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C679 the temper of a young master

Ji Yueze watched her little mouth biting on the dessert constantly, but her bright eyes peeped over from time to time, just like a kitten stealing food, for fear of being driven away by her owner.

Without a reason in his heart, a soft color rose that he did not even notice.

Slender fingers stretched out, rubbed a few white sesame seeds sticking to the corners of his mouth, and his voice faded slightly: "Slow down, and food!"

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that he would still do such a gentle thing to her. Beautiful eyes froze for a moment, and she instantly felt that her gobble was a bit distorted. She hurriedly took a paper towel and wanted to wipe it again. As soon as I wiped the corners of my mouth, I was afraid that something was sticking.

Ji Yueze looked at her like a panic-stricken child, a gesture of childishness.

The inexplicable chest was tight, because when she saw her constantly licking her lips with her little tongue, it looked as if she had also become a delicious snack. Ji Yueze only remembered that she had paid for her small mouth. The taste is really sweet and charming like this dessert.

"I'm thinking about whether to continue our agreement!" In order not to indulge himself, Ji Yueze immediately switched the topic, Bai Yiyan's eyes were slightly surprised, and he looked at him with some disbelief.

"We are like tightly entwined ropes. We are proud of everything and everything is damaged. At the time, I did n’t consider this aspect. I thought that having a girlfriend and having a love should be a simple and easy thing. I think that the person being changed is not just you, but myself. I don't want my reputation that I won so hard to be ruined by you overnight. "Ji Yueze drank tea slowly and quietly. Light, could not hear a trace of emotion, but it seemed to be hopeful.

Bai Yiyan heard that he meant to blame her. She lowered her head even more shamelessly, and did not know what to say, so she continued to apologize: "I'm really sorry, I didn't want to discredit your reputation."

"The apology is saved, it has happened, and I can see that you did not mean it, but as long as you are alive ..."

"I'm not alive, do you want me to die?" Bai Yiyan heard his words and resisted instinctively.

Ji Yueze was almost not laughed at by her words, sulking with a smile, staring at her and saying, "It's not good for me to die. Don't die, just continue to be my girlfriend. Also, I decided to make you a star, and when you have your own ability to make yourself better, you will take care of your own reputation and will not affect me anymore! "

Bai Yiyan was stunned once again, really did not expect that Ji Yueze even found out that she wanted to hold her as a female star.

"Don't you say I have no acting skills?" Bai Yiyan laughed at herself.

"I watched your video and found that you still have acting skills, and there is a strong explosive power in your eyes. Not only that, you are also very photogenic. The scum shot technique of the other party does not make you ugly. Instead, look It's still pretty. "Ji Yueze teased her with the video she was vilified today.

When Bai Yiyan heard it, she was ashamed and just wanted to find a hole to drill into it, she was ashamed to death.

When the atmosphere was embarrassing, the hostess personally delivered two delicious dishes, a bowl of millet porridge and a bowl of crystal white rice.

"Ji Shao, if you are very hungry, eat the bottom of porridge first, this will not hurt your stomach!"

"Thank you!" Ji Yueze finished, and brought the bowl of porridge directly to Bai Yiyan: "Drink!"

Bai Yiyan did not expect that Ji Yueze and his wife were so attentive and meticulous to her, she was inexplicably moved so that her eyes were red.

Also whispered a thank you.

After the boss lady went out, Ji Yueze realized that the tears in her eyes had fallen on the table.

"Look, I just praised you for acting. I didn't expect that you really did. When you cry, you cry. This is something that many female stars can't do."

Bai Yiyan was already embarrassed enough. I didn't expect Ji Yueze to make fun of her. She quickly wiped her tears, stopped talking, and began to drink porridge.

Indeed, even if she wanted to quarrel with this man, she would have to wait until she was full, and then quarrel with strength.

"Why don't you eat?" Bai Yiyan ate and ate, only to discover that she ate alone, and the man didn't use chopsticks.

"I have eaten, you eat it quickly!" Ji Yueze was not hungry, but when he saw the woman eating, he was inexplicably hungry.

These meals are what he usually eats, and he doesn't feel how delicious they are. But why does this woman look like it is the most delicious in the world, making him want to take two bites with chopsticks.

In the end, he really took the chopsticks she had used, put a piece of meat into his mouth.

"Uh ..." Bai Yiyan didn't expect the man to use the chopsticks she had eaten, and Mei's eyes widened immediately.

"It tastes the same!" I found it in my mouth, and it tasted almost the same as usual.

He put down the chopsticks and decided not to eat anymore.

Bai Yiyan looked at the chopsticks he had eaten, and made a dilemma. Should she continue to use it?

"Disgusting me?" Ji Yueze saw that she was holding a spoon to eat food, and the good-looking Mei Yu immediately picked it, her voice exuding a touch of anger.

"No, I don't want to abandon it!" At this moment, Bai Yiyan still has any cleansing disorder. She quickly took the chopsticks and continued to eat.

Ji Yueze's face returned to good-looking, holding a glass of red wine, watching her slowly.

"My proposal just now, how do you feel?" After a couple of drinks, I realized that the woman hadn't expressed her attitude yet, so she asked.

"Of course I have no opinion. I am afraid that you will change your mind again and fight me back to the original form!" Bai Yiyan feels that a bad-tempered person is not her, but Ji Yueze is always cloudy and unsettled. When getting along with him, she always stretched her mind and dared her courage, fearing that she would be provoked again and punished.

Seeing her humorous words, Ji Yueze couldn't help but grin: "Relax, go back to one, as long as you promise me, don't mention your aunt's affairs in the future, our affairs are still negotiable!"

"But ... she is my aunt, after all!" Bai Yiyan felt that it would be difficult for her to be so cold and ruthless.

Ji Yueze's complexion immediately became colder, and his eyes were so cold that he stared at her: "Don't you agree?"

"I didn't say no, I just hope you can show mercy!" Bai Yiyan looked at him bitterly, and her plea was still in her eyes.

"Bai Yiyan, don't give you a little color, you take yourself seriously, I can tell you clearly, I won't let go of your aunt." Ji Yueze was really angry, got up, and The door of the box closed with a bang and resounded.