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Ji Tingyan follows Wang Cheng to the entrance of his private villa. The villa is very well built. At the entrance, two hounds suddenly appear, which makes Ji Tingyan afraid to move. She just hides behind Wang Cheng in a hurry.

"Don't be afraid, Miss Ji. This is the boss's pet. It won't hurt people." Wang Cheng comforts her.

Ji Tingyan thinks angrily that she is the pet of tie Ting, not her. Can she not be afraid?

"Xiaoshan, Xiaoyu, come back!" Suddenly, on the balcony of the second floor, a deep male voice, who was obedient to the two hounds, immediately wagged his tail and went back to their small house like a good baby.

Ji Tingyan looks up and sees that the man's hands are languidly propped up at the guardrail, looking down at her.

This feeling of being looked at makes Ji Tingyan uncomfortable, but she can't help it. People have to bow their heads under the eaves. She can't help it.

"Come on up." The man spoke in a low voice. Just now, Ji Tingyan was scared to hide behind Wang orange, which made the man pull the corner of his mouth inexplicably, but he felt uncomfortable. To hide, he should also hide behind him.

Wang Cheng hurriedly said to Ji Tingyan, "Miss Ji, hurry up. I'll arrange for another two sisters to have dinner."

"Thank you, assistant Wang." Ji Tingyan is grateful. She always feels that Wang Cheng's words and deeds have a kind of big boy atmosphere, which is totally different from his eldest brother.

Ji Tingyan goes inside, her beautiful eyes still alert to the two dogs outside.

Finally, she came to the second floor from the stairs, through the corridor, to the balcony.

There is only one table and two chairs outside the balcony, which are still hard wooden chairs.

Tie Ting sat in the chair, saw her, and waved: "come and have a cup of tea."

Ji Tingyan walked briskly and took the tea he handed over: "thank you."

When she was drinking tea, she stared at her boldly for a while. In the sun, her skin was better than snow, her eyebrows and eyes were delicate, and she had a kind of indescribable noble feeling. In addition, her graceful behavior, words and deeds should have been well bred since childhood, which was not the temperament of ordinary rich women.

"Mr. tie, I should formally thank you. Thank you for your friendship. When the car is repaired tomorrow, I will leave. I don't know how I can express my gratitude." Ji Tingyan looks up at her, her voice is light and pleasant, but also firm.

Tie Ting saw her politeness, only a light smile: "what is the purpose of your trip?"

"Purpose?" Ji Tingyan murmured two words, and suddenly her face was slightly hot. Then she pretended to be calm and said, "I'm here to collect wind. I want to hold a painting exhibition next year, and I want to add more materials."

"I'm familiar with the scenery in this area. If you want to go anywhere, I can ask someone to see you off." Tie Ting heard that she really came here to work and find materials, but she felt a little lost in her heart.

"No, I have contacted the travel agency. They will arrange the route reasonably according to my requirements." Ji Tingyan shakes her head. She will never trouble him.

Tie Ting turned her head and looked at her. She said that she had been in love with her before. She was lying to him.

"I just called my grandmother. She was very happy to hear that you were here. She also asked me to take good care of you. There are many beautiful places here with complicated traffic and few people. They are invisible to outsiders. Only local people can arrive. You rarely come here. Don't you want to have a look?" There was only one meaning in his words. He wanted to help her.

"Grandma Zhang knows I'm here?" Ji Tingyan's heart thumped, she was shy, and then she stared at her: "did you tell her? Why are you doing this? "

Tie Ting shrugged. "I thought my grandma knew you would come here."

"I...!" Ji Tingyan is speechless.

"I'm sorry, did I embarrass you?" The bottom of the man's eyes flashed a light of belly black, he just wanted to make her embarrassed.

Ji Tingyan sighed: "it won't be difficult. We have explained the misunderstanding clearly..."

"Misunderstanding?" Suddenly, a blue figure appeared at the door of the balcony. It was Lu Mengmeng. Her voice was a little sharp. "What's the misunderstanding?"

Ji Tingyan did not expect someone to eavesdrop, she turned around and saw that cute miss, she quickly stopped talking.

Tie Ting's eyebrows wrinkled, obviously there were several displeasure, and immediately said seriously: "Mengmeng, when did you come here?"

