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Listen to Mei's words, LAN Xianxian even realizes some truth. Yes, she can't let Ling Mo Feng feel that she is a woman with a vicious mind. Otherwise, Ling Mo Feng will definitely have a bad impression on her.

"Sister Mei, what you said is very reasonable. Your method is also very good. I'm sure to know some men who are very close to LAN Yanxi. However, I don't know if they have a leg." Blue fiber agreed with this method. She quickly took a glass of red wine and handed it to Mei Jie: "you are really my military division, Mei Jie. How can I thank you for your consideration?"

"I just want to make friends with you. Isn't it a good saying? Make friends with local tyrants. " Mei's smile is implicit, but her disgust will spill out.

"Sister Mei is really joking. However, I'm a very selective person to make friends with. I'm lazy to deal with ordinary people, but sister Mei cares about me like a confidante. I'm really moved. Otherwise Let me introduce you to my boyfriend. I know a lot of successful entrepreneurs, many of whom are divorced. I'll introduce you some other day? " Blue slender eyebrows said, do not know that they stepped on the pain of sister Mei.

Mei almost died of her words. She took a sip of red wine and said lightly, "it seems that Miss LAN still doesn't treat me as a friend."

Blue cilia fiber facial expression a Zheng, dry smile way: "how can? Of course, I treat you as a good friend. I appreciate your help. It's too late. "

Sister Mei sneered: "if I am your friend, why do you introduce the divorced man to me? Am I doomed not to marry an unmarried man? "

"Ah?" Blue fibril finally realized how big a mistake she had made, and she quickly smiled with fear: "sister Mei, I'm really sorry, I don't mean anything, I just want to..."

"Forget it, Miss LAN. For the sake of inviting me to dinner today, I don't care about it." Mei also wants to give her a step down, but she is biting her teeth in her heart. One day, she will let LAN Xianxian become a new person.

Blue fiber dry smile, suddenly did not dare to speak disorderly, heart stomach Fei, an age, do not marry divorced men, also want to marry small fresh meat, also do not look at their own flesh, droop to what point.

Two people, each with a ghost, sat together and ate a meal.

After eating, LAN Xianxian immediately followed Mei's advice.

She found a very suitable man. The man was LAN Yanxi's college classmate. They had a painting class together. The man took the initiative to pursue LAN Yanxi. At that time, they often went out to draw manuscripts. They heard that they went to a famous town and the nearby mountains. In short, LAN Yanxi seemed very happy at that time. However, later, the man asked LAN Yanxi confessed. When LAN Yanxi was scared to go abroad, the man stood in front of blue's house holding flowers and waited for Bai for several days. It was at that time that Lan Xianxian met him.

She didn't expect that there was such an infatuated man. She didn't know whether he was really moved by his persistence or because he liked lanyanxi, which made him uneasy and wanted to stir him up to see if she could replace lanyanxi in his mind.

So, on the third day of the rainstorm, blue microfiber ran out and gave him an umbrella and a towel to wipe the water off the man's face.

However, later, the old blue man asked someone to drive the man away. I heard that he also beat each other. The man never came again. When blue microfiber met him at school, they gradually became familiar with each other. Later, they got in touch with each other.

Later, when chatting, LAN Xianxian heard that the man seemed to have all kinds of dissatisfaction with LAN Yanxi. He felt that Lan Yanxi was very hypocritical. At the beginning, two people played so well. When he heard that he wanted to express his love, he disappeared. A piece of infatuation was beaten by the old man. He felt that the male's self-esteem was hurt. Blue Xianxian always remembered this man.

Now, there's a chance to give him a bad breath, and he will definitely help.

Blue fiber soon contacted the man. Now he is an executive of a company. He received a call from blue fiber. It seems that he was very surprised. Blue fiber met him in the afternoon.

This man is ouyangxuan. He is a good-looking person. When he saw the blue fiber, his eyes were obviously amazed.

"Married?" After finding a coffee shop to sit down, blue cilia smilingly asked him.

"It's too early to get married. I've been single. I'm too busy with my work." Ouyangxuan quickly brush the feeling.

"There's something I want you to help me with. I'm paid." Blue fibril said at first.

"What can I do for you, Miss LAN, just say." Ouyangxuan asked sincerely.

Blue slender eyes immediately show a sadness: "the man I like is going to be engaged to blue Yanxi. I want you to help me break their relationship."

"Lan Yanxi?" Ouyang Xuan was shocked because he knew that Lan Yanxi was now the girlfriend of vice president Ling Mo Feng, and he couldn't even think about it.

"To tell you the truth, Ling Mo Feng likes me, but my grandfather dotes on lanyanxi so much that he wants to find a strong support for her. Lanyanxi takes away the man I love. You also know my grandfather. When you waited outside my house for three days, my grandfather didn't agree with you. Why? Because your family background is not good, my grandfather thinks you are not worthy of blue Yan Xi, think you are a toad trying to eat swan meat. " It's hard for blue fiber to speak.

Sure enough, ouyangxuan's face suddenly turned ugly.

"My family is not as good as your blue family, but I was sincere to blue Yanxi at that time. Your grandfather is too much." Ouyangxuan said angrily.

"I really sympathize with you, but I can't help it. LAN Yanxi is such a snobbish woman. When she sees that the man she is going to marry is Ling Mo Feng, she pretends to be a lady of all kinds. She pretends to be gentle and generous. She robbed the man I like, Ouyang Xiu. You used to go out with her to portray the truth. As long as you say a few words for me, I will pay you a million yuan, OK?" Blue fiber immediately looked at him with a sad face, abandoning his entreaties.

Ouyang Xuan is a bit moved by the one million yuan. Although he has worked for many years, his income is not too high. He still needs the one million yuan.

"The risk of offending the vice president is too high. If you give me a million, I dare not." Ouyangxuan immediately showed a look of fear.

"Don't be afraid. Ling Mo Feng doesn't like LAN Yanxi at all. It's not a secret in the whole country. If you tell him more about the ambiguous things that happened when you went to the photo, Ling Mo Feng can find a reason to refuse her. In fact, Ling Mo Feng really likes me, but because of my grandfather's relationship, there is a nasty blue word between us Hi, Ouyang Xuan, if you think it's money, I'll add another million yuan. Please, help me once. If I become Ling Mo Feng's wife in the future, I can also provide you with more help. It's only good for you. There's no harm. " In order to persuade ouyangxuan to help her, lanxianxian has used all kinds of tricks.

Ouyang Xuan heard that he added another million yuan, and he was completely moved.

"Does Ling Mo Feng really dislike her? He won't get back at me. I'm still scared. " Ouyangxuan immediately said with a worried face.

"No, Ling Mo Feng is famous for his gentleness and kindness. He will never retaliate against you for such private affairs." Blue fiber is very positive.

"Then shall I give you up?" Ouyang Xuan is more astute than blue microfiber. His eyes flash and he pretends to ask.

"Of course not. You can't mention my name. Don't mention anything about our meeting today." Blue fiber immediately raised willow eyebrows, indicating that he was angry.

"Miss LAN, we are old friends. Of course, I want to help you with this kind of death, but in case Well, I'm still quite timid. " Ouyangxuan immediately bowed his head to stir the coffee and put on a face of embarrassment.

"If not, I'll give you another half a million yuan for sealing. You can't say a word about me." Blue fiber was also born into a snobbish family. She didn't understand and immediately increased her price.

"Ouyangxuan immediately promised:" well, now you pay to my account, what you let me say, I will say

"I can't get the money out of my account. I'll have someone call you, but you have to do well and don't let me down." Blue slim smiled proudly, blue Yanxi, waiting to make a fool of himself.