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A love rival?

Lu Qing suddenly realized that he actually thought like that, and looked at his own Young Master in shock. Did his Young Master really like Miss Tang?

In front of Lu Xuan Chen, this woman was like a happy child, caring nothing at all. But in front of him, she was as cold as if she had no emotions.

"Anything else?" Ji Xiao Han did not raise his head. He thought that Lu Qing had returned to report on something.

Ji Yue Ze removed the Mo Realm and lightly shouted, "Brother, are you in a bad mood?"

When Ji Xiao Han heard this voice, he looked up to see his little brother standing there. Even after not seeing him for a few months, he still looked like a celebrity, handsome and dazzling.

Ji Xiao Han stood up. The two brothers were extremely similar in height, neither of them was shorter by a centimeter.

"You're finally willing to come back. I thought you had forgotten to play outside." Ji Xiao Han ridiculed.

Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan laughed: "Big brother, don't be angry, I have already dealt with Tang You You's matter. Not only will I let her work return to normal, I will also let her boss take special care of her and even raise her salary. This time, she won't be able to find any reason for me to say anything, right?"

"How do you know about the baby?" When Ji Xiao Han thought about how he was actually having ideas about children, his face immediately became displeased.

Ji Yue Ze shrugged his shoulders: "Of course I saw their photos on the internet, to be honest, I was really shocked at that time. It just so happened that I had a movie to take, and I had two kids inside, that's why I decided to let these two kids act out, but I didn't expect that … "Sigh, to think that they would actually become my nephew. Do you think this is fate?"

"Humph, you better not have any more thoughts about them in the future." Ji Xiao Han warned angrily.

Ji Yue Ze knew that this matter had caused his brother's heart to clench, he knew that he was wrong, and immediately laughed happily: "Big brother, don't worry, how could I dare? Other people would do such a thing, I am the first one to disagree, I have seen Xiao Nai before, she is so cute, interesting and fun, big brother, you are so fortunate."

"Yeah, children are really cute, I didn't think …" Now that you've suddenly descended from the sky with two such beautiful children, it will definitely be difficult for you to understand your father's feelings. " The moment he mentioned his child, Ji Xiao Han's mood instantly became sunny.

Ji Yue Ze laughed a little embarrassedly: "To be honest, big brother, I almost experienced it myself, you know when the two little guys' photos were spread around like wildfire on the internet, everyone thought that they were my illegitimate children, and at that time, I almost thought that the children were mine, but, I thought carefully, it's impossible for me to have children, although I've had girlfriends before, it's also impossible for them to be pregnant with my children, but, I really wanted to, if they were really my children …"

"Just thinking is a waste of time. You are now their uncle." Ji Xiao Han immediately interrupted him mercilessly.

Ji Yue Ze spread out his hands, and said with an indifferent face: "Being their uncle, I am also very happy, but, big brother, between you and Tang You You, has there been any lightning?"

"Why did you mention her?" Ji Xiao Han's expression stiffened, and after that, he gave a cold look.

"I feel like she's really a weirdo. Yesterday, she clearly knew that the child was yours, but she was still laughing at me. How could I not be angry?" Can't she just tell me? and even made me look like an idiot. " Ji Yue Ze still felt that he had lost a lot of face, and was very angry in his heart.

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: "Do you feel that she's a weirdo too? "Your intuition is right. She is just an unreasonable woman. Don't provoke her anymore, I can't afford to offend her anymore."

"I didn't want to mess with her. She was the one who came to mess with me, so she hid it and didn't tell me. She came all the way to make me a joke. That damned woman, the next time I see her …"

"I already said, don't provoke her. The next time you see her, don't provoke her either." Ji Xiao Han looked at his younger brother's impulsive temper, and his gaze immediately fixed onto him.

Halfway through Ji Yue Ze's words, he was unable to continue and could only nod his head, "I understand, I won't provoke her then. Sigh, he gave birth to two children, so he doesn't put us brothers in his eyes anymore. "Big brother, as far as I know, no one is afraid of you."

"But I'm afraid of her now." Ji Xiao Han also laughed coldly with annoyance, "She used two children to threaten me, how could I not be afraid?"

"Big brother, you have a share in our child's life, why should you be afraid of her?" Ji Yue Ze was still unconvinced, he liked his big brother more.

"That's because you haven't truly experienced the abilities of the two little fellows. Xiao Nai is still alright, they're innocent and cute, a little considerate, but that son of yours … I've already lost all my face in front of Tang You You, and he doesn't have any fear towards me at all. Forget about it, let's not talk about this anymore. In front of her younger brother, Ji Xiao Han was already speaking the truth.

Ji Yue Ze was extremely shocked, was this really the big brother that he had always thought of?

He didn't expect that even under the heavens, he would still be afraid of someone, and that person was a woman.

Damn it, this Tang You You was too excessive, even bullying his big brother, he must teach her a lesson.

"Did Mom call you?" After a moment of silence, Ji Xiao Han asked.