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C1832 new collision

Late at night! Seven Star presidential suite.

Fei color climbed onto Xia Xinnian's white face. She couldn't hold back the tingling taste in her body. The pink lips overflowed with shame. She pulled the neckline painfully, and then the heat in her body rose again.

How hot! My heart is like a volcano. I want to gush, but I can't find the outlet.

Why is she here?

Where is this?

When she lost consciousness, she climbed into a man's strong body.

Morning! Through the tight Beige French windows, the sun shines in a ray of light.

The girl, who had been tortured for one night, was sleeping on one side of the bed, crouching.

The sleepy summer heart had no idea that bad luck would come on her head.


The bathroom door, pushed open by a man's big hand.

The man who came out was tall, with strong and tight muscles exposed in the air. The perfect one was like God's hand made up. Every inch of muscle seizing by precision was full of male strength and beauty.

The man walked to the edge of the bed, and the light coming in through the curtain happened to reflect a ray on his face.

Sexy thin lips light purses, cold and noble temperament, let a person fear.

You cold Mou son sweep on the bedspread, flit a little bit surprised color, first time?

However, with both, the beautiful thin lips set off a sneer.

It's not because a woman gets his extra compassion for the first time.

After washing, the man picked up his suit on the ground and planned to leave.

However, when he turned around to go, he turned his eyes like a ghost. His eyes were cold and lukewarm, and he saw that the light just reflected a delicate and small heart-shaped birthmark on the back of the girl's shoulder.


With a sneer, the man turned around, took out a step of cash from his wallet and stacked it on the bedside table.

Turn around and leave! At about 10 noon, Xia Xinnian's eyes opened.

What's eye-catching is a luxurious room, which is the standard facility of the hotel?

She sat up abruptly, but accidentally involved in the wound on her body. The pain after the tear made her hiss and moan.

What the hell did she go through?

However, the pain from the body has clearly told her what happened to her.

On the beautiful little face, the blood color instantly withdrew, and Xia Xinnian's brain was blank.

Next month is the day when she and Jiaxuan are engaged.

Obviously, the man who spent the night with her last night is not he Jiaxuan?

Who would that be?

No matter who it is, it is the most terrible and difficult blow to Xia Xinnian.

Flustered Mou son looks around, suddenly, the money that on the cabinet on the side conspicuously folds, make her whole body startle a wave of chill.

The man left the money?

There was another whirl of life. It was worse than death. She felt sick. She wanted to vomit.

Xia Xinnian sat in the room for a long time before he accepted the fact painfully.

The bloodstained sheets proved that she had lost her precious first time.

She remembered that she was drunk in the bar and was taken into the room.

But why is she here?

Last night, Mingming had a drink with some good friends to celebrate her engagement.

Xia Xinnian is confused. As for why he woke up in the hotel, he has to find out the two friends.

Once again, turn to the cabinet.

That pile of money, many, but silent shame her.

Xia Xinnian wants to tear the money into pieces, but in the end, she puts it in her bag. She wants to find the bastard and smash the money on his face.

Dare not look at this messy room, quickly left the hotel.

The hall on the first floor! As soon as Xia Xinnian was going out, he saw a black sports car.

The two people on and off the car made Xia Xinnian's mind and brain burst into a blank, and his whole body was cold.

"Xia Xinnian, you are really here. What are you doing in the hotel?"

Fiance he Jiaxuan pushes open the door, does not ask the reason, just questions.

Xia Xinnian looks frightened, just like a child who has made a mistake. Her beautiful eyes flicker uneasily, trying to explain something. Suddenly, she sees another person coming down from the sports car.

This person is her cousin Xia shuran. In front of people, she always gives people a kind of elegant and elegant temperament.

When she saw Xia Xinnian's clothes were not neat, her long hair was messy and her expression was panic, she knew that the plan was successful. She looked at the man next to her with a charming look.

Before driving this woman out of the country, she had to look at her with an unbelievable face: "Xinnian, how can you be in the hotel?

Did you sleep here yesterday? "

"Cousin, I......" Xia Xinnian didn't expect to be caught by her fiance and cousin as soon as she went out.

This kind of coincidence, at the moment, Xia Xinnian didn't think about it at all, and her whole heart was occupied by the emptiness of heart.

"What's on your neck?"

He Jiaxuan yanked her fiercely, his eyes fixed on her white and soft neck, his handsome face was gloomy, his voice was cold and angry.

I can only see that summer's mind is as white and smooth as snow on the skin, red marks everywhere, like cherry blossoms blooming, against the white snow, like being kissed with lips.

"This should be a kiss, right?

Xinnian, did you spend the night with a man last night? "

Xia shuran hides the happy color of the bottom of his eyes and pretends to be surprised.

Hearing this sentence, he Jiaxuan's face was more angry. He Jiaxuan's face was dark and angry. "Xia Xinnian, you don't want to be shameful. We are going to be engaged next month. You even chose your grandfather's birthday party to have a good night with other men. Can you afford me?

Well, come with me. I want everyone to know how dirty you are! "

"No, Jiaxuan, listen to my explanation..." Xia Xinnian's frightened soul will fly away.

If she is dragged in front of Grandpa like this, Grandpa will be furious and even drive her out of the house directly.

Next to her, Xia shuran immediately rebuked her: "Xinnian, how can you betray Jiaxuan?

He is so kind to you, always being your simple girl. "

"I didn't!"

Xia Xinnian shook her head in pain. She really didn't want to betray her fiance.

She really has no clue what happened yesterday.

"No, Jiaxuan, listen to my explanation, don't take me home..." Xia Xinnian begged for help.

He Jiaxuan sneered and said, "OK, you can explain it to the elder!"

Half an hour later, Xia Xinnian was forcibly dragged into a living room by he Jiaxuan.

Today is the birthday party of Xia Laozi. Xia he and his elders are gathering in the living room.

"What's the matter?"

Seeing two people pulled in, the faces of the two elders were startled.