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C1362 she promised

When Ji Xiaohan suspects Gao Yue is deliberately approaching himself, he wants to take advantage of this opportunity to pull out the people behind her. Since Ji Xiaohan recognized Tang youyou's mother and son, he is almost insulated from the opposite sex, and his mind will actively screen the women with ambiguous tendencies out of sight.

But this time, Ji Xiaohan wants to discuss with his wife. He uses Gao Yue's power behind him to see who is doing something to him. After all, the old president has been very careful recently. The last time Ling Mo Feng was attacked and injured, he caught two living people, but was killed by others. This shows how afraid the old president is of being involved.

Getting evidence from Gao Yue is not only for self-protection, but also to find a breakthrough for Ling Mo Feng.

Thinking about it again and again, Ji Xiaohan takes the initiative to coax the two little guys to sleep first, and then steps into the bedroom.

"Yo, I bought you a present today!" After season owl cold comes in, handsome face dye smile, gentle look sits on the bed, cross legged in the drawing woman says.

"Why did you give me a gift all of a sudden?" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes slanted towards him.

"It's the end of the year. Besides, I haven't bought anything for you for a while. I went to pick it up in the afternoon." As Ji Xiaohan said, he reached into his suit pocket and took it out. A rectangular box and a black box give people a noble temperament.

"I said before, let you not waste every day!" There are gifts to receive, which women are happy, but the mouth or to say a few words, but when the box opened, Tang youyou forgot to say words, a pair of eyes suddenly opened, full of joy took up: "how beautiful!"

Ji Xiaohan's deep eyes are fixed on her small face tightly. Seeing that her happy eyes are full of brilliance, he is relieved in the bottom of his heart. It seems that she likes it very much. Then, I hope she will not be too angry about the topic to be talked about next.

"Long time!"

"Well?" Tang youyou opens the palm and looks at the beautiful diamond pendant in the palm. The glittering light makes her forget to look at the man's slightly nervous handsome face.

"I want to discuss something with you!" When season owl cold inquires, a pair of quiet eyes stare at her expression change, for fear that she will not be happy.

"What's the matter?" Tang youyou's eyes are slightly stunned. He turns his head and looks at the smiling handsome face of the man: "what's important?"

Season owl cold nodded: "yes, this matter is quite important."

"Let's hear it first!" Tang youyou suddenly realized something was wrong. Yes, Ji Xiaohan gave her a necklace first, and then he was going to talk about important things with her. It was definitely not easy.

Ji Xiaohan tells Gao Yue about this woman roughly. Tang youyou looks at him in surprise: "that woman is deliberately approaching you? Why do you feel this way? "

"You long, it's just my guess," Ling said. "The old president sent a woman to approach him and tried to seduce him. The woman confessed to him. That's why I have this suspicion. Within a month, the woman named Gao Yue has met me three times. Do you think it's a coincidence?" With a serious expression on his face, Ji Xiaohan analyzes the causes and consequences of this incident.

Tang youyou is not a vexatious woman. The crisis Ji Xiaohan is facing now is also clear to her, so she will stay at home with her two children and keep them safe.

Now, since he is doubting the woman's intentions, of course, it will not be without reason.

"Then what do you want to do?" Of course, Tang youyou is worried about him. If you send a female agent, a female killer or the like, she always looks for the opportunity to get close to her husband, and her heart will stop.

"I want to play a play with her!" Season owl cold low voice said, the eye bottom flashed a cold light.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes suddenly shocked: "acting? How are you going to act with her? Are you good at acting? "

"What are you doubting about me? Do you doubt my acting skills or what I think of that woman? " Ji Xiaohan was amused by her exaggerated expression, and couldn't help but beat her close, and her thin lip bit her ear.

"I'm not worried about you!" Tang youyou's pretty face turned red, and he immediately turned his little mouth away.

"Really?" Ji Xiaohan knows that she likes to be duplicative, but she has a funny and lovely look, which makes him want to tease her even more: "this is a very dangerous game, because your husband will give other women a chance!"

"Ji Xiaohan, your skin is itchy, isn't it?" Tang youyou suddenly burst into anger, stood up from the bed, a pair of eyes dyed with resentment, staring at him.

Ji Xiaohan hugs her in fear that she will fall off the bed.

"Yo Yo, I swear to God, I just want to get some evidence from her. I will never have any idea about her, otherwise, I will die..."

With a small hand covering his thin lips, Tang youyou squatted down and said angrily, "you are not allowed to make such an unlucky oath. Before we got married, I said that I would not restrict you from dealing with other women. If you really have feelings for other women, I will leave and take away two children!"

After hearing her words, Ji Xiaohan seems indifferent, but in fact, she is full of threat.

"You can rest assured, you and your children are my life. I can't give up on you!" Season owl cold can't help but wry smile.

Tang youyou gave him a white look: "you don't talk big here because you haven't met your favorite..."

"The one you love most is you, except you, only my family!" Ji Xiaohan interrupts her immediately.

Tang youYou can't laugh or cry. It's the man's Qing. Otherwise, she will not talk to him so well.

"Well, if you want to play with her, you can do it. I won't interfere!" Tang youyou said that in his mouth, but he was still uncomfortable. Even though he knew that everything was fake, he would still care.

"You know, I'll get rid of it as soon as possible. Don't get angry, will you? Even if there is any bad news, it is not true! " Season owl cold gently kisses her forehead, low voice comforts her.

"As long as you don't get married and have children, I'm not angry!" Tang youyou has a big face.

Ji Xiaohan:

After a while of sulking, Tang youyou reaches out and holds the handsome face of the man. Mei Mou looks at him seriously: "you must be careful, don't get hurt, don't let us worry!"

"Well, I promise you, I won't!" Ji Xiaohan looks at her as if she sees the softest side of the woman.

Tang youyou sighed: "in fact, I'm not afraid of you coming out, because I know you won't."

"I won't, and I dare not!" Season owl cold thin lips raise a smile: "do you know how the people outside pass me?"? Even Lu Qing thought that I was a strict wife. "

Tang youyou chuckled: "I don't care about you. Those people don't know what's going on inside. Just talk!"

"You don't care about me. I'm strict with my own management, so outsiders think you care about me!" Ji Xiaohan also said he was helpless, but he didn't tell the unexpected that he was. Anyway, the men who love their wives and their families are the most handsome in the world.

It took Ji Xiaohan one night's deep love to get Tang youyou's approval. The next day, he mentioned this to Lu Qing.

"Do you mean to find this woman, young master?" Asked Lu Qing curiously.

"No, I can't take the initiative to find her. I have to ask her to come to me. You can talk to the outside world. At the end of the year, the company will hold a party to see if she will appear!" Said the season owl in a cold voice.

"If she still shows up at the party, she must have a problem!" Lu Qing nodded and felt that it was a good way.

"She may have been looking for an opportunity to get close to me. Now, I want to give her this opportunity to see what she is going to do!" Ji Xiao's face is ugly. He hates being calculated.

Lu Qing spread the news of the year-end party of Ji's group, and Gao Yue, who could not do anything about it, really stared at the news.

"Oh, I didn't expect God to pity me. It's so fast that it creates a good opportunity for me!" Gao Yue is proud and happy.