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C614 time for two

Luo Jinyu looks at the big eyes with tears in front of her eyes, and listens to her self accusation and apology. There is only one solution for him. He puts his arms around him and kisses his mouth.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes opened in astonishment and blinked twice.

When Luo Jinyu let go of her, she didn't come back to her senses. Until the man made a ring in front of her eyes, she suddenly woke up and looked at him strangely and asked, "Why are you still in the mood to kiss me?"

"I just want to tell you, don't blame yourself any more, I don't blame you." Luo Jinyu looked at her eyes gently and said.

"But I'm still very guilty. I hurt you. How do you want me to compensate you? You say!" Yang ChuChu asked softly with a small mouth.

Luo Jinyu knew that she was a child and always felt ashamed.

Since she cared so much about it, he had to whisper: "if you really want to make up for me, then you will give me a gift, no matter what it is, as long as it is you who give it, I will like it."

"Well, then I'll give you something, so that my heart will feel better." The girl's face suddenly felt relaxed.

At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open in a hurry. Luohedingjun came in worried. Seeing luojinyu lying on the bed, he immediately asked: "brother, are you ok? What's the injury? Is it serious? "

Yang ChuChu sees Luo hening coming, she is a little embarrassed, so she takes the mask and stands up: "you talk to your brother, I'll go out and buy you a bottle of water."

"Well, be careful yourself!" Luo Jinyu nodded with concern.

Yang ChuChu put on her mask and went out. Fortunately, it's late at night, and there's no one there. So when she just accompanied Luo Jinyu in, only a few nurses recognized her, but as a medical staff, she also obeyed the work rules and dared not have the spirit of gossip.

Hearing that elder brother had sealed four stitches on the sole of his feet, lohnin's expression changed in an instant and said angrily, "what's the matter? Just now on the phone, you didn't tell me clearly. Who caused you to do this? "

"I jumped into the river to save Xiyang and was cut by something." Luo Jinyu smiled bitterly.

"Save him? Why did he want you to help? What happened to him? " Lohnin had a very bad premonition.

Luojin Yujun's face was solemn: "he likes to be delicate. You know, he drank some wine tonight. He wanted to jump into the river for the sake of delicacy. I didn't expect that he actually jumped. At that time, he drank wine. I was afraid that something would happen to him, so I jumped down to save him."

"I don't know if he has the courage to die." Lohnin gave an angry gnash of teeth and scolded.

"Forget it. As long as he's OK, I'm not hurt at all." Luo Jinyu didn't put this injury in his eyes at all.

"Big brother, you hurt your foot. What are you going to do next? The company can't do without you. You will be very troubled. " Lohnin murmured.

"It's OK. If I can't walk, I'll take a wheelchair first. It doesn't affect my life anyway." Luo Jinyu didn't realize that it was inconvenient.

"Big brother, do you want to take this time off for a while? I'll keep an eye on the company's business for you. If I can't do it, I'll ask you directly. " Lohnin really doesn't want big brother to work with injuries. How tired he is.

Luo Jinyu looked at his younger brother's more mature and stable temperament, and chuckled: "well, you're not young, and it's time to stand on your own. The company, I'll leave it to you for a while. I want to take you abroad for a while."

"Well, I try to do my best, but there are a lot of things that I still don't have experience. Then you can help me deal with them." Lohnin only felt the pressure mountain.

"Don't worry, I will be your most solid support. Don't worry. I will take you abroad tomorrow. If you have something you don't understand, you can ask Mulin. She has a very good way to deal with the problem." Luo Jinyu smiles to remind him.

"I don't really want to rely on her at work, which shows how incompetent I am." Lohnin immediately shook his head, not to bother mureen.

Luo Jinyu knows that his younger brother is still very strong.

"Well, if you don't understand anything, just call me, and I'll tell my assistant to help you." Luo Jin said gently.

"Elder brother, how do you deal with your affairs? You and Xiyang are competing for Yang ChuChu now. The result must not be very good-looking. " Lohnin could not help worrying.

"In any case, my delicate affairs and I are officially open. Let it be." Luo Jinyu sighed deeply. He didn't expect that his rival would be his cousin.

"What's the attitude of your mother? Will she object to your being together?" What lohnen is most worried about is Cheng Ying's attitude. It's said that she is very disgusted with men. She has been single for many years and hasn't found another boyfriend. There must be something wrong with her personality.

When it comes to this, Luo Jin's face is relaxed: "she doesn't object to our association, so I can be so relaxed with Chu now."

"Really? That's great. As long as she doesn't object, your relationship will be stable. " Lohnin is really happy for big brother.

"Yes, I hope that Xiyang can also see this matter as soon as possible. The emotional matter cannot be avoided. The person I like very much is me, and I like her too." Luo Jinyu was most worried about his cousin who could not be killed.

"I'll try to persuade him sometime, elder brother. Don't worry. He'll certainly quit." Lohnin decided to advise his cousin for his big brother.

"Well, you can talk to him when you have time. Don't argue with him." Luo Jinyu nodded.

When Yang Chu came in with a bag of food, lohnin had already left.

She took out a bottle of water and a bottle of annual milk and handed it to Luo Jinyu.

"What did your brother say?" Yang ChuChu was worried that lohnin would blame her.

"I didn't say anything. I decided one thing. Do you have time these days? How about taking a vacation abroad with me? " "Really? Just the two of us? " Yang ChuChu also wants to go to a place where no one knows them. She can enjoy her free time, not like in China. Although she is not a red and purple female star, she will still be stared at when she goes out. In case of any bad gossip, she will be stared at immediately as if she had committed a big crime, and all kinds of rumors will be followed Get up.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "yes, just me and you, do you want to go?" "Yes, I do!" Yang ChuChu happily hugs his neck, kisses on his handsome face, excitedly looks like a child.