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Ji Xiaohan knows that his younger brother is very angry, and he is also very angry. He feels that Bai is really a woman without credit. He is really too kind. He feels that she has a good attitude of confession, so he forgives her. Maybe a woman like her is not worthy of forgiveness and sympathy.

"Find her first!" Season owl cold deep voice way. "

brother, there's another thing, Bai Yiyan is missing, I can't contact her!" Although he felt ashamed and frustrated when he said such words, he had to say it now.

"Why is she missing? Did she really escape together with Bai? " Ji Xiaohan looks surprised. He always thinks that Bai Yiyan and her brother are stable and should not do such a desperate thing.

"I don't know. I can't find her!" Ji Yueze's tone was full of depression and anger: "if she really combined with Bai and really lied to me, I would not let her go."

Ji Xiaohan heard his brother gnashing his teeth, but also heard the sound of his inner collapse.

"Xiaoze, don't think about it. Maybe they didn't run away together. Please look for Bai Yiyan again." "

well, I'll find it again!" Ji also believes that Bai Yiyan has no courage to betray him.

Ji Yueze doesn't know where he comes from. But he just believes that Bai Yiyan won't cheat him. She really likes her. Her eyes can't cheat people. Bai

really thought out a way to escape from the hospital. She took out her mobile phone at the first time and called Ji Lin. Her hands were shaking, afraid and desperate when she entered the number.

When the mobile phone was unplugged, Ji Lin's familiar voice came: "who is that?"

"Ji Lin, did you kidnap Xiaoyan? You let her go. What do you want to do? We'll settle the grudges between us. Don't hurt her. " Bai Zhenzhen yells at her cell phone angrily. She is really going to lose her mind. "

Bai Liuyin, oh, no, your name is Bai Zhen now. Haven't you been hiding from me? Why did you call me all of a sudden? " Ji Lin sneers.

"What do you want to do, old bastard? I'm warning you, don't mess around. Let Xiaoyan go! " Cried the gnashing of teeth.

"Did you tell Ji Xiaohan and his brothers what happened to us?" Ji Lin's voice turned cold and asked sarcastically.

"I didn't!" Bai Zhenzhen immediately denied, "as I said, I will bring all secrets into the earth." "

you swore that way, but how do I know if you said it?" Ji Lin is even colder and doesn't trust her at all.

"If I really said it, would the Ji family let me go? You think with your head! " White really hate voice way. "

are you really stupid? Your daughter is Ji Yueze's girlfriend now. She asks Ji Yueze for a favor. Of course, nothing will happen to you! " Ji Lin is like an old fox who can see through everything. White

she turned white with panic. She pinched her cell phone and stopped breathing: "what do you want to do? Do you want me to die? OK, I'm going to die now. I'm going to find a building. You let Xiaoyan go. As long as you let her go, I'll die! "

"Bai Zhenzhen, you betrayed me. The Betrayer has to pay a price. Do you understand?" Ji Lin roars angrily. Obviously, he suspects Bai Zhenzhen has already given the criminal evidence. So Ji's family didn't send her to the police station because Ji Xiaohan is waiting for the right time. When he catches up with him, he will come up with the criminal evidence to convict him.

"What do you think of me? Ji Lin, don't deceive people too much! " Bai Yiyan yells angrily at her mobile phone, like a madman, with a twisted face.

"I want you to turn yourself in at the police station and admit that you killed Ji Nan alone!" The requirement of cold season. "

OK, if I turn myself in, will you let Xiaoyan go?" Bai Zhenzhen is loveless now. She is willing to do anything for her. She only wants her daughter to come back safely.

"Of course, it's not enough. I want you to tell Ji Yueze that Bai Yiyan is your daughter. You told the previous lies for your daughter's future." Ji Lin said coldly. "

what? You can't do that. Xiaoyan is not my daughter... " "

you told me that year. Is it a fake? Whether it's true or not, you have to tell Ji Yueze about it. It's true or not. Ji Yueze will verify it! " White

it's true that the whole person has become a stone, and her body keeps shaking. "

you are a devil. If you want me to confess, I will go. If you want my life, I will give it to you. But you can't destroy my daughter's future. You can't!" Bai Zhenzhen roars in pain, frightens the passers-by aside, and keeps away from her one after another, only treating her as a mental patient. "

is your daughter's future important, or her life important? Think about it for yourself! " Ji Lin doesn't want to talk to her. He believes that this woman will give him the result he wants.

"Wait a minute, I promise you!" Bai Zhenzhen finally succumbed. Her daughter's life is more important than anything else. "

OK, I have eyes on Ji's side. Don't play tricks on me. If you let me know that you dare to move other thoughts, your daughter will really die. Such a beautiful girl, who died miserably, is really a heartache." Ji said in a long tone.

"Don't touch her, or I'll fight with you!" Bai Zhenzhen now doesn't know what to say to threaten him. She can only choose to believe in the devil again. "

don't worry, I won't think about her. I will let her go back safely as long as you agree to my terms!" Ji Lin sneers.

Hung up the phone, Bai Zhen was sitting on the road alone, like a madman, with a dull look and empty eyes.

All of a sudden, she saw a river nearby. She walked quickly and threw her cell phone into the river. The purpose of doing this is not to have another incident. She has decided to do it according to Ji Lin's requirements, but her mobile phone remains. In case that Ji's family finds out, she is afraid that her daughter's life will be endangered.

She can't afford to gamble.

"Ah, Bai Zhenzhen, what are you doing?" When Bai Zhenzhen was standing by the river, he ran out to find her bodyguard and saw her suddenly. He rushed over and dragged her back from the river: "you want to live in Qingsheng?" White

I really saw the two bodyguards who were sweating and panicking. She felt that she had done a bad thing. She said an apology to them: "sorry!" "

What are you doing, elder sister? Why all of a sudden? "

Bai Zhenzhen's eyes were empty. At last, she sneered, "I'm afraid. I want to escape!"

"Why are you afraid?"

"Because I killed people!" Bai Zhen said calmly.