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C834 helplessness in life

Bai Yiyan has been sleeping at home for nearly two days. She has nothing to eat, so she only drinks a few mouthfuls of water. If it wasn't for Bai mother to come to see her with a large bag of food and snacks, I'm afraid she really wanted to starve herself to death at home. "What do you look like now? Is it like my daughter to hide in a corner and live in a daze? " When Bai's mother came in, she saw that the room was dark. She ran to the room, pulled the curtain hard, and the strong light came in. Bai Yiyan quickly reached out to block her eyes.

"Mom, why are you here? Don't take care of your brother? " Bai Yiyan asked weakly.

"What happened to me? Of course I came to see you! " "Come here and eat something. Don't starve your stomach. The sky can't fall. If you don't eat any more, you will starve to death."

"Mom, did aunt call you? She's gone again. " Bai Yiyan got up from the bed and asked weakly.

"No, she is like the evaporation of the world. The devil knows where she has gone. By the way, why is she hiding? Who did you offend? Do you know? " White mother asked curiously, because she knew nothing about her sister.

Of course, Bai Yiyan can't tell her mother the truth. Otherwise, she can't eat and sleep.

White mother came directly, pulled her hand, took her out of the small living room, pressed her on the table, handed her chopsticks: "eat quickly, you can't eat when it's cold."

"Thank you mom!" Bai Yiyan whispered, clenched her chopsticks and ate silently.

White mother ran to help her tidy up the room, and said: "my sister is really not easy to worry about. She used to be, and now is. I'm really worried about what to do when she gets old." "Mom, if aunt makes a big mistake, will you forgive her?" Bai Yiyan has been suffering from inner pressure for the last two days. It's a cruel thing to choose between family and love. So up to now, Bai Yiyan can't make a right choice.

White mother's movements became slow, like thinking, and then she sneered: "as long as she didn't kill, I can forgive her for other mistakes."

Bai Yiyan's hand holding chopsticks trembled slightly. Mei Mou looked at her mother in surprise. Could she really make such a choice?

They are sisters.

"Mom, if, I mean, what if aunt really killed someone? If you knew where she was, would you call the police to get her? " Bai Yiyan is in urgent need of her mother to point out a clear way for her now. Don't let her be confused any more.

White mother frowned, then suddenly ran to her, staring at her and asked: "Xiaoyan, do you know what happened to your aunt? Tell me quickly, I'm really worried about her."

"I, I don't know. I'm just making an analogy." Bai Yiyan's eyes flickered, and she said with great emptiness of heart.

"You fool, it's easy to make fun of such things. If she's going to kill people, then she'll be finished!" White mother scolds Chi angrily and laughingly.

After hearing her mother's words, Bai Yiyan looked desperate. Then she asked, "Mom, you haven't told me the answer yet. Will you call the police?" "Alarm? Of course not. She's my sister. Even if she kills someone, I believe she has her own hard loyalty. You know your aunt. She has no other problems except greedy money. If she killed someone by mistake or was used by someone, it's another matter. In a word, I can't kill my sister Bai Mu's words are sincere, but they are the answers that everyone will think about at the first time.

I always feel that the relatives I know will never kill for no reason. Even if I kill them, it is not intentional. There must be bitterness and loyalty, and there must be something to be forgiven.

Bai Yiyan listens to her mother's words and takes a deep breath of relief. The dark cloud that has been pressing her heart for days has also disappeared. Maybe her decision may not be wrong, but it must not be right.

"Eat fast!" Seeing her stupefied, white mother hurriedly urged.

"Mom, you go back!" Bai Yiyan said softly.

"I don't trust you!" Bai's mother sits directly on the sofa. Although she was busy taking care of her little son, Bai Yiyan's condition also worries her.

In the past, she was optimistic, positive and confident, so she didn't worry about her at all, and was very relieved to let her wander the world.

But at the moment, the smile on her face disappeared, like being abandoned by the whole world. She was hit and wronged. White mother also looked at her. Ji Yueze's words to the camera were really hurtful.

Before, love was vigorous and fearless. Now, those who abandoned it are resolute and thorough. They are not soft hearted. For a young girl, she was forced to break up without going through big waves. No one can accept it.

"I'll be fine!" Bai Yiyan said softly.

"If you don't move home and let me see you, I'll be relieved!"

Bai Yiyan shakes her head quickly: "no, I will not move back to live!"

White mother immediately said, "do you still mind what your stepfather said last time? Don't worry. I'll divorce him if he really dares to marry you. "

Bai Yiyan thought of the conditions that her stepfather had talked to her before, which was also a cold. "Mom, forget it. Don't quarrel with him for me. You can live happily without me." Bai Yiyan knows that her mother does not dare to divorce her stepfather. Her younger brother is still young, and she needs that man to provide her with living expenses. Therefore, she is still very sensible to decide not to embarrass her mother.

The white mother sighed, "it's no use blaming mom for not being able to protect you."

"Mom, you've done a good job!" Bai Yiyan comforts her in a soft voice.

Bai's mother, with her head down and sullen, is not dissatisfied with her life. She can only think about many things, but can't do them. For example, take Bai Yiyan home to live.

"OK, Xiaoyan, I'll go ahead. If you need anything else, I'll send it to you!" White mother knew that she would not go out in the most time, because now many people want to see her jokes.

"Yes, I will!" After Bai Yiyan sent her mother away, she sat back at the table, took chopsticks and sandwiched her favorite dishes. She put them in her mouth and tasted them. Why, it seems that they are not as delicious as before.

Bai Yiyan turns on the TV. Sure enough, she is making a lot of hype about her and Ji Yueze. It seems that there is no more attractive news in the entertainment industry.