"Brother Funing, you said to my grandfather last time that you would take me to see the scenery here. When can you talk? I've been here for several days. If you don't take me to play again, I'm suffocating." Lu Mengmeng immediately came over coquettishly, burping his mouth and accusing him of his actions.

As soon as his eyes brightened, as if he suddenly found a breakthrough, he immediately said, "yes, I promised your grandfather to take you out to play. Just in time, Miss Ji will go tomorrow. Let's go with her."

"Ah?" Ji Tingyan's eyes open in a flash. Tie Ting wants to take a little beauty with her?

"With them? Why? I want both of us. " Lu Mengmeng was not happy immediately, and was the first to object.

"It takes a lot of people to travel. It's not interesting for two people. What do you think, Miss Ji?" Tie Ting Mou bottom smile, looking at Ji Tingyan.

"Mr. tie, I think it's most suitable for you and miss Mengmeng to travel together. I think she would like to play with you too." Ji Tingyan's words are ironic. This tie Ting is really popular with women. Even such a young man is so obsessed with him.

"That's right. I just want to go with brother bonding and don't want outsiders to join me." Lu Mengmeng is young, and he is adored since he was young. He speaks absolutely.

Tie Ting didn't expect that things would get darker and darker. He quickly explained, "Mengmeng is just like my sister. You may have misunderstood."

When Lu Mengmeng heard this, she changed her face and glared angrily at Ji Tingyan. She felt that this woman was deliberately separating her feelings with tie ting.

Ji Tingyan also felt the hostile look of the little girl. She immediately turned her face away and said with a light smile, "I'm sorry to disturb you. I'll go down first and talk to you."

Lu Mengmeng makes a proud grunt to Ji Tingyan's insight. People with eyes can see that her feelings for brother Funing are not family.

After seeing Ji Tingyan leave, Lu Mengmeng turns around and looks at her. However, she finds that the man's expression is not happy. She is stunned.

"Mengmeng, don't be so rude in front of others. I always regard you as my sister. You should be clear and don't make unnecessary misunderstandings." Tie Ting's face reminded her seriously.

"Brother bonding, I I just feel that Miss Ji, who comes from an unknown source, wants to do harm to her brother, so I want to use this method to make her retreat. I have no malice. " Lu Mengmeng's eyes are red with grievance. You are still cruel to me for your good.

"If you're really good for me, say less." Then he left the balcony.

Lu Meng kicked the chair beside him angrily: "wait, I will let brother Funing fall in love with me. I will never let him be robbed by others. He is mine."

Ji Tingyan went downstairs and sat on the sofa in the living room, her heart tangled.

A tall figure appeared at the stairs. Ji Tingyan quickly sat up straight and looked up at the tie Ting who was walking down the stairs.

Just at this time, an aunt nearby smiled and said, "Sir, you can have lunch."

"OK, Miss Ji, come and join us." Tie Ting is very polite. She greets Ji Tingyan directly.

"Good!" Ji Tingyan didn't twist, so she followed him to the restaurant.

"Go and ask Mengmeng to come down for dinner." Tie Ting said to her aunt.

My aunt answered and went upstairs.

When Ji Tingyan heard that she was going to have dinner with the lady, she was slightly shocked.

"Mr. tie, thank you for your hospitality. I'm here, and it seems to affect you. Otherwise, I'll go to find Cheng Yue and them..."

"What are you afraid of? I'm afraid I'll eat you? Along the way, you have been hiding from me. If you really don't feel for me, you should be aboveboard, rather than just running away. " Tie Ting finally got angry and looked at her discontentedly.

Ji Tingyan was shocked by his words. She grabbed chopsticks nervously and shook her head: "I don't have one. You think more."

"If you don't, dare to set out tomorrow. If you don't feel for me, make a friend." Tie Ting uses the method of fierce general. It will have effect when you feel it.

Ji Tingyan suddenly gets bored. Why is this man aggressive? Do you really think she dare not?

"Well, if Mr. tie is free, we will go to see the great mountains and rivers tomorrow. It's just There is no pure friendship between adult men and women. " Ji Tingyan suddenly relaxed. Yes, why should she be evasive and aboveboard.