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C1756 love in the distance

Mu Weicheng is forced to suppress by Ling wennuan. His handsome eyes are startled. Next second, he hasn't reflected. Ling wennuan has attached his head. The soft lips are looking for his thin lips. "Warm..." Mu Weicheng was shocked by her active and enthusiastic scene, and he immediately reached out to help her up, Ling warm eyes intoxicated, a piece of water.

"Mu Weicheng, aren't we married? You see, you've put wedding rings on my hands. " Ling warms and shakes his small head. He spreads his head. It's lovely. It's really charming.

When hearing what she said, Mu Weicheng couldn't laugh or cry. Ling wennuan was drunk. He thought they were married.

"Warm, you're drunk." Murmured Mu Weicheng.

"I'm not drunk. I'm awake. We're married. It's our wedding night Mu Weicheng, I like you... " Ling wennuan is really drunk. Her IQ is very touching now. She can say what she thinks.

Mu Weicheng is directly amused by her words. How can I explain it to her?

However, it's nice to hear her.

The man's eyes are full of affection looking at the girl who is strongly supported by him. Her eyes are intoxicated, her face is stupefied, and she seems to be anxious, trying hard to break away from his support.

Mu Weicheng looks at her beautiful and moving appearance. As soon as her mind is relaxed, she suddenly lets go. Ling wennuan presses directly on his strong chest. He waits for her to be enthusiastic again. However, after a long time, he finds that she lies on her chest and falls asleep.

The man's face was shocked. He knew that she was drunk so fast. He shouldn't have stopped her just now. In fact, he liked being bullied by her.

So they lay on top of each other. Mu wanted to watch her fall asleep in her arms and feel her breath and soft body.

A foreign national reception center, Ling Mo Feng had just finished talking about state affairs and was going to take a bath for dinner. Suddenly, Chu lie's voice came from outside: "Sir, Miss Chen said she wanted to see you outside."

"Which Miss Chen?" Ling Mo Feng's face was a little tired and his eyes were cold.

"Chen Fuyu, I don't know how she has the right to come here." Chu lie frowned.

Ling Mo Feng's expression changed. He said lightly, "I'm asleep now. Let her go."

Chu lie answered, and turned to walk out of the door.

Chen Fuyu moved forward anxiously, expecting something in his eyes.

Chu lie said politely and politely, "I'm sorry, Miss Chen. Mr. Chen has been working all day today. He is too tired and has fallen asleep. Maybe he can't see you. You can leave."

Chen Fuyu is full of hope and becomes lost. She laughs at herself and says, "is that how he defends me? We used to be friends, anyway. He's getting married now. Can't even friends do it? "

"Miss Chen, I don't know if you've heard a word. There is no pure friendship between adult men and women. My husband is devoted to miss LAN. He will never do anything to hurt Miss LAN. I hope you can understand it." Chu lie suggested with a light smile.

Chen Fuyu's face was dim: "I saw him coming here, but in fact, I had no other idea, that is I just want to see him. "

Chen Fuyu's words can't even deceive himself, how can he deceive Chu lie?

She didn't say anything more. She turned around and left. Her heart was empty. She thought that she was totally dead. But when she saw that he was so close to her, her dead heart was revived. She wanted to come to him with a little hope, but finally she found that even her last hope was lost.

After Chen Fuyu left, Chu lie pushed the door and came in. Ling Mo Feng leaned on the sofa, looked up at him and asked, "has she gone?"

"Yes, she has left. I think she still has affection for her husband. Maybe she thinks there is still a chance." Chu lie sighed, feeling is really a very complex thing, who doesn't want to be closer to the person he likes?

Ling Mo Feng's coldness was obvious, and he said lightly: "love should have been decisive. If I saw her today, even if she didn't say anything, I would have given her a chance to meet next time."

"Sir did the right thing." Chulie agreed.

Ling Mo Feng reached for his cell phone and said, "I don't know if she's awake."

Chulie chuckled, "if you want miss LAN, sir, you can call her. She will be very happy to receive your call."

Ling Mo Feng hesitated for a moment, but his fingers were accidentally pressed down, he was a little upset.

At this time, a lazy female voice came from the other end of the mobile phone: "hello."

At first glance, I still answered the phone in my sleep with sleepiness.

"Yanxi, it's me." Ling Mo Feng smiled softly.

Chu lie saw Ling Mo Feng had dialed LAN Yanxi's phone, and he went out of the door wisely, not daring to disturb their rare time.

