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Ji Yueze took time to see the old man again. The old man was very happy. He wanted to show his spirit as much as possible. But his withered fingers and eyes were blurry, and he could hardly see his little grandson. He felt that he was really going to run out of oil and light. He was in a calm mood because he saw all the families he wanted to come back.

Ji Yueze wants to have a chat with Grandpa, but he finds that he doesn't know if Grandpa has the strength to listen to him.

As he spoke, the old man fell asleep. Ji Yueze sat beside the hospital bed, reached out his hand and held his grandfather's hand tightly.

He put his hand on his forehead and thought of his arrogant years. Now, I can only use the word "bastard" to describe myself.

Family, is the most important, no matter when, only family, is the most trustworthy harbor bend.

Jiyuezeduo wants time to come again. He will not be so rebellious. He wants to be a good child of his grandfather. "

Ozawa!" The old lady's voice rang behind him. Season

Yueze quickly put down grandpa's hand, and the first thing to do is to wipe tears with his back.

When the old lady saw this, she was slightly shocked. Then she chuckled, "well, man, don't cry so easily!" Season

Yue Ze says nothing to grandma. Grandpa is dying. What's wrong with his crying?

"Grandma, Grandpa, he's asleep!" Ji Yueze looked back at his calm grandfather and said softly.

"I know, he likes to sleep, I know him more and more!" The old lady sighed and said, it's just the meaning of this sentence, but it's sad.

"Go out and let him sleep!" The old lady didn't want to put too much pressure on her little grandson. She had to face her life and death, even though it was cruel. Season

the more he came out, looking back at grandma tucking in the quilt for Grandpa, he was in a trance.

Imagine when I was in my eighties, if I didn't die, would someone take care of me as well as grandma?

Ji Yueze instinctively thought of Bai Yiyan. I don't know which tendon is wrong, so he feels that Bai Yiyan will take care of herself.

"Why don't you go downstairs!" When the old lady came out and saw him standing like a pillar, she hurriedly urged him softly. Season nodded, and the grandparents and grandchildren came downstairs side by side.

"Grandma, I want to be engaged to Bai Yiyan. Do you agree?" Ji Yueze suddenly asked. The old lady listened and looked surprised: "really? It's not going to make my old lady happy again "

it's true. I'm not young. It's time to start a family!" Ji Yueze thought that Bai Zhenzhen had already been killed. Then he and Bai Yiyan's grudges and resentments were understood. They would never be upset and upset again. "

you are almost twenty-five years old this year!" The old lady remembered in a trance. "

Yes, after this year's birthday, I will be twenty-five!" Ji Yueze replied with a smile.

"Yes, 25 years old, although immature and childish, as long as Xiaoyan doesn't dislike you, then you are engaged!" Said the old lady, not at all a grandson.

Ji Yueze's expression was stiff again, and he looked at his grandmother wordlessly: "I'm very mature!" "

ah, I think you are physically mature and not mentally familiar!" The old lady is a real person. She only tells the truth. Ji's grandmother came to attack him on purpose with a helpless expression.

When the old lady saw that he didn't speak, she knew that he was not convinced, so she said, "a mature man can't divide and divide love, divide and close love, understand?"

“……” Ji Yueze was convinced this time. It was for this reason that his grandmother decided that he was not mature enough.

The old lady's eyes became Stern: "a person's heart is hot. You'll cool down if you break up again and again. Don't overestimate your charm or underestimate Xiaoyan's persistence in love. A good girl may only meet one in your life. What you meet in the future will not be good, because if you love Xiaoyan, others will be successful To make do with it! "

Ji yuezejue's grandmother has a real sense of speech. He's been taught. "

grandma, it's a pity that you are not a romantic writer. It's really a pity. If you don't want to write a book while you are still young, please read it every day!" Ji Yueze is half joking and half serious.

The old lady glared at him: "dare to make fun of grandma? I think the more you mix, the more you go back! "

"No!" Ji Yueze's mouth says he dare not, but he jumps three battles away.

The old lady looked at him with an expression that hated iron but not steel: "learn from your elder brother, how people treat you!" "

I'm not my big brother!" Ji Yueze shouted and quickly went downstairs. As soon as he went downstairs, he covered his ears and shouted, "who can play such a bad tune?"

He walked to the small living room next to him, and saw Ji xiaonai sitting in front of the piano seriously, two little hands disorderly pressing, and LAN yuezheng patiently corrected her.

"Uncle is coming down!" Ji xiaonai saw him and stopped immediately. Later, she found her uncle covering his ears. She immediately asked, "uncle, is your ear sick?" Season

Yue Ze was defeated by her innocence, so she had to laugh beside her: "I am the devil's voice in my ear, I can't stand it!"

"The devil's voice? Grandma, what is uncle talking about? " Ji xiaonai blinks big eyes, some can't understand. LAN

Yue stares at his son: "don't talk nonsense. Xiao Nai is only young. After a while, she will be able to play a good tune!" Ji

xiaonai finally understood why Ji Yueze had to cover her ears. She angrily put her hand on her waist and said, "does uncle dislike my playing too hard?"

"Er, of course not. Xiao Nai is very talented at playing the piano. My uncle likes listening!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to crack down on the enthusiasm of the little guy. Otherwise, if the big brother knows about it, he can't teach him a lesson. "

really? Then sit by and listen to me play again, and you will know how good I play! " The little guy didn't believe what he said. He insisted that he listen to it again. Season

the more Ze cries in the bottom of my heart, let me go!

LAN Yue gave him a wink, which was to let him stay and listen again. What a pain! The audience forced by

has an impulse to leave after listening to the little guy's music.

"Mom, xiaonai, I suddenly thought that there was something urgent in my company. Let's go first!"

Ji Yueze found that his mother's patience is very good. He is worthy of being a grandmother.

Later, he had a brainstorming in his heart. If he has a daughter in the future, he should ask his mother to help him with it. Only with the good temper of his mother can he cultivate a good character daughter.