reply, and shouted angrily on the spot: "why? Why are you so cruel to your children? Is your heart black? Are you going to watch the blue family decline? "

"Rise and fall is a process in itself, but people's choices are different. Some people choose to be kind to themselves and others, but some people only have interests, more money and a better life in their eyes, but they forget that creation and efforts are the starting point of success."

"Don't come to class with me. I don't want to hear you. You are all bullshit. We don't need to fight. We stand at the highest point. It's you You deprive us of our inheritance right. You donate the money just to pave the way for lanyanxi. She is rich and famous. How about us? We won't be able to survive soon. " Lanlin covered her ears and screamed like a psychopath who lost her sanity.

"Xiaolin, if I close my eyes, the answer can only be found by yourself. I'm old and can't educate you, but this society is still sober. One day, you will be educated in reality. At that time, I hope you can make a rational choice." The old man's face is full of pain.

The sky suddenly exploded a flash of lightning, dark clouds pressed the top, and the rainstorm suddenly hit down.

Lanlin was breathing fast, her eyes were open, watching the rain hit grandpa's face and body, but she stepped back step by step: "do you want to die? Well, if you go down with grandma, I'll find a way to get the company back sooner or later, and I'll ruin your granddaughter's reputation. I'll make it hard for you all. "

"Xiaolin, take me back to the hospital." The old man obviously didn't want to die here. He reached out to push the wheelchair, but found that the wheelchair was blocked by several pieces of gravel, and he couldn't make the wheelchair run over him.

Lanlin retreated step by step. At last, she turned around and ran away.

The old man reached for an umbrella behind the wheelchair. He tried to reach for it, but he couldn't get it. At last, he could only walk down from the wheelchair, but his legs collapsed again, and the whole man fell to the ground.

The old man looked at the tombstone in front of him, as if he felt his wife coming towards him with a smile on her face in a floral dress. In his heart, there was a kind of unspeakable comfort. Maybe now, he would go to another world, to his beloved wife.