LAN Yanxi's voice suddenly woke up: "Ling Mo Feng, have you finished your work? Finally have time to call me, I have been waiting for your call

Ling Mo Feng chuckled, "there's a dinner party in the evening. It's time for rest. It didn't bother you to sleep."

"No, I'm sleeping in the daytime, and I can't sleep now. Ling Mo Feng, I want to have a video with you. I want to see you." LAN Yanxi is like a pathetic child. Although she hasn't seen her in three days, she really can't bear the lovesickness. She seems to be able to rush into his arms and feel his warmth.

Ling immediately hung up the phone, dialed a video, and the other party received it in the next second.

In the video, Ling Mo Feng is dressed in a suit, with a calm and elegant temperament. But the blue Yan Xi on the other end of the phone is wearing his hair and has a small face. Under the light, he looks pale, as if he hasn't had a good rest.

"Yan Xi, why do you have black eyes?" As soon as Ling Mo Feng saw her look, he immediately twisted his eyebrows. Isn't she not used to living in Ling's house?

LAN Yanxi was shocked and immediately denied, "no, maybe the light is too dark. I'll turn on the light."

Ling Mo Feng saw that the video seemed to be thrown on the quilt by her, and the camera flickered. Next second, the lights became brighter, and LAN Yanxi's beautiful face came back to the camera.

Sure enough, after the light brightened, her complexion also improved a lot, because her eyes were big and sparkling, as if they were stained with water, crystal and moist.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her carefully through the lens. At this moment, if it's not for state affairs that he has no choice, he really wants to go back to her at once.

"I don't think so?" LAN Yanxi looks at Ling Mo Feng under the camera with a smile. At first glance, he is a straight man. Under the front camera, he has the most real appearance. But even under such a clear pixel, his face is still handsome and stylish, with deep facial features, and even his skin color is noble and clear.

"Of course, I'm afraid you're not used to living in my house." Ling Mo Feng may also feel that he is not as good-looking as he imagined. He deliberately adjusted the lens to make himself look better.

LAN Yanxi squinted and giggled over there. It seems that this man finally found out the problem. After his adjustment, his eyes became clearer, even the tender feelings at the bottom of his eyes.

"I don't know how to make these videos and so on. You can make do with it." Ling Mo Feng smiled helplessly.

"It's OK. You look good like this." LAN Yanxi covers his lips and chuckles. He feels that this man just adjusted the camera to be inexplicably cute and interesting.

Ling Mo Feng affectionately looks at the little woman in the camera, even if she doesn't say anything, just looking at her like this, her mood is also very satisfied.

"When will you be back?" LAN Yanxi asked him in a low voice.

"Soon, there are two days left." The man bent his lips and chuckled.

"Well, you should be careful over there. I heard that your next country is not peaceful." Lanyanxi is paying attention to his dynamic news every moment, and her heart is clenched when she learns that his next goal is a country with frequent riots recently.

"Don't worry, it will be OK. Everything is arranged." Ling Mo Feng placates her gently.

LAN Yanxi is really not at ease, but she can't let him cancel the trip, only be afraid to wait for his safe return.

Two people chatted with each other in the video like ordinary lovers for a while. Ling took a look at the time. It was almost dinner time. He had to finish the conversation.

"Yan Xi, take care of yourself. I'll hang up first. I'll call you back when I have time." Ling Mo Feng told her in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi didn't give up, but he nodded. First, he hung up the video.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned, then smiled and shook his head. He was disappointed, but he felt that she hung up first, which saved his hesitation.

LAN Yanxi holds his cell phone and hides himself in the quilt. He is calm for a long time.


Ling wennuan wakes up from her sleep. The first thing she wakes up, she looks down at the ring on her hand and snores. Fortunately, she hasn't lost it.

In the bathroom came the sound of rushing water, Ling warm Leng for a while, early in the morning, how can Mu Weichen take a bath?

Ling wennuan is pressing her aching head to get out of bed when she finds out something extraordinary.

"Ah..." Ling warm screams, breaking the quiet of the morning.

"What's the matter?" The bathroom, rushed out a tall body, only with a bath towel to cover the healthy body, Mu Weicheng nervously rushed to the bedside and asked her: "warm, what's the matter?"

Ling Nuan pointed to the quilt: "for Why are my pants missing? "

Mu Weicheng's face was embarrassed for a while, then he said with a dry smile, "look for it in the quilt yourself. Maybe you took it off yourself."

Ling wennuan uses his toes to pull and really kicks out his pants.

"I was wearing a skirt last night. How did I change into pajamas?" Ling wennuan asked another question.

Mo Weicheng was even more embarrassed. "I changed it for you."