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Men's words, like a touch of sunshine, shine into the heart of Tang Youyou, warm. "I can't trouble you with everything. You're so busy. It's not right if I don't care for you." Once again, Tang youyou pressed his face to his chest and felt the familiar cold fragrance. She sighed peacefully, and her little hands held him tighter.

In the past, she didn't like such a greasy and crooked one the most, but since she met this man, she wanted to lean on him like this and do nothing, so she was satisfied with holding him like this.

He has changed a lot of her habits. It's a terrible man, like a poison, making people hide.

Season owl cold gently stroked her long hair. She was wearing a white robe, plain face, clean white and clear. Her shining eyes were soft like water. Season owl cold really wanted to drown and see what she could become soft. "If I'm busy, I'll deal with your affairs as soon as possible." Ji Xiaohan chuckles and watches her change from stubborn coldness to gentle and considerate little wife at the moment. Only Ji Xiaohan knows the bitterness of this change. Under the pressure of all kinds of dislikes from two little guys, he can

grasp this woman's heart. It's not easy to walk this way, but at last let this little woman tame. Ji Xiaohan is really The most satisfying.

"Well, you need to take a bath quickly. Early rest is the key point!" Tang youyou chuckles and escapes from his arms. Although he wants to hold on, it's too late. She still wants him to go to bed.

"Is the point rest?" The man suddenly attached to her and asked in silence.

Tang Xiuyou blushed inexplicably and glared at him with coquetry. This man is really joking and doesn't work in different places. He's so tired. How can he still think about it.

Is his energy really inexhaustible?

Seeing her blushing face, Ji Xiaohan immediately smiled happily and turned to enter the bathroom.

Tang youyou looks at his back, but shakes his head and smiles. When the season owl came out of the cold, he didn't wear his clothes properly. The dark woven gold Nightgown was only loose and straddled with a strap. The large and strong chest exposed was not too charming. The two long, straight legs were full of strength, which made people feel confused.

Tang youyou finds that this man is just the perfect embodiment. No matter which side he is, he can arouse people's mood to sway and ripple constantly.

Season owl cold with a warm, lean, hands propped up in her back cushion place, condescending coagulate her: "how to look at the mobile phone?"

Tang youyou just reflected. He put his mobile phone aside and whispered, "I'm waiting for you!"

"Didn't I come here? Are you in a hurry? " The man suddenly attached his head and bit her moist lips. It was a real bite, but it made people feel flustered and stuffy.

Tang youyou breathed slowly, and stared at him with some shame: "I'm talking about sleeping, and I don't do anything else."

"Don't want to do something bad?" Ji Xiaohan likes to tease her, which makes her at a loss and makes him in a good mood.

Tang youyou knew that he was teasing herself, so she had to shake her head in a muffled voice: "no, I'm tired. You must be tired, too!"

"An hour is enough!" Someone's slightly proud brow is very proud.

Tang youyou is completely stunned. God, does this man want to be so narcissistic?

For an hour, she couldn't bear it.

"You'd better sleep more, don't think about it!" Tang youyou immediately put out his hand to block his leaning down body, making a small proposal.

"No!" The man is just like a unreasonable child. The thin lips and hateful bite her lips. Tang youyou is about to be bitten by him. He only feels that there is a fire in his body. If he doesn't burn it once, he will be sorry for the man's hard performance.

"OK Come on! " Tang youyou is such a passive person. In front of this man, he starts to become active.

"What do you say Right? " A frown from someone's displeasure, is she so strong?

Tang youyou swallowed his saliva fiercely. Did her reply touch his scales again?

Forget it, or don't say anything, say more, do it!

Tang youyou looks up his little head and kisses his thin lips on his own initiative. This answer should be satisfied.

"Isn't it much easier to be like this?" Man with a satisfied low smile, with his strong body down, Tang youyou only feel empty brain, where can think of what?

Can I see him in the future and fight back directly?

Yang ChuChu was sitting on the bed with a pillow in his arms, looking very melancholy.

Beside the bed, Cheng Ying has a set of black and capable professional clothes, long curly hair tied behind her head, hands around her chest, and looks at her unhappy daughter who has come back from abroad, squinting and asking her, "what's going on? Not going to talk to me? "

"Mom, don't you want me to be with Luo Jinyu?" Yang ChuChu did not look up, but asked sadly. Cheng Ying nodded: "yes, that's what I decided. You must be too young. I'm not sure. What's more, those ugly words on the Internet really make me angry. What did my single mother provoke them? What makes my education fail? Are children born in a single family subject to such ridicule? " After hearing this, Yang ChuChu's eyes were frozen into a blank. When she came back from abroad, she never looked at her mobile phone, let alone the messages on the Internet, because she knew that it would be hard to hear, and her eyes would not be clear. But when she heard her mother's words, her heart still seemed to be beaten to death.

"Mom, I'm sorry for the trouble!" Yang ChuChu did not argue as before. She had to fight with her mother for a right or wrong. She just bowed her head and apologized like a wrong child.

Cheng Ying looks at her like this and frowns. It's not right for her daughter to return home this time.

"You never felt that you were wrong before. What happened this time? All of a sudden? " Cheng Ying chuckled.

Yang ChuChu laughed at himself: "I used to be so headstrong. I don't know what's right or wrong. But now, I already know. Mom, I promise you, I won't see Luo Jinyu again these two years. I won't be angry with you because of him."

Hearing this, Cheng Ying immediately sat down and looked at her daughter's red eyes. She frowned and said, "you know, can you tell me what happened?"

"Mom, I have nothing. I am I can't be willful anymore! " Yang ChuChu sniffed and whispered. "What did Luo Jinyu do to you?" Cheng Ying suddenly became nervous.