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LAN Yanxi was frightened, her pretty face was completely bloodless, and the gun in her hand seemed to be a hot potato. She wanted to throw it away, but she didn't dare, because she needed the gun to protect her life.

Ling Mo Feng's sharp eyes glanced at the situation of the road behind him. As soon as he regained his mind, he saw that the girl around him was shocked. He quickly reached out his hand and hugged her fiercely into his arms. His thin lips tightly touched her forehead. After a while, he comforted her gently: "Yan Xi, are you ok?"

"I'm fine!" LAN Yanxi's teeth were shaking, but he was still stubborn and didn't want him to worry.

The man's low Hun's laugh rang in her ear side, then, he pretended to be merciless and lightly hummed: "should frighten you, lest you later do not listen to my words disorderly!"

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, and quickly raised his head from the man's arms, a pair of frightened beautiful eyes, looking at him wrongfully and uneasily: "I'm not afraid!"

"I'm not afraid. Can you let go of your hand? I'm about to bleed! " Men smile more and more.

LAN yanximeng looked down and saw that his other hand, five fingers open, was holding a man's finger to death. As expected, all his fingers were red.

"I Sorry! " LAN Yanxi quickly let go of his hand, with a face of shame.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and rubbed her shoulder gently: "relax, it's OK!"

LAN Yanxi looks nervous. He sits up straight and feels guilty.

She should believe that Ling Mo Feng's arrangement is the most reasonable. She disrupted his plan. Now when he is surrounded by enemies, she has to spare no effort to protect her. She also blames her incompetence. She can't live and die with Chu lie like an agent, like Cheng Yuan, and compose a deep marriage.

Ling took the walkie talkie in front of his seat and asked in a low voice, "how is the injury?"

"Six people were injured, one of them was seriously injured, and there were medical staff in the back seat for rescue!" Chu lie's voice came at once.

"Let's be careful, I'm afraid this is only the first wave of attacks, and we will definitely come next." Ling Mo Feng told in a deep voice.

"Be careful, sir!" Of course, Chu lie knew that the first wave was only a test, and the second wave might be the main play.

LAN Yanxi hears Ling Mo Feng's words, and her scalp is numb with fear. Mei Mou looks at him with big eyes, shakes her voice and asks, "what else do you want?"

Ling Mo Feng looks at her helplessly. Some people have very weak control over fear, just like the frightened little woman in front of him. Fear is human nature. He originally let her go first, but he didn't want to experience these terrible nightmares. He was afraid that it would become the shadow of her life.

But now, he felt that there was no other way to stop her from going through this except to knock her unconscious.

But if he can't knock her out, he can't do it. Besides, she is a little woman who loves to remember revenge. If she doesn't marry him in case of anger, where can he reason?

In the back seat, two people stared at each other for a long time.

"Afraid?" The man looked at her pitifully and helplessly and asked painfully.

"Afraid!" At this moment, lanyanxi can't pretend to be strong. She's really afraid. She's afraid to enter her bones.

The man directly reaches for her back brain and presses her gently to himself. Next second, the man's sexy thin lips kiss her slightly open mouth.

"Oh!" Lanyanxi didn't expect that the man would kiss her in such a dangerous situation. Her brain was empty and her body was tense.

Ling Mo Feng touched her lips, only to feel the current swing back and forth in his body, which made him calm and calm in his heart, and also raised a strong wind and waves, he would not let her go again.

LAN Yanxi's petite body was all in his arms, and she was forced to look up. The thin lips of the man were not gentle at all, which surprised her secretly. It seemed that he was still angry with himself.

For a while, lanyanxi thought that when Ling Mo Feng was going to pester her to the end, the man gently let her go and looked at her red face. His eyes were dark and his voice was low and dumb: "if you are afraid next time, you should obey me!"

LAN Yanxi's face is hot, his head is lowered, and after a long time, he breathes heavily. Mei Mou looks up and straight at the man's eyes and replies, "I can try my best to restrain myself for fear that it's my instinct. Lovely you are also my nature. I can't abandon you!"

