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C2027 conceals the truth

When they came out of the hospital, feting and Ji Tingyan decided to leave first, leaving Wang Cheng to help Cheng Yue take care of her injured father. Wang agreed happily, but Cheng Yue was embarrassed, but was also moved by Wang's enthusiasm.

"Boss, do you and miss Ji want to go to Madam next?" Wang Cheng asked curiously.

"Tie Ting nodded:" yes, I'm going to take her to see my mother

Cheng Yue came over and looked at Ji Tingyan gratefully. "Thank you for coming here, Nani. I didn't treat you well. Next time, I will leave you for a meal."

"Take good care of your uncle. Next time he's well, we'll come back." Ji Tingyan just saw that Cheng's father was seriously injured in the hospital. She couldn't stay here to disturb Cheng Yue.

Tie ting and Ji Tingyan drive away. Wang Cheng stops waving his hand, turns to see Cheng Yue, and finds that she has been looking at herself. Wang Cheng's face is hot: "where do I live next?"

Cheng Yue opens the door: "come with me. I have a house empty. You can stay there for a while." Wang Cheng finds that Cheng Yue is also a good off-road vehicle. He can't help but ask curiously, "Cheng Yue, your family conditions are very good. How can you still be a bodyguard?"

"I like to take risks. Bodyguard is a good profession. I can meet many people and go to many places." Cheng Yue answers him as he drives.

"Just now my uncle said you were dating?" Wang Cheng's eyes darkened and he asked.

Cheng Yue's face stiffened, and then he said with a dry smile, "I'm not young. My family hopes I can get married quickly, maybe I'm afraid I won't get married."

"Would you like to come back for a blind date without considering me? It seems that I'm really bad. " Wang orange was hit hard.

"Don't think about it. I promise I'll just deal with my family. I'm not really going to marry them." Cheng Yue explains.

"You can't go on blind dates anymore. You have a boyfriend." Wang orange reminds her of her fierce milk.

Cheng Yue chuckled and said, "don't worry, I won't see anyone again. In fact, when I return home, I am full of you, and I can't fit anyone else."

"Really?" Wang's unhappiness was instantly cured.

"Well, in fact, in this relationship, it's not that you don't have confidence, it's that I don't have. I don't know how to fall in love with you. You are too simple. I'm always afraid of hurting you." Cheng Yue is a good woman with conscience. She feels that she is not worthy of Wang Cheng. He should go to find a younger, lovely and innocent girl to marry, not her.

Wang Cheng's eyes widened a circle, and some of them could not cry or laugh: "even if I'm not as good as you, I'm a man anyway, and I'm not afraid of injury."

"I know." Cheng Yue nodded seriously.

Two people drive to the door of Wang Cheng's house. Suddenly, there are more than ten confessions posted on the door. Cheng Yue's face changes. Wang Cheng's face is also confused. He tears one at random and reads, "Xiao Yue, I miss you. You must contact me when you come back. Please give me another chance. I will cherish you..."

"Don't read it. Tear it. Tear it all." Wang orange angrily reached out to tear off all the confession papers pasted on her door and crumpled them into a ball.

Wang Cheng seems to understand something. His voice is dim: "your ex boyfriend?"

Cheng Yue's face is red, and she looks at Wang orange with guilt. Then she finds the key to open the door and throws the paper in her hand into the garbage can.

"I'm sorry, Wang Cheng. I didn't know that he would get nervous. He pasted these disgusting things on my door. I haven't contacted him for several years. Maybe he heard that I came back, so he wanted to get back to me." Cheng Yue also didn't expect this kind of thing to happen. She even blamed herself and couldn't raise her head in shame.

"I believe you." Wang orange sees her to show self reproach and ashamed color, he is distressed, reach out to hold her hand, firm say.

"Really?" Cheng Yue looks at him with sparkling eyes, and Wang orange nods for sure.

"I'll make the bed for you in the guest room. Sit down for a while." Cheng Yue turns around and goes into the guest room. Wang Cheng comes with her: "I'll help you."

"No, you can have a rest." Cheng Yue doesn't want to trouble him.

"I'll come. Don't treat me as an outsider. I don't want to be your guest either." Wang Cheng loves her very much. Seeing her red eyes, he must feel aggrieved.

Cheng Yue leans against the cabinet next to her and watches Wang Cheng skillfully put the quilt into the quilt cover. She feels very different in her heart. She used to be with her ex boyfriend. The housework is basically done by Cheng Yue alone. When her boyfriend comes back, he sits on the sofa and won't help at all.

After finishing the guest room, they went out of the living room and made a pot of water and a cup of tea.

Just when two people enjoyed the quiet, the door was pounded hard.

Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng take a look and walk quickly to the door. Cheng Yue directly lets Wang Cheng escape. She opens the door. There is a man about 30 standing outside. He rushes in angrily. Without saying anything, he gathers his fist and smashes Wang Cheng's face.

However, before his fist hit Wang Cheng, Cheng Yue kicked him in the abdomen. He hit the back wall arm with a very ugly gesture and screamed.

"Xiaoyue, you kicked me? Who is this wild man? Did you come back from the outside? " Sitting on the ground, holding the abdomen of the man, very angry questioned him.

"Zhang Chen, shut up, I won't allow you to scold him like this." Cheng Yue angrily clenches his fist and warns him. "Xiaoyue, you still have feelings for me, right? Let's make up. I have successfully started my business. This is the key to the gate of my villa. This is the key to my car. Now it's all yours. Can we make up? " The man quickly got up and took out several keys from his pocket and handed them to him.

Cheng Yue turned away and said in a cold voice, "I've told you many times. Are you deaf? I can't keep up with you. "

Wang Cheng watched the man clinging to his face, and he was cold.

"You like to eat tender grass now? This little white face, where can he compare with me? Look at me. I made it? I have money now. " Zhang Chen looks at Wang Cheng with disgust.

"He's a million times better than you. You can't even compare him with a finger. Don't make a fool of yourself here. Get out of here." Cheng Yuezhen is so angry that if Wang Cheng is not here, she really wants to solve the problem violently.

"Can uncle's restaurant still turn around? He owes the bank two million yuan. Have you paid back the money? Cheng Yue, you will come to beg me. " Zhang Chen turns around and leaves.

Cheng Yue's expression was stiff, and the whole person was soft. She fell down on the sofa and covered her face with her hands.

Wang Cheng quickly crouches down and asks her, "Cheng Yue, if you have any difficulty, you must tell me."

Cheng Yue looks into his clear eyes and bites his lower lip: "my father was cheated to gamble. He owed a lot of money, so he went to loan and mortgaged the hotel. His legs It was interrupted by those debt collectors. Wang Cheng, my family is in a mess now. My father was an honest man, but I don't know who is so hateful. Take him to the casino. "

"I said last time that I came to see you and you wouldn't let me come because of this kind of thing at home?" Wang Cheng is no longer sad at last. He finds the reason.