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Ji Xiaohan also drinks wine, so his emotional explosive power is so strong. In addition, he seems to be in a good mood today. At this moment, he ignores his good image and wants to have a fight directly.

Two people kissed at the same time, Tang youyou dodged him, turned around and ran quickly upstairs.

As for why she wanted to run, she didn't know. She felt that the man's breath behind her was too dangerous. She wanted to run faster. She hurried back to the room. Here, the chance of being seen was too high. She didn't want to get up early tomorrow morning and accept the strange eyes of the servant aunt.

So, she had to run.

Ji Xiaohan feels that she is so interesting and lovely. He deliberately wants to tease her again. When she runs, his steps speed up. You know, his legs are much longer than hers. How can Tang youyou run? He can't run out of his long arms.

So, Tang youyou once again was caught pitifully, pasted the wall on his back, fell down by the man's thin lips again, and disturbed each other's hearts and souls again.

Tang youjue, no matter how ruthless and uninteresting a woman is, as long as she is aroused by the cold of the season owl, she will surely be burned by the fire.

Just like at the moment, she feels that her feelings have not been very strong, but why, at the moment, she has a feeling of desperate to sink with him?

The feeling of dying.

It must be that his means are too clever, or his willpower is really too weak.

Ji Xiaohan just wanted to play a trick on her. Seeing her beautiful little face under the dark wall lamp, he let go again. Tang youyou had to run upstairs again.

She really can't stand this man's doting. She feels her heart beating fast.

I'm sure it won't be better tonight.

Well, why did she expect so much?

She must have been bad, taught by this man, or she was willing to be bad in front of him.

Tang youyou felt that her legs were too soft to run. At last, she finished the long flight of stairs.

Looking back, the man followed her leisurely, and she was embarrassed.

Ji Xiao is so cold that he wants to follow her so closely, not to tease her any more, but to protect her from rolling down because her legs are soft.

In Ji Xiaohan's eyes, Tang youyou's charming and lovely look is really like a feather, constantly brushing his heart. This feeling, unspeakable beauty, seems like tonight will definitely be an unforgettable time.

Tang youyou reaches the corridor where the stairs connect. Her legs are too soft to walk. She gasps slightly and looks back at the man's slow pace.

With a smile on her lips, she was going to their bedroom.

However, she still seems to think wrong, but also missed the evil spirit at the bottom of men's eyes. When she walked a few steps forward, the man once again bullied her. She had a big palm on her back. The man's forehead was on her forehead, and the hot breath was sprayed on her face. The two people looked at each other like they were burning a fire. Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would come again. Her mind was once again blankly. The atmosphere around her was constantly climbing. She found that her legs had taken root and couldn't move. It was impossible to escape. She could only indulge in the love net woven by men. Her breath was tight.

Season owl cold pushed forward a step, and she subconsciously backed away. When her head was about to hit the wall behind her, the man's big palm extended at the right time, blocking her and the head and the wall. This time, it was gentle and unprecedented.

At the moment, Tang youYou can't think at all. All he has in his mind is the man in front of him.

She is just like being taken into another space by him. She feels that he dominates her everything, including her soul.

The light of the wall lamp above the head flowed down, and the season owl looked at her pink and gorgeous face, unable to help himself.

Suddenly, maybe they were so immersed that they didn't notice that a door opened not far away.

Ji Shangqing, who is holding a water cup in his hand, is attacked with dog food.

He stood in the doorway with his legs stiff.

Under the soft light in the distance, two people have reached the realm of selflessness.

Ji Shangqing clenched the glass in his hand, almost crushing it.

He wanted to go back to the room, but his eyes couldn't seem to move away from the beautiful woman.

Just last night, he had a dream. In the dream, he and Tang youyou were standing on the corridor, doing what he saw at the moment.

It's just that the hero is him, not Ji Xiaohan.

In the dream, Tang youyou is so charming and moving, and so soft, lying in his arms.

This is not a dream into reality, but he was replaced by Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Shangqing's jealousy and resentment in his eyes have reached the limit. He feels that he shouldn't let them have such a good atmosphere.

So instead of going back to the room, he went straight out and closed the door.

Sure enough, the effect is still useful. The two seem to be awakened.

Season owl cold lazy end of all this, lifting eyes, a light glance at him.

"Big brother, you are back!" Ji Shangqing suppressed the jealousy that was about to erupt in his heart, and asked with great smile.

At the moment, Tang youyou is totally faceless, with her head down and long hair covering her blushing face.

"Yes, would you like to go downstairs?" Ji Xiaohan found that he and Tang youyou were standing in some way.

"I'm a little thirsty. I want to go down and pour a glass of water!" Jishangqing raises the water cup in his hand.

"Well!" Ji Xiaohan reaches for Tang youyou directly and walks towards their bedroom.

Ji Shangqing looked at their figure and once again experienced the taste of single dogs being severely hurt.

He went downstairs and opened the refrigerator. At the moment, what he wanted was no longer water. He wanted to drink.

He opened a bottle of wine, looked up and drank it in one breath. The cold water did not quench his jealousy.

At the thought of what would happen when they returned to the bedroom, Ji Shangqing was furious.

He had to open another bottle of wine, this time, the wine along his collar, directly wet his robe.

This time, he was cold hit a shake, this just remember, what is the purpose of his return.

Ji Shangqing went upstairs with a bottle of wine. When he came to the place where Tang youyou was leaning against, he reached out his finger and touched the wall, as if there was still room for warmth. "I'll get you!" Ji Shangqing bit his teeth and swore coldly at the bottom of his heart.