"Hard mouth!" Men are irresponsible.

Lanyanxi was able to speak with one mouth. Now he scolded her, and she didn't care.

"If I don't come back, how can I appreciate the style of Mr. vice president in danger?" LAN Yanxi has a long hair without knowing what to do. Her beautiful eyes are smiling.

Ling Mo Feng gave a helpless smile, stretched out his big hand, clasped his fingers with her, and sighed, "OK, you have a reason to say anything!"

LAN Yanxi is steady in the upper hand. Some of them are happy for a long time. Maybe it's because of the teasing with men, which makes her fear disappear. She can't help but secretly aim at the man. He must kiss her on purpose to eliminate her uneasiness.

This man, as if doing anything, has a purpose, but everything, can warm to the heart of people.

Ahead is a bridge, more than 200 meters long, with two lanes in the middle, one of which has a truck parked there.

The breath of danger made everyone tense in an instant.

Chu lie quickly picked up the walkie talkie and said, "keep alert. Stop the first car and send two teams of people to check the situation. Two teams of people get on and off the back car and check whether there is any enemy along the river!"

After receiving the superior's arrangement, four teams of people jumped from the front and back of the two vehicles immediately and began to check carefully.

When the two teams divided their work, the truck parked on the bridge suddenly exploded.

Then, the bridge began to collapse from the middle, and the whole bridge was blown up in an instant.

However, for the motorcade not far from the bridge, the glass of the window also broke several pieces, and the glass of the vehicle where Ling Mo Feng is located also cracked.

"Ah!" LAN Yanxi screamed, covered his ears, instinctively plunged into the arms of the man.

Ling didn't expect the other side to be so ruthless and blow up the whole bridge, which made him unable to pass here, which meant he was trapped here. How dangerous that situation can be imagined.

Ling Mo Feng holds the woman in his arms tightly. After waiting for everything to pass, Chu lie and Cheng Yuan get out of the car and knock on Ling Mo Feng's window to see how he is.

Of course, Ling Mo Feng is OK, but the blue Yan Xi in his arms almost fainted.

LAN Yanxi's ears were buzzing. Everything seemed to be far away. She looked up, dizzy and distended, and saw Ling Mo Feng looking at her anxiously, calling her name all the time.

"I'm fine!" Her first reaction was to answer him.

The sound of the tinnitus slowed down for a long time. Blue Yanxi couldn't help asking, "where's the explosion?"

"There's a bridge in front of us that's broken. Now we have to face the problem of how to cross the river." Ling Mo Feng told her in a low voice.

Chu lie punched angrily on the car body and said angrily, "it's really disgusting. If he plays this insidious trick, is he not afraid of retribution?"

Ling Mo Feng's brow tightened. Then he asked another aide, "when will the helicopter carrying materials from Jishi group arrive here?"

The adjutant was in charge of Ling Mo Feng's various news. He quickly took out his tablet computer and checked it quickly: "it's the end of the city. In total, six helicopters will be sent to deliver materials." Ling Mo Feng nodded: "do you know who is in charge this time? Let me talk to him on the phone. "

"Mr. Ji sent Lu Qing, his confidant. I'll contact him now!" As soon as the adjutant had finished speaking, he pulled out a telephone.

Soon, Lu Qing's voice came: "Hello, who is that?"

Ling Mo Feng took his mobile phone and said, "I'm ling Mo Feng. Are you Mr. Lu? I'm in some trouble now. Can I send three helicopters to help? "

"It's Mr. vice president. Young master sent me here mainly to meet you. Where are you? I heard that you were attacked on your way. Is everything ok?" Lu Qing seemed to be waiting for his order. When he heard his voice, he was more anxious and concerned.

Ling murfeng actually talked about this matter with Ji Xiaohan in private for a long time. That's why he didn't hurry, because he knew that he had a good friend who supported him to take this dangerous move.