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He really couldn't tell that this woman was actually still in the habit of drinking at night.

Ji Xiao Han opened the fridge and looked around. The only thing he could do was roast two pieces of bread to satisfy his hunger.

When he reached the staircase on the second floor, he suddenly saw that the woman had not entered her room, but was instead leaning against the wall by the door, continuing to drink her wine.

Tang You You snorted in disdain, turned around, and walked in.

Ji Xiao Han could not help but be confused.

It was the first time that a woman had revealed an expression of disdain when she saw his proud figure.

This woman was simply a piece of wood. She was ruthless and boring. It was likely that she did not have any kind of charm to her.

Thinking of this, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but feel a little discouraged. He didn't expect that he would actually let such a stiff woman give birth to his child.

On the second day, Tang You You still led her daughter downstairs to eat breakfast. At the dining table, the father and son duo always took their leave first.

Looking at the young and old, dressed in strict attire, if one was ignorant of the situation, one would definitely feel blissful and harmonious.

However, in Tang You You's eyes, this scene was somewhat dazzling.

Her son was becoming more and more familiar with Ji Xiao Han, which made it harder for her to accept, causing her to feel extremely stifled in her heart.

"Mummy, Daddy said that he will take us shopping after school. Are you sure you won't go with us?" Tang Xiao Rui asked tentatively.

Ji Xiao Han scanned the woman's face with his deep and serene eyes, as if he was looking forward to something.

"I'm not going, Mummy is a little busy, next time Mummy will take you out for a stroll, okay?" Tang You You immediately comforted his son gently.

The little fellow's face was covered in disappointment, and the expression of a certain man instantly turned gloomy.

Tang Xiao Nai had just woken up, but she was still in a daze as she was carried by Mummy to a child's chair and sat on it.

"Mummy, I can't not go to school, I want to play with the pony at home!" Tang Xiao Nai began to stir up trouble every day.

Tang You You immediately pretended to be stern: "Xiao Nai, how many times do I need to tell you before you can understand? You can play, but now you have to put learning first. "

Tang Xiao Nai still wanted to make a small protest. Hence, she frowned, and looked at Ji Xiao Han with her pair of crystal-like eyes, her soft voice carrying a coquettish tone: "Daddy …"

The dragging voice was both melodious and melodious, causing the hearts of those who heard it to go soft.

"It doesn't matter who you call, you have to go to school today." Tang You You immediately extinguished her last hope.

Ji Xiao Han knew that this woman taught her children very strictly. Seeing that her daughter was about to cry, Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin walked over to her side and tore off a piece of bread to coax her, "Alright, Xiao Nai, don't cry. You have to listen to me first.

Seeing the tears that were about to fall, he was immediately coaxed back by his father.

"Alright!" Only then did the little guy calm down, nodded his little head, and agreed.

Tang You You looked at his worried daughter, then looked at his son who was sitting beside him in a daze. He was not sure whether he should laugh or cry now.

In fact, even though she was quite strict with her children on the surface, she still treated them like treasures and doted on them in her heart.

However, she did not dare to show it on the surface because she loved them dearly. She was afraid that she would spoil the children.

After Tang You You finished her breakfast, she planned to leave. When she passed by the living room, the Uncle Yuan was already waiting for her.

"Miss Tang, this is the new car that Young Master ordered for you. The key is here, take it."

Tang You You glanced at the key. Although it was not worth compared to the millions of luxury car that he used to travel through, it was still considered expensive for ordinary people.

"Thank you, Uncle Yuan!" Tang You You gratefully nodded his head towards Uncle Yuan and took the key.

Uncle Yuan quickly said: "Miss Tang, the person you want to thank is not me, but Young Master."

At that moment, a man who was feeding bread to his daughter was calmly waiting for Tang You You to say something good.

"Forget about him!" What awaited him were the indifferent words of the woman.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face froze, he turned back, only to see his delicate and exquisite figure disappearing from the door of the hall.

This woman had no sense of gratitude at all.

In any case, he had given her a car. Even the word "thank you" wasn't willing to say it in front of him. It was simply infuriating.

When Tang You You went to work, he fed the two little fellows to their fill and also drove them to school on the way.

He went straight to the company.

Just then, in the Enter Company's main hall, he suddenly saw a beautiful and charming figure walking towards him timidly.

"Quarterly... "You came to the company." Tang Xue Rou's voice was sweet and pleasant to hear, her beautiful eyes somewhat infatuated with the handsome young man before her, as she opened her mouth to greet him.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her expressionlessly, and let out an indifferent grunt in response.

"Quarterly... I've come to find you because there's something I need your help with … I don't know if it's convenient for you. " Although Tang Xue Rou was already the most popular player in the entertainment circle, she did not dare to be too presumptuous in front of Ji Xiao Han. She had to be well-behaved and be careful with her words and actions.

"What is it? Tell my assistant that I don't have time right now." Ji Xiao Han said coldly, then walked straight to the elevator.

Tang Xue Rou looked at the tall figure that had left without a doubt, and her entire body shuddered, as her heart became flustered and disordered.

If it was before, she came to find him just to beg him for dinner or something like that, Tang Xue Rou would very tactfully leave, not disturbing him any longer.

However, the reason for her visit today was related to the sky-high advertisement endorsement that she was going to receive.

Previously, she was the spokesperson for this product. Now that the contract had expired, she thought that she should be able to continue signing it.

But this morning, her assistant told her that the advertisers had decided to change her and get another actress to speak for her.