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C1839 choosing a shirt

Jiaxuan frowned and thought that both of them had gone to the hospital for examination and had some prescriptions. I heard that those who could have a son had no effect. I really don't know why.

"Well, don't cry. Don't quarrel with my parents in the future. They want their grandchildren too much."

He Jiaxuan has the patience to comfort her.

Xia shuran immediately rushed into his arms, put his hands around the man's waist, and said sadly, "Jiaxuan, do you regret marrying me?

Do you want to spend the summer?

If you and her... " "Shuran, what is she doing?

We get married because we love each other. Don't think about it! "

He Jiaxuan flashed a pure and beautiful face in his mind.

Xia shuran raised his mouth and smiled happily: "OK, I won't mention her, Jiaxuan, I really love you!"

He Jiaxuan's tender expression to her has not moved in loyalty, only the habit of touching her long hair, blowing in her ear: "me too!"

Xia shuran is more pleased. She feels that she will always be the woman on the top of he Jiaxuan's heart. Even if Xia Xinnian chooses this time to go back home, she can't break up their strong marriage. Besides, she won't let that scheming woman succeed.

"Honey, I want it!"

Xia shuran hugs he Jiaxuan's waist, which makes her realize that her husband's figure is very good, tall and strong, handsome and charming. At the beginning, Xia shuran took a fancy to he Jiaxuan not only for his family background, but also for his absolutely handsome appearance.

He Jiaxuan has been busy with his work for a day. He is not interested in it. He wants to refuse.

Xia shuran gets on the tiptoe, kisses his thin lips actively, the coquettish Du mouth withdraws Jiao: "come on, people want so much!"

He Jiaxuan looked at his wife's charming appearance, lit a flame in her heart, immediately held her lips and kissed her.

Xia shuran lies on her back, feeling the passion that men have sprinkled on her body again and again. She reaches out and hugs the man, with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

He Jiaxuan really loves her. Every time, she is so happy and satisfied, and she will never give up this man to Xia Xinnian.

She can't think! He Jiaxuan sleeps wearily, but Xia shuran is hard to sleep for a long time. She looks at the man beside her gently and affectionately, and the more she sees, the more she loves.

She thinks he Jiaxuan is the most charming man she has ever met. He has a magic power that can make her crazy.

Now that Xia Xinnian has returned to China, she, who is the wife of the body, must first start to be strong, and give this eyesore to be pulled out as early as possible, so that she will not have the opportunity to get close to her husband.

The next day, Xia shuran, together with her best girl, plans to "see" Xia Xinnian.

With Xia Xinnian's complete set of information, two people easily came to the hall of Kalan international design company.

Only the first half of the building is owned by Kalan company, so two people took the elevator to get there.

"Shu ran, this summer mind must not give up, want to come back to be a demon!"

Her best friend Xie minglan sneered.

"I'll let her know who is the queen mother. She's a little monster. Can you get my palm?"

Xia shuran's identity is really different now. She is the eldest miss of Xia family and the youngest grandmother of his family. The combination of the two identities really makes people look down on her.

Xia shuran is wearing all the world famous brands today. Moreover, she only chose limited products to wear on her body.

Two people arrived at the front desk and were stopped by the front desk staff.

"We are here to find Xia Xinnian's customized dress!"

Xie minglan raised an eyebrow with a proud tone.

Seeing that it's a guest, the front desk dare not block it any more, and welcome you warmly.

Xia Xinnian is working in the studio. Suddenly, she hears the phone call from her boss, asking her to go to the leisure room to receive guests.

Xia Xinnian didn't think too much. She has already received many orders. She's afraid that there will be many people coming in the name of her mentor.

Xia Xinnian asked the assistant to bring in drinks and fruits. She went back to the office to get some information and went to the leisure room.

Just thinking about the information to be introduced for a while, the assistant has opened the door for her.

As soon as he looked up, Xia Xinnian was shocked.

She was deeply impressed by the two people sitting on the sofa. The resentment at the bottom of her heart surged like the broken tide, which made her blood coagulate and her expression stiff.

Xia Shu raised his chin and looked at Xia Xinnian.

After five years' absence, she is more beautiful than she thought. This cognition makes Xia shuran unhappy.

She felt that Xia Xinnian was driven abroad five years ago. She was in a mess. She should be discouraged and depressed. At least she would not stand in front of her like this, bright and elegant, just like being treated well by the years.

"Mind, long time no see!"

Xia shuran gave a fake smile. Although it was just a simple greeting, it could also make people hear the cold stabbing into the bone marrow.

Xia Xinnian's heart is rolling, and the hatred in her blood is stirring her reason. She feels that she should take a cup of boiling water and pour it over, so that Xia shuran will pay for her behavior in that year.

But after unplugging?

Xia shuran is now the eldest daughter of Xia family and the youngest grandmother of he family. Her identity is not that she can compare with her. She has no good luck to escape from the dead again and be reborn again.

Therefore, Xia Xinnian strongly resisted the impulse, just holding the data tightly.


Don't know me?

I'm your cousin. Don't ask me to hear it? "

Xia shuran continued to smile with hypocrisy and deliberately said such cool words to hurt Xia Xinnian.

Next to Xie minglan sneered, "shuran, what are you polite to her? Don't forget what they did when they came back home. If you treat her well, they won't think about it. They are not sure how to approach your husband."

Xia Xinnian heard Xie minglan's words, and the whole person seemed to wake up. She said calmly and thoughtfully, "are you both here for me to customize the dress?"

Xia shuran and Xie minglan thought that Xia Xinnian would swear and even count their accusations.

However, Xia Xinnian didn't know them. His tone was strange.

Xia shuran directly tore off the mask of hypocrisy, stood up angrily, and stood in front of Xia Xinnian on the nine centimeter high heels.

In terms of height, Xia shuran suffers from losses, because she has only one meter six one, while Xia Xinnian has one meter six six. That's why Xia shuran has to step on a pair of hateful heights.

But even so, Xia shuran seems to have no way to look down on Xia Xinnian, only to look down on him.

"Xia Xinnian, don't pretend. What's the purpose of your return? I don't know?

I warn you, if you dare to go to my husband and want to revive your old relationship with him, I will make your death ugly. "

Xia shuran's ferocious words warned Xia Xinnian, especially the last one.

As if afraid of Xia Xinnian pretending to be deaf.