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C1399 is about to propose marriage

Wan Qianqian's failure made the old president very angry. He didn't believe that Ling Mo Feng's oil and salt did not invade. Now, his engagement with the big miss Lan's family broke out. Some neutral factions began to stir up. They all said that Ling Mo Feng was supported by a Jishi financial group. Now he will be the son-in-law of the blue family. Then he has infinite possibilities in the future.

In fact, the old president also has a lot of financial support, but those financial resources are far less than Ji's. Now the Luo family seems to want to join in, and Ling Mo Feng's position will be more stable.

"I can't go on like this. Do I really want to give this position to him? A young hairy boy, what can he do to shoulder this heavy task? " The more the old president thought about it, the more he thought about it, the more extreme it was. He even thought about murder. Unfortunately, Ling Mo Feng survived intact last time. This time He must be more defensive, and it is absolutely impossible for him to be assassinated.

The old president sat in the office angrily. At this time, an ordinary looking woman came in. This person is Mei Jie, who takes over Zhang Lu's job.

"How is it going?" The old president looked up at her and asked.

"Gao Yue has successfully entered into the company work of Ji Xiaohan. Listen to her, Ji Xiaohan attaches great importance to her. I don't know if she can make Ji Xiaohan lose his reputation next." Sister Mei told me the truth.

"Well, there's something to be happy about. What about someone else? How is she doing? " It is Zhu Yuer who is asked by the general manager. The situation of these three women is personally asked by the old president. After all, it is not convenient for more people to know about this kind of dirty means.

"I wish little progress to Yuer. It seems that Luo Jinyu is not interested in her." Mei said faintly.

"How could I not be interested? Don't all men like to be beautiful? " The old president sneered.

"Mr. President may be really old. There are many things for men in this world. Like Mr. President, power is for men. Would you like to send a beauty to you?" Mei's hands are behind her, her mouth is wide open, and she smiles. Her plain face is even ferocious.

The old president's face suddenly sank and said, "I'm old, of course, I'm not interested in women, but they're young, and their bodies are more honest than their hearts."

"Mr. Zhang Lu is a useless waste. I don't want to talk to him. Since Mr. Zhang chose me to take over these things, I'll talk more." Mei Jie didn't have much fear of the old president either, which showed that her behavior was spicy and her mind was deep.

"Say, I just look at your ability and give you the responsibility." President Tong looks at her with a little joy. Now he is short of her brave and resourceful person. Zhang Lu is no different from Cao Bao.

"First, we must kill Zhang Lu as soon as possible. We can't let Ling Mo Feng get any secrets that are not good for him. Second, we must join hands with the future heirs of the blue family as soon as possible. Third, Luo Jin Yu is not interested in beauties. Then we have to choose the people he cares about the most. I believe that only by doing these three things well can we get a little victory!" Mei said without expression.

The chief executive listened, clapped his hands and shouted, "you have good opinions, but you need to find any excuse to kill Zhang Lu. He is also on guard against us now. Moreover, I'm afraid that he will jump off the wall and bite people more disorderly!"

"I heard that Zhang Lu often goes to a bar recently to get drunk. If a drunk person drives home late at night and accidentally drives his car into the sea, will anyone doubt it? Even if you doubt, is there evidence? Zhang Lu's only way home is a three kilometer coastal road section. If something happens in this road section, everyone will only treat it as an accident. "Sister Mei continues to make her point.

"Can you help me with this? After the event, double the reward! " The old president's eyes suddenly became fierce. He stared at Mei Jie and asked her in a low voice.

"Killing people is not my strong point. There must be someone more suitable for you to deal with this matter. I only offer suggestions!" Sister Mei smiled faintly.

"Why are you so careful? You are different from Zhang Lu. You will never let me down. " The old president smiled when he knew that sister Mei had deliberately avoided these things.

"My husband appreciates me, makes use of me, and I also make profits from my husband. This was originally a transaction. Since the transaction is clear, it's better. It's too complicated. Instead, there are more problems. I can contact the people in the blue family for you, or deal with the affairs in Luo Jin Yu's side for you. But please find someone else to help me with the killing. I've finished my report. Leave first It's on! " Mei finished, turned around and went out.

The old president just looked angry, but now he has a sudden sigh of relief. It's true that, before the last step, whose victory is greater is not certain.

LAN Yanxi sat at her desk, confused by the documents in front of her, and a few of her colleagues suddenly leaned over to gossip with her.

"Lan Yanxi, you won't be the first lady of our future, will you?"

After hearing this, LAN Yanxi felt a little flustered and immediately raised her eyes and smiled: "what dreamwords do you say? Isn't Ling Mo Feng the vice president now? Where is the first lady from? "

The women immediately smiled and realized that they had said something wrong.

"I heard that you came to the general office to apply for a job just for the sake of Mr. vice president. Do you really like him?" one of the cool women snorted

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes dribbled around and thought of a solution: "of course not, I was forced by my grandfather. My grandfather said that only when I came here to work can I inherit my property. I can't live with money."

"Wow, rich lady, even if you don't marry Mr. vice president, you won't worry about no money." Countless people look at her enviously.

LAN Yanxi smiled two times: "you'd better work at ease, but don't be scolded for chatting about my gossip."

As soon as LAN Yanxi's reminder was finished, he heard Wang Xinyi's angry voice coming from inside: "Lan Yanxi, have you finished your work?"

Everyone was shocked immediately. LAN Yanxi bit her lips secretly. Everyone looked at her sympathetically. She didn't pick up the issue, but she was the one who was scolded.

"Sister Xinyi, the information you asked me to sort out is all sorted out!" LAN Yanxi hurried to the office to reply.

"Well, I'll go out to see some foreign guests in a moment, and you'll come with me!" Wang Xinyi said while integrating the information to be taken, he gave her an order.

"Yes!" LAN Yanxi has no excuses to refute. She can only follow Wang Xinyi out of her life.

Wang Xinyi's foreign guests are also middle-level staff, mainly to exchange some environmental protection matters. LAN Yanxi sat next to him, took a pen, made a record, and looked attentive.

In the middle of the tea break, LAN Yanxi went to the restroom in a hurry. In the short time of the general office, her work changed again and again, which was really a good place to learn experience.

After washing his hands, he walked out with two hands shaking and suddenly looked at Ling Mo Feng coming towards her.

For a moment, in her falling dream, her beautiful eyes widened in surprise, and it was hard to believe that she would meet him in such a narrow corridor.

"It's convenient for you, too?" As soon as LAN Yanxi opens his mouth, he wants to bite his tongue. Who is not here for convenience? Look how idiotic she's asking.

Ling Mo Feng's very serious expression was suddenly amused by her words. He reached out and gently lifted her finger. The deep male voice passed her ear: "do you know what the two families are going to meet tonight?"

"Yes, my grandfather told me whether to go to your home or my home?" LAN Yanxi immediately asked again.

"Why do you say that, as if we are going to do something shameful?" Ling Mo Feng pauses for a while, and her serious face is fixed by her quiet eyes. She chuckles again.

"Engagement, of course, you proposed!" Ling Mo Feng sees her to stay, dumbly reminds.

"Oh, then I'll go back after work. My grandpa may be ready!" LAN Yanxi blushed with shame.

"Go to work!" Ling Mo Feng didn't dare to talk to her more, just whispered.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi went to work happily and suddenly looked forward to the meeting tonight.