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Two people carry shopping bag home, blue tiny initiative want to help him share a bag, Ji Shangqing refused: "look at you thin, where can you move?"

Blue slightly Leng for a while, although the man this word is like to laugh at her, but also in love with her, her heart surged up some complex emotions. When waiting for the elevator, blue Pico suddenly saw the big prickly soy sauce, so she asked him curiously, "can you cook yourself?"

"Occasionally!" Replied Ji in a light voice. "

I thought rich people like you would hire servants at home." Blue slightly can't help sneering. "My father doesn't like strangers at home, so I didn't invite them." Ji Shangqing looks at her strangely. She doesn't know why she laughs at him because he doesn't invite servants.

"Oh! Is your father at home, too? "Blue slightly's face suddenly tensed up. If there are elders at home, she is really afraid.

"Don't worry, my father moved out yesterday." Ji Shangqing smiled faintly.

Blue slightly this just relaxed again. Take the

elevator to Ji Shangqing's door. He takes out the key and opens the door. Suddenly, he thinks of something. He hands the key to Lan Wei directly: "take one too. It's convenient for you to come in and out of my house!" "

ah..." Lan Wei didn't expect that he trusted her so much, and gave her the key to his gate.

"Take it, you can come and help me cook in advance!" Ji Shangqing sees her not to answer, not from of frown urge.

"Good!" Blue tiny this just reached out to take over, put into her bag inside. Ji

Shang Qing went into the kitchen with his things. He placed the seasonings he bought back and said sadly: "I used to have a sister who would cook for me when she was still alive, but her life was not good. A car accident took her young life." Season

when Shangqing saw these things in the kitchen, he thought of Ji yunning inexplicably, and his heart was bound to grieve.

Blue slightly looked at him holding an empty bottle, looking sad. She was stunned at the door. Suddenly, she felt that this man was living a real life, full of flesh and blood, but also sad, without the rich young master's temper and madness she thought.

"You cook. I'll take a bath and change. At home, I don't like to wear such a strict dress." Ji Shangqing finished, turned around and strode toward his bedroom. Blue

looking at this series of high-end kitchen utensils, he suddenly panicked and hurriedly stopped him: "Ji Shangqing, can you teach me how to use these things first and then take a bath?"

Ji Shangqing was stunned. Then he turned around again and taught her carefully. Blue

has a good memory. He said it again, and she also roughly remembered it.

"Ji Shangqing praised:" character is not bad, do not know to ask Blue

slightly praised by him, he blushed, didn't answer his words, just washed rice and vegetables in silence. Season

Shangqing went back to the bedroom and pulled the button of his shirt. When he got the fifth one, suddenly his body seemed to be crossed by the current. He used the slow motion to look at the bedroom door.

Although he was drunk that night and didn't wake up, it also confirmed that he was a normal man and had a demand for women. Now, the woman he once enjoyed is at his home. "

Ji Shangqing, wake up!" All of a sudden, he gave a low voice to scold his brain full of nonsense. Isn't it because of the drunken mistake of letting this woman approach his life? Are you going to make another mistake, and then you will never be able to mend it in your life?

As soon as Ji Shangqing's back was cold, all those distractions were abandoned. By the time he took a bath, blue Wei had already cut the vegetables and was waiting to put them into the pot. He was standing outside the kitchen door, staring at the woman who did her work seriously. She was dressed in plain clothes. She didn't have a bright color, a gray-white T-shirt, a pair of washed white jeans, and a long hair just took a black leather band on her head. Otherwise, the face could be seen. She was really hopeless. Season

Shangqing has seen all kinds of women, charming, sweet and pure, as well as temperament and intellectual, but it's the first time for him to see this one.

Before seeing Tang Youyou, the clarity and cleanness in her eyes immediately attracted him, because he had seen too many women reflect her inner greed and dissatisfaction through their eyes, like Tang youyou's pure eyes, when looking at you, it will make you calm down together. Shangqing's life is always on the fringes. When she meets a woman like Tang Youyou, she will be fascinated all of a sudden. This

engraved, blue slightly on the body of this simple inspection, but also let Ji shangqingjue different. Blue

when she poured the vegetables into the pot slightly, she splashed with oil stars, which made her quickly shrink her hands in pain, but in a twinkling of an eye, she saw her hands around her chest, standing outside the kitchen door and looking at his man. Her face was red for no reason.

In fact, she has experienced so many difficulties in her life that she has long abandoned her face. Even the Fengyun God of the school came to talk to her, and her face has never been red. But now, inexplicably, she has a feeling of tension and confusion, as if Ji Shangqing's eyes are burning with electric current, which makes her self-esteem vibrate.

"All right!" Ji Shangqing came over and took a forcible look at the back of her hand. Her skin is naturally white. Even if she does non-human work every day, the back of her hand is still as white as jade and red as a few dots. "

nothing!" Lan Wei hurriedly tightens and goes back. Then he quickly flips the dishes in the pan and urges him: "go out, don't stand here, the oil will spill out, don't dirty your clothes!" Male

just after taking a bath, her body is full of the cold mint fragrance after bathing. Even if the lampblack in the kitchen is very heavy, the blue light can smell it, and her face is even redder. "

it's OK, let me stand by and learn some moves. Anyway, learning more crafts is not bad for me!" Ji Shangqing is not in a hurry to leave. He leans against the nearby wall and looks at the action of blue Weiwei. Blue

a little shy and anxious, but he can't help it. "

What are you doing with all this money? You can find many people to cook for you. " Lan Wei couldn't help laughing at him and wanted to break the embarrassing atmosphere.

"My father and I have one thing in common, that is, we don't like strangers at home. If I live alone in the future, I must learn to cook. Otherwise, I will not starve to death." Ji Shangqing couldn't help laughing. "

if you don't want to hire me for a long time, I will cook for you!" Blue blurted out.