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C719 what you promised, don'st break your promise

Seeing that the two little guys are at odds and stumbling, Tang youyou and the old lady are used to it. Although Tang Xiaorui's mouth is poisonous, most of the time, he still loves his sister very much. Every time he quarrels, it's basically because Tang Xiaorui makes Tang xiaonai, who has a stupid mouth, can't quarrel for a while. Moreover, the two people quarreled one second ago, but they were red faced and red faced, and then they made up again the next second, not very

understand how children get along.

Tang youyou knows that the old lady is going to mention the matter of recognizing her ancestry sooner or later, but she didn't expect to mention it at this time. However, she also mentioned the matter of asking her and Ji Xiaohan to get the marriage license. Tang youyou listened, and his mood was not so stuffy.

In the evening, Ji Xiaohan still can't rush home for dinner. The two little guys are shouting to see daddy. They can only look forward to the weekend. Daddy will spare time to play with them.

In the middle of the night, Tang youyou is in front of the computer, changing her script. Suddenly, she hears the sound of the car. She puts down her work, gets up and opens the curtain.

Thinking of the last time I went downstairs barefoot, I still feel a burning face.

After a while, she heard the steady footsteps outside the door. With a long black windbreaker on one arm, Ji Xiaohan came in wearing a suit.

Tang youyou stood up with a smile, walked over, like a considerate little wife, took his coat from his arm, and planned to hang it up for him.

But unexpectedly, when the man reached out and put his arm around her waist, the whole body of her rushed into his arms with his clothes.

Deep night, the arms of men are very warm, still with a hint of cigarette flavor, very reassuring feeling.

Ji Xiaohan closed his arms and held her tightly. Although he hadn't seen her for only a few hours, he didn't know why. When he saw her, he wanted to hold her and absorb the faint fragrance of her body.

"Take a bath!" Although I really want to hold him in his arms all the time, I think it's so late. He has been working for another day. He must be very tired, so I have to urge him to take a bath.

"I want to see the children!" Season owl cold thin lips kissed in her forehead, after releasing her, turned around, light footstep went to children's room.

He has always been the upright president of Jida. At the moment, he is lighter than the cat. He is also careful to push the door open a little and step in.

Inside, there are two small wall lamps, two delicate little beds, and two little guys are sleeping sweetly.

Through the dim light, looking at their two children, that sense of satisfaction arises spontaneously, and the color of burnout under pressure disappears immediately.

No matter how tired or bothered he is, as long as he sees these two angel like faces, Ji Xiaohan's mood will become happy and calm, as if no matter how big the wind and waves are outside, there will be no ripples in his heart.

After standing there for a long time, Ji Xiaohan walked over and tucked in the kicked side for his daughter. Then he came out satisfied and closed the door.

Tang youyou is in the cloakroom and finds out his robe. Seeing him come in, he smiles inexplicably.

"Do you have to work tomorrow? Have you promised the children anything? " Tang youyou asked casually.

Season owl cold nods: "tomorrow afternoon does not work, takes the children to play for half a day."

Thinking of the little wish he promised his daughter last time, Ji Xiaohan must do it.

"Where do you want to take them?" Asked Tang youyou curiously.

"Take them fishing!" Ji Xiaohan said with a smile, "I have a vacation village in my hand. It takes more than two hours to drive. Let's take the children to play. I'll ask if they will go to Mushi night and have a companion."

After hearing this, Tang youyou thought it was a good idea. He nodded and said, "OK, anyway, I'd like to go out and have a good time

Seeing her smile so sweet, Ji Xiaohan can't help but lift her chin and kiss her at the corner of her beautiful mouth: "wait for me!"

Don youyou is stunned. What are you waiting for?

Ji Xiaohan takes his nightgown and strides into the bathroom.

Tang youyou goes over and turns off the computer. Ji Xiaohan comes back. She doesn't care about her ideological work.

So she went to bed first.

It's winter now. It's been snowing for several days. There's a layer of silver outside.

In winter, he needs a person to warm his bed. Tang youyou thinks that he can warm his bed for him.

After taking a bath, Ji Xiaohan saw that she was already lying on the bed. After bending her thin lips, he went straight here.

The quilt was lifted, and the body lay in.

"How warm!" Season owl cold long arm habitually to her side of a hug, she has a warm little body, directly to his arms a paste, then, hear a man satisfied praise.

Tang youyou couldn't help laughing: "I've warmed your bed specially."

"You are so considerate, I really should reward you!" Season owl cold evil of a serious, finish saying, thin lip again not polite fall.

Someone's so-called reward is to make don youyou unable to get up again the next day.


The snow stopped and the sun came out.

When the two little guys heard that they could go out with daddy in the afternoon, they were not happy. They got up early, dressed as little buns, and ran out to play with the snow.

Tang xiaonai is wearing a big red down jacket, a small shovel in his hand, and a big red knitted hat. He only shows a delicate and small face, which is lovely. It makes people want to knead her face.

This dress is what the old lady insisted on for her. She said that it's the end of the year and it's time to celebrate the festival.

Tang youYou can't agree with such a dress style, but fortunately, her daughter's face value is put there. How to wear it is still so lovely.

"Brother, why don't you Snowman have a nose? I'll find him a nose!" Tang xiaonai stepped on the snow and asked step by step.

"Stop, don't move!" When Tang Xiaorui heard that she wanted to help, his face turned white with fear. He knew that his sister was always helping him.

Tang xiaonai stops in a huff and turns out to be disgusted by her brother even for her help. Is she angry?

"Hum, can you make a snowman? I will, too! " Tang xiaonai immediately squatted down and began to pile up by herself. Unfortunately, her two little fat hands couldn't hold any snow, so she wanted to take off her gloves.

"Oh, my little ancestor, you can't take off your gloves. You'll get frostbitten." The old lady took a chair and sat beside, laughing and watching. Seeing that Tang xiaonai was going to take off her gloves to catch the snow, she immediately went up and put on her gloves.

"Great grandmother, I want a snowman too!" Tang xiaonai immediately began to cry. The old lady had to be a big age, squat down and help Tang xiaonai build a little snowman to play.