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C802 really found it

Ji Yueze's fingers quickly grabbed the mobile phone back into his hands again, ignoring the pale woman beside him, but asked Ji Xiaohan in a low voice: "brother, is there any news?"

Ji Xiaohan's eyes are secretly looking at Bai Yiyan's expression. If a person is pretending something, her eyes must not be firm enough to dodge. But he just looked at Bai Yiyan, but her eyes have no dodging light, only stupefied, dull and full of grievances.

"Not yet, I have to say, she has a way of hiding!" Season owl cold light opening.

Hearing that Ji's brother is talking about aunt again, Bai Yiyan's expression is anxious and pale. She lowers her head and doesn't say a word, but her heart is extremely worried.

"Miss Bai, has your aunt mentioned to you that if she disappears one day, where can I find her?" Ji Xiaohan asks Bai Yiyan directly.

Bai Yiyan was stunned for a moment. Her beautiful eyes flashed: "no No, I haven't seen her for a long time. "

"If you think about it well, I don't mean what she said now. I mean, did she casually mention it to you before?" Ji Xiaohan didn't want to frighten her, so he was very gentle.

Bai Yiyan's brain was blank for a while, then her little face was slightly stiff. In fact, her aunt really told her a place, but she was not sure if it was a word she said seriously.

If Ji Xiaohan didn't remind her at this moment, she might not go to that sentence.

So, she lied almost instinctively just now.

"When you think about it, let us know that we are not going to do anything to your aunt. I just need her to make a certificate for me!" The elder brother of Ji Xiaohan has a good demeanor. He can advance and retreat properly, which will not frighten people.

"OK, I will tell you. I hope my aunt is OK!" Bai Yiyan smiles at Ji Xiaohan. She feels that Ji Xiaohan is a charming man. No wonder elder sister youyou loves him so much. Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes quickly swept the face of the man beside her. Although she thought Ji Xiaohan was invincible, she was still in love with Ji Yueze in the deep of her heart. Although he sometimes had a bad temper, childlike temperament, and even could not move, she was very strange. She was deeply attracted by him.

"Big brother, don't ask her. She is a fool. I don't know when I ask you!" Ji Yueze seems to think that his elder brother has put too many topics on Bai Yiyan's body, so he bites his teeth and makes a sound.

Bai Yiyan's snow-white face is inexplicably white again. In Ji Yueze's heart, is she at the same level as a fool?

How sad!

"Well, let's not talk about it!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to really scare Bai Yiyan. After all, he doesn't mean anything. He just wants to determine the character of the woman himself.

He believes that his eyes are poisonous. He thinks it's OK. That means Bai Yiyan really doesn't know anything.

After eating, Ji Xiaohan left first, leaving Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze eating slowly.

Bai Yiyan lowers her head and seems to be eating seriously. However, her heart has gone far away.

Would she like to gamble?

Do you want to go to the place where aunt said to find her?

Bai Yiyan is struggling in her heart, but she can't do nothing after she knows about it.

"Ji Yueze, I want to go home to sleep in the afternoon. Can you take my cell phone? I'm just tired!" Bai Yiyan suddenly makes the next decision.

"Poor physical strength. Next time you need more exercise!" Ji Yueze also felt that she was very tired, because she tossed her last night, she may not really have a good rest.

"Well, I'll do it!" Bai Yiyan smiled a little, but there was bitterness in her smile.

"Let's go. I'll take you back. I'll keep your cell phone for you!" Ji Yueze didn't force her, just took her downstairs and drove back to their house.

"Go downstairs, I'll go up myself!" Bai Yiyan said in a low voice.

"If you have any questions, please call me from your home phone!" Ji Yueze looks at her bloodless face, and reminds her softly.

"Well!" Bai Yiyan nodded and then turned to enter the elevator. However, she didn't press the key immediately after entering the elevator. She pressed the door of the elevator and heard the sports car leaving. She was relieved.

Then, Bai Yiyan quickly left the elevator door.

Bai Yiyan took out her mask and put on her coat hat.

She stopped a car on the side of the road, gave an address, and the car left quickly.

Two hours later, at a farm on the outskirts of the city, Bai Yiyan paid for the car and went straight to the farm.

Bai Yiyan knocks on the door. Someone comes to open the door and sees her. She is surprised: "Xiaoyan, why are you here?"

"Is aunt here?" Bai Yiyan asked suddenly.

The other side was obviously stunned.

"Let me in. I have something urgent to do with her!" Bai Yiyan seems to know something. She asks urgently.


"I came alone, no one to follow me!" Bai Yiyan hears the other party's worries.

"Come in!" The other side still opened the door.

This person is Bai Zhenzhen's friend from childhood. She is the only woman who doesn't dislike Bai Zhenzhen. Her name is sister Guan, because she was ugly when she was a child. Bai Zhenzhen helped her a lot. The two people have been maintaining the friendship of Xi and RI until today. This farm used to be Bai Yiyan's paradise. There are many small animals, ponds, flower paths, bridges and meadows. She remembers that Bai Zhenzhen brought her here to eat and fly kites. Once, Bai Zhenzhen hugged her and said that if she could not find her one day, she would be here.

I didn't expect that she would be here.

Bai Yiyan found a door and knocked.

Inside came a real voice: "come in!"

Bai Yiyan pushes the door in.


"Xiaoyan?" Bai Zhenzhen almost fell down from the chair in fear. Then, she immediately looked out vigilantly, quickly closed the door and grabbed Bai Yiyan: "you Why are you here? Who asked you to come! "

"Aunt, I came here by myself. What's the matter with you?" Bai Yiyan is worried to see that her aunt has lost a lot of weight recently.

"Ji's two brothers, are they looking for me? They asked you to come? " In Bai Zhen's true expression, there is a hint of self mockery.

"No, I dodged them!" Bai Yiyan immediately shakes her head.

"Xiaoyan, do you look down on me?" Bai Zhenzhen immediately covered his face with a face less expression.

"I didn't, auntie. Can you tell me what happened to you? Maybe I can help you! " "You can't help me!" Bai Zhen shook his head in pain: "no one can help!"