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Ji Yueze's words shocked and angered Bai Yiyan. Unexpectedly, no matter her biological father, who only sows seeds, she still has someone to follow her at the moment. It's too much. Ji saw her already pale face. Now she was all bloodless and shivering. How sad and painful it was.

He was willing to say anything else, just put his hand around her waist gently, low and soft comfort: "don't be sad, for that kind of benefit villain, unworthy, you are with us now, I believe his people can't do anything about you."

"He seems to have found a lot of people. Let's get out of here." Bai Yiyan does not dare to take risks, because Ji Yueze is here. She was afraid that her own affairs would involve him. Now, it really needs to be fulfilled. Season nodded: "OK, since you think it's dangerous here, let's leave." Yang

Siyu sat by and looked at it, sighed softly: "your business is really complicated, I can't understand it, I can't comfort you, I'll go where you go." "

thinking and speaking is too much trouble for you." Ji Yueze said gratefully. "

no trouble. I went abroad with you to avoid trouble. I'm very relaxed now. My parents can't monitor me at last." Yang Siyu gets up and laughs lazily.

Ji Yueze and his group of five left the hotel immediately. There is a branch of Ji's group. Therefore, Ji Yueze wants to move vehicles here easily. With the support of several cars, those tails are more and more far away. In

Yes, Cheng Jianhong thought it could go on smoothly. Unexpectedly, a phone call made him furious.

"What do you do? A bunch of rubbish, but let you help me to get someone back, this little thing can't be done reliably, it's just incompetent! " Cheng Jianhong is in his mayor's office. He's really confused by his anger. He's burning in the heart, for fear that the longer he delays, the worse he will be. Only when Bai Yiyan is under control, the enemy can't cut him, but at present, he can't do what he wants. "

Ji Yueze, I know this boy will be bad for me sooner or later." Cheng Jianhong grits his teeth angrily and slaps them on the table. If Bai Yiyi is helpless at the moment, he is not worried at all.

The problem is that she now has a boyfriend called Ji Yueze. Although Ji Yueze is not involved in politics, he is just a serious boss of the entertainment circle, and Tuli doesn't name him. However, he has a big brother who is hidden in the dark. Ji Xiaohan's tentacles have long gone deep into the political circle. Now, Ji Xiaohan and the vice president have joined hands in secret, which has set off a surprise in the political circle Hailang, next year is the presidential election. All forces have long been stupid and impatient. In the terrible situation of being the king and the enemy, Cheng Jianhong had to use his best means. No, Ji Yueze has been protected by the power of Ji's family. The shrimp soldiers and shrimps he sent will not dare to fight against him. Cheng Jianhong can only order them to stare at him and do it again when he has a chance. Mu

home villa! Huang

fainted. Mu shiye has been working hard recently. Because his sister is pregnant, he can't steal it if he wants to be lazy. Mu Lin is a strict teacher and has higher and higher requirements for him. "

Daddy..." A little milk sound came from the living room. Then, the fatter and fatter the orange, like a little penguin, came running to him on her lovely slippers. "

daddy, you're back!" The little guy has recently opened his speech talent. He is more and more able to speak. He can communicate with adults.

"Daddy's cute, come on, daddy bought you a present!" Mu Shi squats down at night, juggling, and stretches his hand out from his back. There is a crystal rabbit in it. "

love Daddy!" Little orange reached out to catch it immediately, and little face was very happy.

Looking at the innocent smile on his daughter's face, Mu shiye relaxed: "orange, what are you playing with?" Mu found that there were toys everywhere in the living room. Recently, the little guy has become more and more capable of hands-on. He is about to tear down the house. Since the first bowl was broken, she will destroy it once a day. Last time, lanrona's pearl necklace was broken. He sat on the ground and counted for a long time. For example,

now, he took a paintbrush and drew the walls of his house one by one. Fortunately, he was not a person who had a habit of cleanliness at night. Every time when he went home to see the damage caused by her, he comforted himself in his heart. He was born, reluctant to scold, even more reluctant to fight, and could only let her.

"Daddy, sit down, open your mouth, ah!" The little guy has been a doctor since he went to the hospital two days ago. He asked the lanrona couple to buy her a complete set of equipment. At this moment, she directly treats Mushi night as a patient. When moo is sitting on the sofa at night, he looks at the little guy's appearance and laughs to cooperate with him. "

to be injected!" The little guy took the stethoscope and tried to cry. He took the syringe and punched Mu Shi's body at night.

Mu shiye is almost amused by her daughter's loveliness.

At a young age, I began to fantasize about the adult world. "

daddy, you are my baby, I am your mommy, drink grandma!" The little guy has had enough fun. He takes her baby bottle and jumps to Mu shiye's body. He says seriously.

At night, Mu couldn't cry or laugh, so he had to open his mouth. The little guy put the bottle into it directly, and then giggled happily.

Pei Anxin stepped into the house and saw this scene. She couldn't help laughing. "

What do you think of your daughter? If she goes on like this, she will be spoiled by you! " Pei Anxin's mouth taught him a lesson, but she was happy, because she didn't expect that she had a daughter, and Mu shiye was the same darling as life. "

I heard that the only child will be more delicate, because the love of the whole family has been given to her alone. If she can have one more brother or sister, the little guy will surely become more and more sensible, because she will set an example for her brother and sister!" When the night is full of serious nonsense.

Pei Anxin gave him a white look: "you don't want to set me up. I don't want to have a second child." When mu

stood up at night, walked to her and put his hand around her waist. He didn't see her for a day. He missed her very much and wanted to be tender. But

he just put Pei Anxin in his arms and his thigh. He squeezed a small body between them and tried to climb up. At night, I have no choice but to let go of my beloved woman and bend down to pick up my daughter.

"This little guy loves to dismantle my platform. If he wants to sleep with you in the evening, he has to sneak around." Mu shiye is tortured. Every time I want to, it's midnight. Sometimes Pei Anxin even falls asleep directly. I have no passion at all.