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Tang You You listened to the man's words to coax his daughter, and his expression became a little tense.

However, Tang Xiao Rui smirked and smiled, "Daddy, you won't marry another woman. Then, do you plan to marry my Mummy? My Mummy is not like any other woman. "

After eating, Uncle Yuan was in charge of sending the two kids to school.

Tang You You looked at him in anticipation, the man's tall and straight body walked towards her step by step.

An invisible pressure pressed down on Tang You You, causing her heart to beat a little faster. She tightened her grip on her handbag, and forced herself to raise her head to look straight into his eyes.

"What are you going to tell me?" Tang You You pretended to ask indifferently.

Ji Xiao Han looked down at her condescendingly. Looking at her snow-white face, it seemed as if it was dyed with two faint patches of captivating red.

"Don't you want to talk about what happened yesterday?" The man's deep voice entered her ears, stirring up a wave of heat.

Tang You You tensed up, all the cells in her body seemed to have been activated by this man's hot air. She took a step back, left his danger zone, and pretended to be indifferent as she asked: "Do you feel like there's still space for us to talk? Didn't you reject me? "

The man's gaze darkened slightly as he laughed mockingly, "Who rejected who in the end?"

When Tang You You heard the ambiguity in his words, she was even more embarrassed. What is he trying to do?

"The conditions you put forward are too shameless, I can't agree to them." Tang You You directly said so.

"Shameless? It's not like I haven't slept. " Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows, the heat in his eyes did not lessen, and continued to stare at her little red face, filled with shyness.

"Mr. Ji doesn't seem to lack women. Why are you making things difficult for me? Didn't you say that there were plenty of women who wanted to get into your pants? "Then you'd better find those women who want to crawl into your arms. I won't agree to that." Tang You You mocked him and somehow felt that he was humiliating her. He was extremely angry.

Ji Xiao Han's face instantly froze, looking extremely ugly.

"Since you think so, then there is no longer any possibility of negotiation." Ji Xiao Han said, then headed towards the Walk Outside.

Tang You You snorted, and walked out with big strides.

When she quickened her steps and walked past him, suddenly, her wrist was viciously snapped by a man.

The next second, she was forcefully pulled into his embrace.

"You …" Tang You You had only just let out a single voice when her pink lips were violently occupied by a man.

Her whole body froze, her beautiful eyes widened. Bastard, he promised not to kiss her too strongly.

What was he doing now?

Her thin lips crazily and tyrannically covered her small mouth. With a sense of punishment, she took away all of her breath.

Tang You You was about to go crazy from anger. This man was too shameless, she was just a hooligan.

Didn't you just say that there was no longer any room for negotiation? Now, he actually dared to be so rude to her. Tang You You immediately wanted to give him a thousand kilograms more to repay the pain he had suffered. ))))))

Unfortunately, the man had already seen through her thoughts. Before she could even raise her legs, she was already controlled by his firm legs.

The pitiful her didn't have any ability to resist anymore.

The man was too tall and too domineering. He had almost controlled all of her actions. Only her lips were left, and she was completely taken over by him.

After kissing for an unknown amount of time, Tang You You felt like there were stars in front of her eyes, and her breathing had almost stopped. Yet, this man still seemed unsatisfied, as she continued to hold her little face and kiss the corner of her lips.

Ji Xiao Han lovingly kissed her on the corner of his lips. He liked the corner of her lips when she smiled, so he had always wanted to kiss her here.

"Ji Xiao Han, you bastard!" Tang You You cursed angrily.

Just as she was about to raise her hand and teach this man a lesson, he suddenly whispered in her ear, "I agree to your condition!"

"Ugh …" The hand Tang You You raised up even forgot to fall, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at him in surprise.

Ji Xiao Han satisfyingly let go of his hand, and Tang You You quickly retreated a few steps. His beautiful eyes were filled with anger and grievance, but his little pale pink face was as gorgeous as a peach flower, beautiful and moving.

"Do you still not understand? I said, I agree to your conditions, let Tang Xue Rou go. " Ji Xiao Han laughed lightly, seeing her foolish look, he actually felt that she was very cute.

Tang You You was confused by his words. She squinted her eyes: "Why did you suddenly agree to it?"

"Because of that kiss, remember, I don't want you to be my woman anymore. I want you to revoke the condition you said before that you weren't allowed to forcefully kiss you." Ji Xiao Han said in satisfaction as he walked towards Walk Outside with long legs after straightening his sleeves, which had been pulled by her just now because he had kissed his.

Tang You You stood there in a daze for a long time before she finished digesting what he had just said.

This man was really too easy. He actually removed the condition that she put forward. Could it be that he could kiss her however he wanted in the future?

Sigh, I still feel that this man is a bastard.

Ji Xiao Han sat in the car and turned to look out the window. Seeing the woman still standing there in a daze, his lips couldn't help but raise up.

Tang You You drove over to the company and immediately gave Tang You Kang a call. He very simply told her about Ji Xiao Han's promise to let Tang Xue Rou go, and Tang You Kang thanked her.

Tang You You listened to the person who had once been her father and thanked her. That strange feeling made her want to cry once again.

But, forget it, she did not want to cry anymore. Since she was not her biological father, she should not disturb the warm days between him and Tang Xue Rou's family anymore.

If Tang You Kang wasn't her father, then where would her birth parents be?

Would her godmother know about this? She used to be best with her mother.

Tang You You was anxious about this matter, so she directly went to knock on Liu Xi's office door.

Liu Xi was preparing the information he would use earlier. Seeing her, he was a little curious.