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Pei An Xin no longer bothered with the mother and son pair's expression, as he walked towards the company's main hall in large strides.

She cried because she knew very well that her feelings for Mu Shi Ye had never changed.

She loved him, and being with him for the past few days made her even more reluctant to leave him.

She was truly shocked. She loved such a man, yet there was a mother that was always against her and looked down on her. Even if it was to honor her words, in order to not make her life too ugly, she had no choice but to reject this love.

Mu Shi Ye stood outside the hall like a statue, his expression did not change for a long time, as though he had been petrified.

Lan Re Nuo had never seen her son in such despair before. Only now did she realise that something was wrong.

"Son, you …" Are you alright? " Lan Re Nuo walked over and reached out to push him, to make sure that he was alright.

Mu Shi Ye said with a sorrowful voice that carried a sneer that carried self-mockery, "Are you satisfied yet? You're happy that you managed to break us apart, aren't you? Mom, do you know how hard it is for me to get close to her again? Do you know how much energy I put in order to live in peace with her? You don't know, you only know how to discriminate against the birth of others. Do you think that everyone is like you, born a noble? "

Lan Re Nuo was shocked speechless by her son's howl.

"Night and day …"

Mu Shi Ye seemed to have used up all of his strength, as he leaned weakly against the wall, his head lowered, and his voice sad: "Alright, I'll resign, and return to being your most proud son. I'll live according to your wish until you're satisfied."

After Mu Shi Ye finished speaking, he turned around and walked back to his company.

Lan Re Nuo stood there in a daze. In that moment, she forgot her reason for coming here.

However, this was the first time she saw her son speak to her in such a tone. The way he acted just now made her heart ache inexplicably.

Was she really wrong?

All she wanted was for her son to find a suitable girl to marry and have children with.

Pei An Xin was definitely not her ideal daughter-in-law candidate.

Was she going to compromise?

It was the first time in Lan Re Nuo's life that she was confused by a decision.

Mu Shi Ye anxiously went upstairs, straight to Pei An Xin's office.

Sure enough, her expression had returned to normal after seeing her sitting motionlessly on the office chair. However, Mu Shi Ye knew that a fierce wind was blowing inside her heart.

Mu Shi Ye did not care about the strange gazes from the subordinates anymore. He stood in front of Pei An Xin, both his hands supporting her desk, and for a moment, he did not know what to say. He only closed his eyes, and after a long while, he suppressed his voice and asked: "An Xin, have you really decided?"

Pei An Xin didn't look at his eyes, he only stared at the table, his voice calm: "Don't you find it too painful? Since we really don't have any destiny, then let's not force it. "

knew that all the hard work he had put in during this short period of time had all gone to waste.

"But I want to be with you! I want to take care of you and your daughter! " Mu Shi Ye firmly locked her little face, and his voice carried deep emotion.

"No need!" Pei An Xin laughed self-deprecatingly, "It's more appropriate for us to be strangers!"

"I'm sorry, it's my mom's fault. She shouldn't have hit you …"

Previously, I also felt that I might still be together with you. Now that I think about it, how naive I was, the lesson from three years ago was not deep enough, so your mother stopped my naive fantasies in time. She didn't do anything wrong. Pei An Xin laughed bitterly, as if he had truly seen through this matter. All of his feelings no longer mattered.

Mu Shi Ye's heart tightened, he knew that after Pei An Xin made this decision, he would not change it.

If he had been shameless enough to pester her before, then no matter how thick-skinned he was, he would never have the chance to enter her heart.

Mu Shi Ye could only submit to her fate and stand up straight, his gaze deeply fixated on her face, and then, he turned and left.

Pei An Xin raised his head and looked at his departing back, and tears immediately began to roll down his face.

All the employees nearby looked at them in surprise. They had been guessing at their relationship, but it became clear to them at this moment.

So it turned out that the person Mubai liked was really Pei An Xin.

Mubai looked at her with deep emotions just now.

Pei An Xin leaned on the table, his heart full of sorrow.

In the evening, Tang You You returned home. In the living room, she saw two little fellows sitting next to the old lady, who was currently telling the two little fellows a story.

The lordmaster sat to the side and would occasionally speak up for the others.

The two little fellows were clearly immersed in the interesting plot of the story. They had stunned expressions on their faces, making them look extremely adorable.

Tang You You walked in, and the old lady quickly passed the storybook to the old man, then walked towards her: "Qu Lu, come with me for a bit, I have something to discuss with you!"

Tang You You followed her to a small hall and sat down.

The old lady took an IPAD, tapped it open, and said to Tang You You: "I'll get someone to customize a marriage gown for you, pick out the style, and we'll decide on whatever you like!"

Tang You You never thought that the old lady would actually be so busy betrothing her wedding dress. She was both grateful and nervous, "Grandmother, how could I trouble you? I could have found a bridal dress shop and ordered it myself."

"Didn't you want to work? I have nothing better to do anyway. I like your marriage too!" The old lady said with a smile.

Tang You You knew that the old lady was a warm-hearted person. Although she was old, she had a good spirit, and since she was willing to help, it was naturally her fortune.

Thus, Tang You You earnestly sat on the sofa and chose her beloved wedding dress.

In fact, Tang You You was not a strict and perfect woman. Furthermore, she felt that every wedding dress that the Old Granny chose for her had points, and she liked it all. To be able to choose the most beautiful one from such a perfect piece of work, it was really too eye-catching.

In the end, Tang You You chose one of the clothes, and the old lady agreed: "I also felt that you would look good if you wore it, it was just right that you revealed it, I was afraid that you would be too exposed, Xiao Han would not agree."

Hearing this, Tang You You could not help but laugh. With her understanding of Ji Xiao Han, he might really get angry.

"Alright, the wedding dress has been chosen. Next, I should choose a venue for the wedding. Do you and Xiao Han have any suggestions?" the old lady asked with a smile.

Tang You You shook his head: "I don't have any suggestions, why don't you ask him!"