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C1483: love to the bone

The age difference between Tang youyou and Yang ChuChu is not big. Sitting together, naturally, they are also the focus of attention. A group of female stars nearby all look at them with envy, jealousy and hatred. After all, Tang youyou still feels cold to outsiders. Not everyone can make friends with her.

Although Yang ChuChu is still a star, everyone knows that her boyfriend is Luo Jinyu, a man who dotes on her. Tang

youyou and Yang ChuChu are talking with a low smile. The auspicious time has arrived. Lu

xuanchen stands in front of the exquisite stage, surrounded by flowers. In the air, there are also floating fragrance, making people feel the warmth and sweetness of this moment. Mao

Rong Rong, holding his father's hand, came in step by step from the gate, stepped on the red carpet, walked through the guest room, and walked towards the handsome and gentle man not far away. "Here comes the bride!" Yang ChuChu whispered.

Tang youyou immediately turned around and saw a slender and tall woman wearing pure white wedding charm, holding a bunch of flowers in her hand, walking towards the red carpet. Her father should accompany her, and the elder's eyes were red, which made people feel happy and sad at this moment. Don

youyou has also experienced such a scene, and her mood is inexpressible, but she is always happy.

The gossamer on the bride's head, flying with the wind, outlines her delicate features. Even if she looks hazy, she knows that she must be a beautiful and beautiful woman. Don

leisurely looks at her friends from childhood, and finally gets a happy marriage. She sincerely wishes them all the best.

Tang youyou looks at the bride a little bit stunned, but he doesn't find that on her left side, a pair of deep eyes are also just staring at her.

The season owl is like drinking wine casually. He can look at his wife's reflection from time to time through his eyes along the edge of the glass. If you want to come, you will be really hurt. He is a great young master of his family, but he has to fall to such a level. Love is really harmful. If you pay for it, you will know that this life will be finished.

Tang youyou's eyes were filled with moving tears. Maybe she saw the red eyes of Mao Rongrong's father. She thought of her father's sadness when she married him. At the moment, her heart was filled with mixed feelings. The corner of her eyes was moistened involuntarily.

In fact, Yang ChuChu was stunned. Suddenly, she asked Tang youyou in a small voice with a silly side voice, "elder sister Youyou, do all women need to have their father around when they get married?"

"Ah?" Tang youyou is stunned for a moment. Yang's face was suddenly sad. She looked down and dared not look at it again. She thought that although she had a father, she could not let him marry her. She felt very sad.

Mao Rongrong's eyes are also a little sour. However, when she thinks that today is her big day and that she wants to be a beautiful, elegant and decent bride, she can only hold back her tears and keep them from falling. Lu

xuanchen looks at his bride coming to him. He reaches out to her and holds the woman tightly in the palm of his hand. "

thank you dad!" Lu xuanchen thanked him in a soft voice. His father comforted Mao's sad mood. He smiled and finally gave his daughter to the man. At the moment of turning around, he reached out to wipe the tears around his eyes and went back to the table.

The etiquette host immediately jumped out to activate the atmosphere, and all the guests were relieved from the mood just now. New

people exchange rings, give speeches, promise, this series of processes, as if all the young men and women entering the hall will walk once.

Finally, the banquet begins. Ji Xiaohan originally wanted to go to Tang youyou's side, but he saw Yang ChuChu's presence. He had to go with his younger brother. Ji

Yueze can see that elder brother dislikes himself. Alas, he forgot his brother when he married his wife. In those days, he knew how much he loved himself. That's why he never competed with elder brother for the management power of family business, because he was willing to quit and completely trusted to give the whole family to elder brother for support.

Ji Xiaohan was originally accompanying Tang youyou to come here for a walk. Therefore, he was a little absent-minded. When Lu xuanchen and his wife came to toast Tang Youyou, Ji Xiaohan finally found his own place of use. So, his tall body stood up and walked directly to Tang youyou's side. Tang youyou actually went to get wine instead of tea , he immediately reached out his hand to pick up the wine cup that the woman had brought up, touched Lu xuanchen's wife lightly, smiled and said, "I'm sorry, she can't drink now, we are preparing for pregnancy!" Don

youyou's pretty face turns red in a flash. What's this man talking about? When did he get pregnant?

"Is it? Yo, you're going to have a second child? Congratulations, and I wish you a happy new baby as soon as possible! " Lu xuanchen listened, but felt happy for her. "

thank you, and you're all right!" The season owl is very happy with a cold smile. Rong Rong's beautiful eyes turned slightly on Tang youyou's face, and some of them hung down like a hollow heart.

As for the growth history of Lu xuanchen and Tang Youyou, Mao Rongrong already knows. She also knows that Lu xuanchen once promised not to marry Tang youyou. There are always many melancholy stories about new people and old people. Mao Rongrong can't fight, let alone want to fight, because fate doomed her to meet Lu xuanchen after Tang Youyou, which is the wonder of fate. To

after drinking, Ji Xiaohan attached to Tang youyou's ear and asked in a low voice, "when will you leave?" "

urgent? I promised to go shopping after having dinner with Chu Chu. Otherwise, you should go first! " Tang youyou rarely has a friend who wants to be the same. He immediately left his husband behind. "

be careful when shopping. I'll leave the bodyguard to you. Besides, you're in a hurry to go out. You shouldn't have any money." Season owl cold low voice asked.

Tang youyou immediately reached out and opened his bag. Sure enough, there was only one lipstick in it.

The red bag here is prepared by Ji Xiaohan. Of course, she has nothing to prepare. She holds the bag in her hand, but it's just for decorating with her own suit. "

How can you even guess this?" Don youyou gave him a white look. This man is just like a God.

Ji Xiaohan immediately reached into his arms, took out his wallet, took out a black card and handed it to her. "Take it. I've been bored for so long at home. It's rare to have friends with me. Buy whatever you want!" Don

youyou reaches for it, puts it in the bag, and chuckles at the man, "thank you!" "

thank you. I'll go first!" The season owl cold returns to stare at her, since she doesn't go with oneself, that season owl cold doesn't want to stay.

He used to say hello to his brother, then went to say hello to Lu xuanchen and left directly. After Ji Xiaohan left, they also decided to leave.

"My sister-in-law, you are very clear. Where are you going with us?" Ji Yueze asked with a smile.

"I'll go shopping with your sister-in-law!" Yang chulin replied with a smile.

"Oh, then have a good time." Ji Yueze waved at them.

"I'll buy something for little mo mo. I haven't given a gift to my aunt yet." Tang youyou said with a smile.

Ji Yueze nodded "OK!"

Tang youyou and Yang ChuChu walked out of the hotel and saw that Ji Xiaohan had left all his bodyguards. Tang youyou was shocked and asked a bodyguard, "Ji Xiaohan won't drive away alone, will you?" "

No, two people were sent to follow his car." The bodyguard replied immediately. Tang

youyou's heart is sweet, and Yang ChuChu, next to her, envies, "sister Youyou, Ji is really good to you, so happy!" Don't look at her with a sullen smile. "Do you have to envy me? Who doesn't know you're somebody's favorite. " "

sister Youyou, you make fun of others!" Yang ChuChu immediately blushed and shouted. Don

leisurely takes her arm, two people sit in the car, the car directly drove away from the hotel gate.

On the side of the road opposite the hotel gate, a white sports car stopped there. Zhang Chenchen looked at the guests in and out. She was gloomy. Lu xuanchen got married today, indicating that she really had no hope in her life. "

Lu xuanchen, you're sorry for me, and I won't make you feel better!" After Zhang Chenchen finished, he left angrily.